Napa and vegeta meet again wiz

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napa and vegeta meet again wiz

Wiz: Vegeta and Nappa travelled to Earth, and after killing Nappa, Vegeta fought Goku . Vegeta: Pleased to meet you again you stupid transforming hedgehog!. Whis (ウイス Uisu) is the angelic attendant of Universe 7's God of Destruction, Beerus, as well as his martial arts teacher. Along with his siblings, he is a child of . And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. Charlie Puth, DJ Frank E and Andrew Cedar produced this song.

Show me your power, then! Vegeta got into his famous pose. Bowser let loose a wave of fire to display his power, then got into his own stance. Vegeta took first move, flying towards Bowser and throwing a punch. Bowser quickly evaded, grasping Vegeta's arm tightly, then throwing him up into the air. As he landed, Bowser unleashed a powerful punch, smashing Vegeta right in the stomach, and sending him shooting into a wall.

Sliding down it, Vegeta smirked again. As the Koopa King went for another punch Vegeta teleported out of the way! But, before he could react, Vegeta appeared behind him, and delivered a punch to the back of his neck. Bowser stumbled forwards, and Vegeta teleported again, this time appearing in front of Bowser. Without a moment to spare, Vegeta launched Bowser into the air with a powerful uppercut. Bowser landed, making the earth shake.

Vegeta leaped back for some room, than put his hands in a certain position Purple energy formed in the Saiyan's palms. Bowser quickly hopped into his shell, enduring the blast of power. Spinning around in his shell, the Galik Gun then bounced right off, and towards Vegeta!

  • Vegeta VS Infinite (DB)
  • See You Again
  • See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth (fingerstyle guitar cover by Peter Gergely)

The Super Elite of the Saiyans skidded on the ground, but quickly got back to his feet! Quickly, Bowser exhaled a ton of fire towards his royal opponent. Vegeta unfortunately got out of the way of the attack, and flew towards the Koopa again!

Vegeta flew forwards, located Bowser, and used a powerful kick on the turtle's arm! Bowser roared in agony. Bowser, getting angry, realized Vegeta was still directly in front of him, so he immediately charged up power, and smashed the Saiyan hard with his head. Vegeta had no time to even scream before he was blasted off into the air… and then fell back onto the marble flooring with a yelp.

Vegeta sneered, then began charging power. When it faded, Vegeta was Bowser stood, confused by the sudden hair colour change. Vegeta let out when sounded like a roar, then dashed towards Bowser with remarkable speed. Before Bowser knew it, Vegeta let out a large punch. Bowser did move out of the way… slightly.

napa and vegeta meet again wiz

Instead of hitting head on, Vegeta ended up cutting Bowser's cheek. Bowser stumbled back, then felt his face.

napa and vegeta meet again wiz

Looking at his hand, he noticed that Vegeta had drawn blood from him Which got him very angry. Bowser tackled Vegeta to the ground, smashing the Saiyan under his weight.

Now on the ground, Vegeta couldn't do anything but allow himself to get scratched up over and over. When that was over, Bowser picked Vegeta up, and shook him around Hulk-style, before throwing him face-first into a wall. Vegeta grumbled, then stopped making sounds. A large explosion of golden light occurred, sending Bowser far off onto the ground. Vegeta emerged, now a lot more muscular than before. After lifting Bowser, throwing him into the air, and then flying up to meet him, Vegeta extended his hand to align with Bowser's face.

Just as he did that, a big blast of blue Ki erupted from his palm, engulfing Bowser and sending him far off So far that he blasted out of the castle!

See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth (fingerstyle guitar cover by Peter Gergely)

Vegeta flew out of the new hole, and lowered himself to the ground. Now in a lava-filled environment, Vegeta knew he had to be careful. Bowser struggled back up to his feet, and shook his head to regain his eyesight. He looked up at Vegeta, than ran at the guy. After successfully hitting Vegeta with a sucker punch, Bowser grabbed the prince and threw him towards a pool of lava. Vegeta landed in it, and wasn't seen for a while after that.

Vegeta teleported out of the lava and behind Bowser, than hit the Koopa King with a kick to the stomach. When he landed, it was peaceful for a second Until the Earth began to rumble! It was Big Bowser! Vegeta flew a ton sideways from a very powerful smack, until stopping himself midair.

Vegeta stretched out his hand again, a blue ball forming. The Big Koopa King swatted it aside like a bug! Bowser than inhaled, and exhaled a large pink fireball! It went to Vegeta faster than any other attack, and Vegeta couldn't even react to it! He was hit, launching even further! That sure was a lot of punishment. Vegeta only knew how to try one last thing Vegeta teleported in an instant, Bowser not knowing where he was.

Suddenly, Vegeta reappeared, right near Bowser's face! The beam of yellow Ki, although it didn't seem like too much, covered Big Bowser's body completely. Inside the ray, Bowser was actually screaming!

Slowly but surely, as the beam went on, his skin was being scraped off! In no time flat, the attack ended, Bowser was back to normal size, and he was also just a pile of bones. Vegeta landed on the ground, and took a breather. Bowser was done now Suddenly, the bones began to rattle, catching Vegeta's attention.

Then, the bones began to rise The rose higher and higher, until they formed the skeletal version of Bowser, Dry Bowser! Dry Bowser breathed out a blue fireball, than threw a few bones. Vegeta evaded each projectile, than punched Bowser in the face hard! Dry Bowser fell apart With Vegeta shocked, Dry Bowser took the chance to smash Vegeta in the face with a bone, sending him backwards.

Vegeta landed, stood back up, and wiped blood from his mouth. Now, Vegeta was truly angry Immediately, Vegeta rushed at Dry Bowser again, and kicked him hard. Dry Bowser's arms flew into the air, and Vegeta wasted no time in blasting them both to oblivion with a powerful Ki Blast.

Now armless, there wasn't much for Bowser to do. Vegeta trudged up to the Dry Koopa King, ripped his head off, then crushed the bones with his bare hands, letting the rubble fall to the ground. Dry Bowser's body fell, and Bowser was finally defeated. Returning to his base form, Vegeta remembered the Dragon Balls! In an instant, Vegeta flew off to find them, only to see that there was only one remaining.

The Saiyan picked up the last Dragon Ball. The Saiyan had been wanting to make his wish for a long time, and he thought he had the Dragon Balls Well, you win some, you lose some. I honestly did not see that coming! I mean, when it comes to lifting strength and sheer power, Bowser takes it! Vegeta, however, was not very far behind!

I mean, the guy normally trains in x Gravity, and his forms just up that power! And while Bowser could dish out a lot of damage when he's up close and personal, from far off, he's not that great.

Sure, he's got a bunch of different projectiles, but all of which would not do very much to the King of Saiyans. But, we all know that Vegeta likes to fight up close a lot of times. And that could very well lead you to believe that, having the upper hand in raw power, Bowser would be able to crush Vegeta. Bowser is too, yes, but Vegeta has light reaction speeds and movement speeds, along with his small and nimble body, which adds to that.

Honestly, Bowser wouldn't be able to catch up as much as we'd hope. But, I mean, even if Bowser could end up catching Vegeta It's hard to say he could ever actually put him down for good. Not only is he a Saiyan, his pride burning him inside and out, and his determination never dying off, but Vegeta has also shown to take a beating before.

Like that one time, where base form Vegeta fought Kid Buu, a casually planet-level being, and was pushed to near death. But even taking several dozen hits from a foe who severely outclassed him didn't get Vegeta out! He's also taken a Kamehameha Kaioken x3 in his earlier days without so much as a scream in rage.

Meanwhile, while Bowser is very durable, he mostly depends on his shell to take the pain. And trust us when we say, Vegeta can take the heat.

When duelling it out with one of Universe 6's most powerful competitors, the giant lava robot known as Megetta, Vegeta took several blasts of lava without even flinching. Heck, in that same battle, Vegeta has shown to be able to flick lava away like it was nothing! But on the other side, a molten lava dip to Bowser was able to turn him to Dry Bowser, so it's very likely that a Final Flash attack would be able to disintegrate Bowser's skin.

And putting into consideration the fact that when extremely angry, Super Saiyan Vegeta beat the living shit out of Beerus, it's not stretch to say that if Bowser got the Saiyan angry, it was over for him! While both very similar in personality, Vegeta and Bowser are different in their own sense. I shall henceforth be known as: No, wait- Super Kami Guru. Can I just call you Guru for short?

Super Kami Guru allows this. Aw, you made a friend, Little Green? Oh, I know, I'm gonna call you "Big Green"! Call me that again and I'll snap your neck. With that attitude, I don't think you should be friends with him, Little Green. Listen, I don't care where you come from or who you are, I will not put up with such disrespe- Guru: Hey, Little Green, do you believe in Karma? Well, you see, Karma is where if you do something good Que to Zarbon beating up Vegeta: And if you do something bad Que to Vegeta getting even more beaten by Zarbon: So, if I am good enough, then I can have my family back.

Vegeta vs Bowser

Are you still on about that? Freeza pointing out the Villain Ball of Zarbon's choice. Lord Freeza, the dirty deed has been done. Oh, he barely put up a fight after I transformed.

Do you possibly know who could have done that? Aaaand, unlike all the other villages we visited so far, there was no Dragon Ball there. Do you know who could have possibly taken it? Now, use your brain for this one, Zarbon. If somebody were to know where that Dragon Ball was, who would it be? And you said you killed him? It is possible I just left him unconscious! And where did you leave him? At the bottom of a lake Minion forty-three, would you come in here for a second?

I need an example. You see that, Zarbon? In The Stinger exclusive to their websiteKing Kai breaks off their training because Yamcha mis-pronounced "Kaioken" using the Ocean Group-era pronunciation of "Kay-o-ken".

This is a reference to the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. Vegeta stealing the Dragon Balls. I've got a lovely bunch of Dragon Balls, dodododoodo, here they are all sitting in a bunch, do doo do. One Star, Two Star, all as big as my head!

And after that, him hiding in the water, complete with submarine noises: You are now thinking about what Zarbon did to you while you were unconscious.

Have fun with that.