Alcide and sookie meet

True Blood’s True Love: Sookie Stackhouse’s Relationship Timeline

alcide and sookie meet

I've been waiting season after season for Sookie and Alcide to get together (he's If he meets the true death, he wants his legacy to continue. Owning a construction company with his father, Jackson Herveaux in their hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, Alcide was one of Sookie Stackhouse's main love. The next day, Sookie wants Alcide to take her to meet Russell. Alcide refuses, but their squabbling is interrupted by Debbie, who has shown up to see Alcide.

Alcide wants Sookie to use her telepathic abilities because many believe that Patrick Furnan will cheat. Even though Patrick is found guilty of cheating, he still wins, kills Alcide's father and becomes leader of the Long Tooth pack. Alcide thinks that Sookie failed him, and in his rage and anger of the loss of his father, he blames Sookie. Sookie is also attacked twice by unknown weres and there are other murders and disappearances. The Long Tooth pack becomes severely divided, blaming each other for these attacks, and a war seems inevitable.

Sookie acts as a mediator between these two groups and it turns out that these murders and disappearance were caused by another pack led by Priscilla Hebert, sister to Patrick Furnan's right-hand man. A battle erupts, ending with the deaths of Patrick Furnan and most of Priscilla's pack.

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Alcide becomes the leader of the Long Tooth pack. In the tenth book, Dead in the FamilyAlcide arranges for the pack to have their monthly hunt on Sookie's property. Several days after the weres find some unusual tracks, a dead werewolf is discovered.

Later that day Eric arrives at her house, and believing she is in danger ask for permission to be let inside the house.

alcide and sookie meet

While talking on Sookie's porch Eric senses something, and grabs Sookie forcing her to invite him in. Eric speeds into her home and sees a wolf growling at him. Eric succeeds in capturing the werewolf, and before he is killed, Sookie hears that he came from Jackson.

Against Eric's warnings, Sookie decides to go to Mississippi in search for Bill.

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Before she leaves she pays for Eggs Talley 's funeral and reconciles with Tarawith which she had an argument following Eggs' death. The next day, while cleaning her wrecked house a bearded man appears, frightening her until he explains that Eric sent him to protect her. He introduces himself as Alcide Herveaux and explains over tea that a dangerous gang of werewolves has taken root in Jackson - and his girlfriend recently left him for its leader.

Alcide Herveaux

Alcide brings Sookie back to Jackson and takes her to the werewolf bar Lou Pine'swhere she manages to pick up a lead from the thoughts of a biker named Gus. But when the werewolf tries to force himself on Sookie, Alcide has to jump in and rescue her.

She then receives a call from Bill, who tell's her he has slept with Lorena Krasiki and dumps her via telephone. After Alcide comforts her Sookie, tells him she wants to go to Debbie 's engagement party. Although Alcide refuses, she calls his sister to help her blend in at Lou Pine's. Sookie convinces Alcide to take her to the party by revealing that Debbie is addicted to " V " and that she is joining Cooter's pack.

alcide and sookie meet

A disguised Sookie at Lou Pine's. When Cooter arrives Debbie tells him to let them see the ceremony.

alcide and sookie meet

Sookie watches as Debbie is branded and a vampire comes to the stage and gives his blood to the pack as a reward for serving him. After Russell Edgington leaves, Coot takes the stage and all the werewolves in the bar start to shift. Alcide warns Sookie that they need to leave. Alcide refuses, but their squabbling is interrupted by Debbie, who has shown up to see Alcide.

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She says she's there to save his life. Sookie asks Debbie where Bill is, but she doesn't know, which Sookie learns when she reads her thoughts.

alcide and sookie meet

After Debbie leaves, Sookie goes with Alcide to speak with his packmasterbut the packmaster says there's nothing they can do, that Russell is ancient and has had weres working for him for centuries.

Alcide comforts Sookie after Bill broke up with her. After returning to Alcide's apartment, Bill shows up and tells her to leave Jackson, that she's in danger. Moments later, Coot and Russell show up with one person in their sights: When Coot corners her, she displays the same blue light power she once used on Maryann, and throws him across the room.

alcide and sookie meet