Meet the reaper billy and mandy moon

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meet the reaper billy and mandy moon

the grim adventures of billy mandy season 2 wikipedia. Wed, 07 Nov include: "Meet the Reaper" Mandy Moon the Moon" was a part. A description of tropes appearing in Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. unwillingly turned into a milk-themed superhero in "Billy & Mandy Moon the Moon ", while Irwin gets one when he's . Chekhov's Gun: From "Meet the Reaper," " Kiss kiss. Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon () (creator) / (story) (created & written by). The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Meet the Reaper (TV Short).

On earth, meanwhile, the cheese shortage is taking effect. The lack of cheese in traps is causing a massive exodus of mice from their homes, while the lack of cheese on pizza is causing Harold to freak out. The lack of dairy products in ice cream, meanwhile, is causing a calcium shortage in the bodies of children like Irwin and Wiggly.

Up on the moon, the group has become trapped in a room. Fortunately, Grim has a backup plan: This works perfectly, and they move on to the next idea Grim has, which is to climb up the outside of the base using magnetized feet and into the big spaceship above. This plan works almost perfectly the only drawback being Billy's magnetized nose until the spaceship starts to take off and the group is almost left behind.

However, due to some quick thinking by Sperg, the four manage to get on, and kick their way into a control room.

Inside, the group attack and soon stop the aliens. It is at this point that Mandy reveals she reprogrammed the robots to work twice as fast, so the aliens will never get to earth before they transform into werewolves. Unfortunately, this backfires on Mandy, as the aliens turn into werewolves, and savage Billy when Sperg runs like a coward.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

Mandy and Grim follow the bully's example upon seeing what the werewolves can do, but end up trapped in a cheese pit with Werewolf Baby Cuddlekins. Sperg, meanwhile, finds a closet to hide in, but is interrupted by Billy, now beaten and bruised and bloodied, coming into his closet and having a fit. However, Billy's presence may have been just the thing Sperg needed.

meet the reaper billy and mandy moon

Sperg understands what he has to do now, and leaves, not realizing that Billy has turned into a werewolf. Grim and Mandy have in this time span been captured and are about to become a BLT with cheese. After saying their last goodbyes to one another, the ceremony is suddenly interrupted when Werewolf Billy arrives, ready to devour them like the aliens. At this point, Grim declares he is fed up and rips out his scythe, ready to perform some butt-kicking; when Mandy questions what took him so long, Grim admits he was just doing it for the drama.

He then proceeds to turn the trio into the superhero forms Billy proposed, and a superhero beatdown on the aliens ensues. Sperg has found his way to an empty room and barricaded himself in it. He sadly sings "Buttercup Dancer" one last time before his bomb goes off. When it does, it sends the spacecraft tilting onto its side, and the spaceship crashes into the moon.

Once again, Sir Raven takes center stage, to declare that this is the end of the show. Part Three However, the cameras keep rolling, and Sir Raven is forced to concede that he was wrong again. He then sums up what happened to everyone. Sperg's actions saved everyone, and afterwards, he returned to being a bully, albeit a headless one. Milk Mandy and the Cheese Reaper, meanwhile, proceeded on as a superhero duo, battling mayhem throughout the galaxy.

Billy went home, but remained the Werewolf Green Squeaker. As for Sir Raven, he flew into a murderous rage at nobody asking what happened to him, and covered the screen in armpit spray cheese.

Accepting it, he opens it only to find that it is a sweater.

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Angered, he then commands Stinky the moon beetle, his assistant, to warm up the weapons as Earth must be destroyed. The show lacks continuity for the most part, as many episodes end with characters killed, exiled, or stuck in a situation. Characters sometimes display an awareness of some events from previous episodes, but there are no clear character arcs or coherent plot lines tying the show together.

History[ edit ] The series had its genesis inwhen Maxwell Atoms, while he was a junior at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, made a two-minute short film for his thesis project.

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Titled Billy and Mandy in: The Trepanation of the Skull and You, it centers around Billy and Mandy prototype versions discussing trepanning with each other.

In the end, Mandy drills Billy's head, causing him to pass out after too much blood loss even though he says he feels great. The short had never been shown publicly until April 30,during the first annual TromAnimation Film Festival.

In "Substitute Creature" it's shown that Endsville Elementary is built on a mesa overlooking a desert. This was likely just for a one-time gag, as later episodes depict the school having a football field. Irwin, who in spite of being a nerd is just as dumb as Billy.

The Grim Adventure of Billy And Mandy Full Season 2

He even tried cheating off of Mandy's answers on a test. The whole genre in the series. One of few kids shows with it, Bloodsucking Bats: Dracula himself clears up the misconception about vampires.

Contrary to popular belief, vampires don't suck the blood of their victims. Bringing up the comparison to actual vampire bats, they scrape and lick their victims. They scrape and lick. I'll take the chicken. I order you to shut up! In "Substitute Creature" Mandy somehow scores an A with six pluses on her test. In the episode "It's Hokey Mon! Grim and Billy, naturally, but " Super Zero " had this adorable alien creature, who wanted to be Billy's friend, but kept taking Billy's constant, near-lethal abuse.

When Billy finally notices him he decides to call him Winston and take him back to Earth, but he falls off Billy's shoulder and gets left behind. Nergal doesn't start out this way, but as of "Loser from the Earth's Core," this becomes one of his defining character traits — including a cameo during "The Incredible Shrinking Mandy" solely for the purpose of having him be crushed by random falling things.

Even lampshaded slightly in "Underfist," when his family knows something bad is coming because he brought up how well things are going for him Let's not even start on Irwin.

But for Me, It Was Tuesday: In "Nigel Planter and the Order of the Peanuts", Nigel Planter goes back to his old school to act out his revenge, only to find that Dean Toadblatt doesn't remember him. I torment thousands of students every semester. I can't be expected to remember them all! He gets his wish by turning into a plant, but with dangerous results. This isn't the first time Phil Lamarr voiced a vampire. In the first episode she appeared in, Eris acted like a typical giddy blond teenage valley girl.

Afterwards though she acted more regal and queenly with a British accent. Also a Shout-Out to Madonna. She also turned into a boyfriend-eating woman that dated and dined on Hoss more than once. Mandy used to smile on occasion — though, usually after doing something horrible to the human race. In a much later episode, Mandy smiling tears apart the fabric of space and time.

Mandy started out as an apathetic Anti-Hero before becoming a sociopath who only saves the world so it will be free for her later, takes pride in being utterly eviland suffers physical strain to say "please.

In the first few episodes Mandy forbid Grim from reaping people. It wasn't long before just about every episode has jokes about Grim's job. From "Meet the Reaper," "Kiss kiss. Snuggles attack the nearest person. Yes, that includes Mandy. Parodied with the host of Grim's favorite late-night show, Atrociawhose show was cancelled the moment she turned Billy, Mandy, and Grim are always finding an adventure and forces of evil to thwart.

Billy and Fred Fredburger both tend to have very odd beliefs and habits. Comically Missing the Point: In "Substitute Creature", when Nergal Jr. Butterbean fails Billy on a math test for drawing a clown with a flamethrower in place of an answer, Billy remedies it by adding a pirate hat.

Mandy is the schemer, Billy is the follower, and Grim is the complainer. Hoss Delgado and Billy at one point encounter a pair of conjoined twin zombies in the episode "Brown Evil".

Hoss slices them into ribbons as soon as he sees them. Doolin in "Who Killed Who? The fact that she's voiced by Betty White certainly helps. Irwin's Grandmama certainly has her moments, too. Underfist was intended to have the "Fistflyer", with speeds of up to Mach 4; like Hoss' tank, it's got a giant metal fist mounted to the front that Jeff would use to punch threats.

It's briefly glimpsed during the credits of the Underfist special. A message to the viewers, usually from Mandy, at the end of the theme song. Grim is a constant victim of this.

meet the reaper billy and mandy moon

Many episodes show that Endsville is a pretty bad place to live in, even without all the supernatural dangers that the main characters have to deal with on a frequent basis. Though if the Codename: Kids Next Door crossover is to be believed, it's confined to Endsville, and the rest of the world is just fine. But then againthe KND world is probably just as messed up, given the massive amount of supervillains out to exploit or harm children, and especially Grandfather's Hate Plague -style Citizombie infections in Operation: Greenblatt shows up as a small boy in the episode "Duck".

Grim strips naked in front of him. Numbuh 3 appeared four times in Big Boogey Adventure. The years have not been kind to them. Kids Next Door crossover episode, which was not only a crossover of KND and this show, but of every one of CN's original shows that weren't created after its release. At least one character from each show appears in the episode, even one from Squirrel Boy.