Ahs coven kyle and zoe meet

ahs coven kyle and zoe meet

may-we-meet-the-queen · #taissa farmiga#evan peters#kyle and zoe. 42, notesHide 42, #american horror story#coven#american horror story coven. He is a character in Coven portrayed by Evan Peters. Zoe and Misty Day take the "Franken-Kyle" to Misty's bayou shack where she begins treating his nasty. In this week's American Horror Story: Coven, five (not two, four or six but SAX SELLS | Picking up more or less where their “chance” meeting.

It is a story of human resilience He seemed like the usual, good-looking frat boy but was actually active in charity and had a scholarship. He instantly took a liking in Zoe and told his frat brothers to behave at the party, though he seemed well liked by his friends despite the rules he set up for them. When they raped Madison he became extremely angry, chasing after them and trying to set things right before being killed by Madison's magic along with most of his frat brothers.

After being brought back from the dead Kyle acted more or less like a robot. He couldn't speak, merely grunting in order to communicate, and has very little control of his newly attached limbs. His emotions soon turn wild and it is found that he has a hard time controlling them, while remembering certain things where dangerous for Kyle since it made him act out wildly.

Fiona somehow "restored" Kyle's sanity so that he was able to become less animalistic. His reconstructed body has been shown to have the left arm tattoo and right ankle tattoo which previously belonged to his fraternity brothers. Story Kyle is introduced as a promising university student on scholarship.

He and his fraternity attend a party, coincidentally attended by Madison and Zoe.

ahs coven kyle and zoe meet

He is instantly smitten by Zoe even if she cryptically tells him that she likes him but cannot be with him since her Black Widow powers would kill him if she tried having intercourse with him. He helps Zoe look for Madison and finds her gang-raped by his frat brothers. Stumbling onto the scene, Kyle angrily pulls them away from Madison and chases them onto their bus before being knocked unconscious by one of the guilty frat brothers when he attempts to make them stay.

Madison, angry and distraught, telekinetically causes the bus to flip over and crash. Her actions result in the death of Kyle and six other members of the Kappa Lambda Gamma chapter. They find him literally in parts and to Zoe's horror Madison begins to pick the best "bits" of all the dead guys to build Zoe the perfect boyfriend.

The resurrection ritual seems to fail and Madison ditches Zoe at the morgue, driving away. At this point, Misty suddenly appears in the backseat, startling both Zoe and Kyle, directing the girl to "turn left" — presumably back to her home.

Kyle Spencer

She promises Zoe that she will look after him and nurse him back to health. Kyle and Misty are in each other's company while Kyle is still recovering and gaining some sense of clarity. Zoe arrives and opts to take Kyle home back to his grieving and suicidal mother, as she believes it will not only comfort her but also give Kyle a slice of his old life back. While Kyle is in bed trying to sleep, she visits him and lies down next to him, saying that she has seen the scars and the obvious dissimilarity to his previous body, despite his face contradicting such a fact.

She then proceeds to place a light kiss on his lips which then intensifies and trails her hand down to his crotch while Kyle cries, revealing that she has been sexually abusing him. She then gives a speech trying to justify her abuse which visibly angers Kyle and begins to make sexual advances towards him.

He grabs a trophy from his shelf, repeatedly screaming "NO! Zoe appears and tells him to stop. Kyle then very quietly whispers his own name, repeating what Zoe had said: She goes to the kitchen to make him food and notices rat poison in the cabinet. She reaches for it, but whether she actually puts it in the food is left ambiguous. She returns to the bathroom with the food to find Kyle missing.

At this point Kyle throws a violent tantrum, smashing Misty's things and finally her radio, which causes her to cry as well. Before the issue can progress, they are interrupted by Zoe, who Kyle immediately runs to, clinging to her like a scared child.

ahs coven kyle and zoe meet

Misty tells Zoe to take Kyle out of there, upset because "he broke Stevie". Zoe says she needs both of them to come with her. This upsets him, but Zoe has a calming effect on him. Zoe convinces Misty to bring a rotting Madison back to life, though Misty is reluctant to do so.

ahs coven kyle and zoe meet

Later, Zoe offers for Misty to stay and she refuses, also telling Zoe that she won't take Kyle back. Zoe later brings Madison's handgun to the greenhouse in an attempt to end Kyle's life. She asks Delphine what her worst act was. Delphine reluctantly tells her about her old handmaiden, Sally Tenaj Jackson and the beauty elixir Delphine made from Sally's newborn, an illegitimate child fathered by Delphine's husband.

Devastated by the child's death, Sally leapt to her death off a high balcony, her body discovered the next morning. Queenie is horrified, but Delphine tells her that she's being honest because she believes Queenie to be a true friend.

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They talk about his past and she excuses herself to his bathroom. A primp in the mirror results in some hair falling out from Fiona's head. Distraught from the clump of hair in her hand, she is distracted from the fresh corpse hidden in the bathtub.

He tries to entice her to stay but she insists on leaving what she deems a failing one-night stand. Not willing to let her go, he holds the door and seduces her into staying for some jazz-inspired sex; the light bulbs explode during their climax. Fiona dresses to leave the next morning and reveals that she is aware of the corpse in his bathtub. She says she's called the police but he doesn't believe her.

He thinks she seeks an emotional connection and reveals that he's been watching her since she was 8 years old. A flashback shows a bullied Fiona being protected by the unseen Axeman.

He's fallen in love with her over years of ghostly observation, fatherly attention turning to infatuation. Fiona is both intrigued and repulsed by his obsession. Zoe starts trying to rehabilitate Kyle to functional humanity. Progress is slow and Kyle is frustrated.

American horror story coven - misty meets zoe

Madison enters one of these sessions but does not remember her role in Kyle's fate. She tells Zoe that Cordelia wants to meet with her and that the headmistress is more aware than Zoe realizes of current events.

Zoe leaves Madison and Kyle alone and Madison describes their shared afterlife experiences. Cordelia pours tea and liquor for herself and expounds on the power releasing the Axeman must imply for Zoe, warning her that if Fiona finds out about Zoe's abilities, Fiona will kill her like she killed Madison. They conspire to kill Fiona. Zoe re-enters her room to find Kyle having rough sex with Madison.

ahs coven kyle and zoe meet

Spalding Denis O'Hare is tied to his bed and is surprised his tongue has been restored. Myrtle Frances Conroy had kept it and preserved it with a spell, and Zoe reattached it with a ritual while he slept. She establishes that the truth enchantment is still in place and forces him to admit that Fiona killed Madison.