Daring do and ahuizotl meet

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daring do and ahuizotl meet

Welcome to Daring Do and Ahuizotl! This is the group for any fanfictions starring both Daring Do and Ahuizotl as main characters! Feel free to add any fics you. Daring Do: Now, Ahuizotl, you know I love you, but I can't give you the ring till . It and Weep"; this time she gets to meet the author of her favorite book series. The Two Sides of Daring Do is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfiction written by What happens when the real pony meets her ideal self? Beware the Silly Ones: Ahuizotl is just as hammy as in canon, but is also a complete.

Ahuizotl's next appearance in the episode sees him by an altar-bound Daring Do, continuing to gloat. Daring says, "You won't get away with this, Ahuizotl," and he replies, "But I already have. As he laughs maniacally and holds up the sapphire statue with his tail-hand, Daring Do swoops down on a vine and snatches the statue from him.

Caballeron is about to sell a golden ring to a disguised Daring Do, Ahuizotl angrily storms onto the scene and demands the ring.

After Caballeron runs off in fear and Daring snatches the ring away, Ahuizotl orders his jungle cats to attack her. Using the nearby Rainbow Dash as bait, Ahuizotl distracts Daring Do long enough for her to be subdued and restrained. Just as diabolical as in the books.

While fully capable of moving and living on land, Ahuizotl is an amphibian as in the original myths, and becomes a Lightning Bruiser when he's in the water. The Daring Do clone by Yearling in the end. Yearling starts to have one over her clone outdoing her and seemingly rendering her redundant.

This reaches its apex when she gets a beatdown from Ahuizotl in her rage. She finally snaps out of it in time to save the clone. The clone has one when she realizes she's a clone. Hers gets so severe that she loses her Cutie Mark. Yearling manages to snap her out of it, but she's still a blank flank at the end of the story.

Ahuizotl's plan is to combine the power of the Belt of Atlas and its temple with the Rings of Scorchero to steal the Princesses' power. I Am Not Left-Handed: It turns out that Ahuizotl is an amphibian and a lot more dangerous underwater. He nearly kills the Daring Do clone easily when he gets the chance to pull her underwater and exploit it. Justified, as Yearling was very much aware he had this ability and took pains to not fight him when he could exploit it, something the clone was unaware of as it never came up in the books.

I Love Nuclear Power: According to Word of GodPrincess Celestia has this ability, including being capable of absorbing nuclear radiation which is how she saved Yearling from radiation poisoning once before. Justified, as the sun is basically a gigantic fusion reactor.

Apparently, Yearling's audience complains about Ahuizotl having this. Justified with the real one because he's an immortal Demi-God and thus can't die. The story gets a lot more intense and serious once he shows up. The Daring Do clone renames herself Daydream in the end. Ahuizotl ends up dishing one out to both Yearling and her clone, the former due to her being enraged to the point of not being able to see straight and the later due to underestimating Ahuizotl.

Both walk away from the adventure with broken bones as a result. The Doctor asked her not to write about him in her books. In the ending, they briefly mention Yearling had to teach the Daring Do clone how to go to the bathroom, since Daring had no knowledge of things that were not mentioned in the books. Ahuizotl turns out to be this, as he considers the prospect of turning the planet into a Death World beautiful.

His plan is to hijack the Princesses power and use it to fry the world.

daring do and ahuizotl meet

Our Homunculi Are Different: The Daring Do clone, due to being born from a magical artifact. Inuniverse she's legally called one. Sealed Evil in a Can: Rainbow Dash becomes wracked with guilt when she ends up getting Daring Do captured.

Rainbow Dash and Daring Do find Caballeron and his henchponies eating in a clearing; Rainbow Dash says "Looks like they decided to have an early dinner before making their way back down the hill to the marketplace in town.

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Needle in a Stack of Needles: The Book Safe where Daring keeps the ring is hidden among a stack of books. When searching for it, even she has a little trouble finding the right book. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Rainbow Dash invokes this when she distracts Daring Do by trying to give her her hat, thus getting Daring Do captured.

No Celebrities Were Harmed: Yearling is an obvious nod to J. Rowling of Harry Potter fame, though the parallel to staff writer Amy Keating Rogers has also been acknowledged.

Possibly deliberate, to sound more like "Belloq". A series of plotlines from previous Daring Do books are mentioned briefly in an argument between Rainbow and Twilight. No Sense of Personal Space: Daring Do is clearly annoyed at Rainbow Dash's getting in her face and fangasming over her. She warms up to Dash at the end, though when she gets hugged for longer then she's comfortable with, she has to gently push Rainbow away as if to say "Yeah, I think that was enough.

daring do and ahuizotl meet

Daring Do refused to let Dr. Caballeron tag along with her, leading to the two becoming enemies. Whereas Daring Do mostly evaded Ahuizotl's cats in Quest for the Sapphire Statue most likely due to her injuryhere she is able to easily gain the upper hand in combat against multiple enemies.

Rainbow Dash says that fighting armies by herself is one of Daring's many accomplishments.

daring do and ahuizotl meet

Only in It for the Money: Caballeron's allegiance lies with the highest bidder, as he helps deliver Daring Do's ring to Ahuizotl for a huge price, not caring that he'd be dooming the land to years of unrelenting heat. When a disguised Daring tries tricking him into selling it back to her, he decides to make a change of plans.

Unfortunately for Daring, Ahuizotl decides to show up at that exact moment prompting Caballeron to grab the bag of bits and run.

Rainbow Dash has accomplished some amazing things Sonic Rainboom, fighting the Changeling army, toping evil gods with her friends, etc but has built up Daring Do so much she herself feels inadequate. Twilight snaps her out of it in time for the final act. Daring Do wears a beard made of leaves and flattened her usual hat slightly. Caballeron and his henchponies appear to fall for the disguise hook, line and sinker, though he seems to have been willing to sell the ring to anypony — even selling it back to Daring Do herself — for the right price.

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The Password Is Always "Swordfish": The combination on the Book Safe is ''. It's understandable because it's not immediately obvious in-universe that the book is really a Book Safe. Yearling is one for Daring Do.

The water in the death trap Ahuizotl locks Daring Do in is filled with piranhas. A variant on this tactic happens when Twilight teleports and two henchmen running in from opposite directions land into each other's skulls.

Daring Do and The Revenge of Ahuizotl, a my little pony fanfic | FanFiction

They don't get knocked out, though. The Mane Six are shocked to discover that Daring Do and her adventures are real. One can very well argue that this is how Daring is able to sell her books yet avoid ponies realizing it's real; an adventure archeologist that fights armies and works her way out of death traps etc sounds too Action Hero-y to be real.

It helps that there are probably are FAR stranger things out there in Equestria. The Runt at the End: The "Death Kitty" amongst Ahuizotl's pack of feline heavies. Daring Do invokes this with Ahuizotl In-Universe when he demands she give him the ring, and she turns it around on him, saying she loves him but can't give him the ring without a proper marriage proposal. Daring Do remains the Expy of Indy, and this time she has a whip. Rainbow's baseball cap on the cover at the end is a clear nod to Short Round.

Look closely and there's an internal shout-out on that cover as well. It appears as though A. Yearling considers Rainbow Dash to be the Derpy Hooves of her fictional world. While traveling to Yearling's home, they have a similar Travel Montage as the films with a red line following their progress on a map of Equestria.

This is Lampshaded in that Pinkie was painting the line behind them the whole way. The golden ring being lost into the fireplace and then pulled out and quenched is similar to what happens to the Headpiece of the Staff of Ra at Marion's bar. This also is possible reference to another major story about rings Yearling is an Expy of J.

Rowlingas well as a play on series writer Amy Keating Rogers in initials and status among the fandom ; the name might also be a reference to K. K Yearling with, she puts a hoof across Applejack's shoulders and puts her other forehoof up, mirroring the "Delicious hot Schmoes" scene in Toy Story 2.

Rainbow Dash trying to fight alongside Daring Do as a sidekick while unintentionally causing damage in the process and Daring Do telling her that she works alone, reminds you of how Buddy interacted with Mr.

Incredible from The Incredibles. The structure holding the golden rings is inspired by the Towers of Hanoi.

It even leads to disaster when completed and, in an inversion, when destroyed. So the hero worshipper intervenes in a battle between The Hero and the Big Badcausing the latter to use her as leverage in defeating the hero. Where have we heard that before? Pinkie's fez with her mark on the front could be seen as a shout-out to Grunkle Stan's fez from Gravity Falls.

When Daring Do tries to put weight on her broken foreleg before splinting it. Instead of worrying about the safety of A. Yearling and what happened to her house, Rainbow Dash only worries about if she wouldn't be able to write more books.

Twilight at least calls her out on this. Spin to Deflect Stuff: Daring Do, by spinning her tail, deflects a volley of arrows with a mini-tornado.

Although it was retelling by Rainbow Dash of a scene from the book, so she might be exaggerating a bit.

daring do and ahuizotl meet

We don't know if the true Daring Do can do it. Rainbow Dash after Twilight informs her that the next book will be delayed for two months. Rainbow and Twilight for much of the episode, though Rainbow is more vocal about it. The Wilhelm Scream makes yet another appearancetwice. One of Caballeron's mooks has grawlix as a cutie mark. The others, similarly, have different comic book effects for cutie marks. Although it doesn't engulf the valley in years of heat, Dr. Caballeron's plan to give Ahuizotl the ring is a success.

He makes off with Daring Do's sack of bits doing so. Oddly, it's referred to as a "fortress" within the episode. Daring Do's line in the dialog at the top of this page.

Lampshaded as described in the Shout-Out. Bonus points though as the map used is geographically the same as the previous Equestria map that was published as posters prior to Season 3. A True Story in My Universe: The events of the Daring Do novels actually happen, but they take place so far on the outskirts of Equestria that nopony else knows about them, and they're written under a pen name to preserve the masquerade.

Yearling is a nod to staff writer Amy Keating Rogers. Applejack has trouble saying Ahuizotl's name. She's the only one.