Vicky and ricci meet the millers

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vicky and ricci meet the millers

Mrs. Ricci spoke of running races with her .. “We're very proud of her. I know the board has her full support.” The board iors Vicky Cui of Westfield and Carlin. Schildge of .. The Millers threatened to end the game early in. Actress | Vicky Cristina Barcelona Hayek has freely admitted that she and her brother, Sami, were spoiled rotten by her . Christina Ricci. We're the Millers () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

The acting is superb.

vicky and ricci meet the millers

Here we see sidelined Danish Policy Officer Asger played by Jakob Cedergren who has been assigned to this call center while he awaits a decision about his future. In trying to respond to an emergency call, he gets deeply into making assumptions and taking actions as he tries to find a missing woman and her assailant.

Phenomenal acting, filming, and direction. Filled with luminous film-making and painstaking details, this film explores the ins and outs of family life in multiple dimensions. She is put into a holding center for months while her application for asylum is being considered. In a parallel story a young single mother is struggling with her own life in Iceland, living out of her car with her child. She eventually takes a training position as a Passport Officer.

In the course of doing her job, she is, in part, responsible for the detention of the African woman. These two women — both living on the margins — form a kind of inter-dependency that is touching and gives meaning to both of them.

Eventually, the Passport Officer insures that the immigrant gets on her way to her final destination. While this film has a slow start, midway it catches on. If the topic interests you, see if you can find the film. Indeed, it felt rather like the foreign produced films that we saw 20 years ago. He travels the length of Egypt in this quest and is joined by a young boy. The film is intended to be a commentary on the old fashioned mores of the country, but it is more.

This film is a very thoughtful presentation of a society mired in outdated mores. Fourth-billed Sam Jaffe played the title character in Gunga Din. The video had a big photo of Anthony Hopkins on the cover, so the viewer might presume Hopkins was playing Blunt. Turns out Ian Richardson played Blunt a real-life Soviet spyand Hopkins was a supporting character, but Richardson never played Hannibal Lecter, and Hopkins did, so they put Hopkins on the cover.

Reagan's line "Win one for the Gipper" is probably the only thing that anybody actually remembers about that movie, though, so perhaps it is for the best.

The movie Operation: Crossbow features George Peppard as an American engineer who assumes the identity of a German engineer in order to infiltrate the Nazi V2 rocket base at Peenemunde. In one short scene, the German engineer's wife, played by Sophia Lorentracks her 'husband' down and is later killed to prevent her from alerting the Gestapo to the identity theft.

Loren's scene is no more than five minutes long, yet she received top billing in the American release the movie was produced by her husband, Carlo Ponti. The Hairspray remake counts, as it was advertised starring John Travolta in drag!

Nikki Blonsky gets an " And Introducing " after the long list of all the other celebrities "starring" in the movie. The visual extension of this trope is on the soundtrack cover, which uses pictures of the characters.

An odd side effect of this is that the only teenage character above the title is Amanda Byneswith Brittany SnowElijah KellyZac Efronand Nikki Blonksy underneath it and Bynes and Snow were 20 when they shot the movie. Posters and video releases of the Red Sonja movie has Arnold Schwarzenegger as lead.

Jack Nicholson is the first name in both the poster and the opening credits of Batman They end up getting killed in the first battle sequence of their respective movies.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico pushes Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek as the "leads," which is understandable since they were the leads in the previous film. In this one, Johnny Depp has far more screen-time, and Hayek is only present in flashbacks. This happens to Bruce Willis a lot: Planet Terror has a small appearance by Bruce "Osama slayer" Willis.

The plan was to make it one of those "Wait, Bruce Willis is in this movie? However, at that time Farrell was not enough big name to deserve the first place on the poster. The Siege prominently features Bruce's face on the cover art, despite the fact that he plays a fairly minor albeit very important character who only appears in about 15 minutes of the film.

Willis's face receives undue attention in some video releases of National Lampoons Loaded Weapon 1 where he makes an uncredited cameo appearance. Willis received top billing in Sunsetbut James Garner actually has much more screen time during the movie. Surprisingly inverted with Pulp Fiction ; his billing on the poster is "and Bruce Willis" at the bottom, and is in smaller font than other names.

He gets even worse treatment in the film's actual credits. Yet, he probably gets the most screen time in the film aside from Vincent Vega. In Four RoomsWillis was actually prevented from being credited at all by the Screen Actors Guild because he wasn't paid: Spacey had just won an Oscar a couple of years prior, but Pearce and Crowe were more or less unknowns at the time. Spacey's character arguably has the least screen time of the three while Pearce is as close to a lead character as the film has.

Spacey was billed first, Crowe second and Pearce third. Superman has Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman billed above the title, while Christopher Reevewho plays Superman, is first billed below the title. Margot Kidder is also billed very late in the credits, despite having the pivotal Lois Lane role, as a result of everyone after Reeve being in alphabetical order.

Of course, while Brando received notoriously outsize compensation for his small part and Hackman has a huge part as the villain, Reeve charmed the world as the Metropolis Marvel and the sequels gave him the proper top billing as a result, although in the first sequel, Hackman was still billed before Reeve. Reeve however was now billed before the title, unlike in the first movie.

The Discovery has a similar order: It was made by the same producers as the Superman film.

vicky and ricci meet the millers

Satanic gives both Jeffrey Combs and Angus Scrimm prominent billing. Their combined screentime comes to less than eight minutes. The old video cover for The Little Shop of Horrors had Jack Nicholson on the back, even though he was little more than a cameo. To make matters worse, the picture used was from The Shining you can guess which one.

vicky and ricci meet the millers

Another cover only featured Nicholson on the front. Advertising for Executive Decision gave equal billing to Kurt Russell and Steven Seagaldespite Seagal having a relatively minor role and not even being cited in the opening credits.

This may have been a deliberate decision to throw the audience off when Seagal is killed off very quickly. This was also the only film where Ginger Rogers was billed above Fred Astaire even though he had far more scenes and one more dance number.

On the cover of The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior Randy Couture's image gets the most space and only his name is shown. The credits still list protagonist Michael Copon first.

Battle for Redemption, protagonist Victor Webster at least has its name on the cover. Marilyn Monroe is often featured as the main attraction on the home video releases of the public domain film Hometown Story, which would likely remain a very obscure movie were it not for her brief appearance as a secretary and one of her very first on-screen appearances.

There was even a boxset of public domain "Hollywood" movies with a closeup of her on the front of the big package as the big "star". When actually, Home Town Story is the only film of hers in the set, and even that only has her brief cameo role mentioned above. People buying the giant set are maybe getting seconds of on-screen Marilyn at best. The Rocker is a fairly mild case; while the trailer does show that Rainn Wilson plays the main character, it implies that Josh Gad's part is the most important of the younger band members, and that he is after Emma Stone's character.

Actually Teddy Geiger has the larger, more dramatic role and it is he who ends up with Stone.

vicky and ricci meet the millers

When God's Little Acre was first released inMichael Landon, who played a minor character and who appeared in just a few scenes, was billed tenth.

For the film's re-release inafter Landon had achieved widespread fame through his role in Bonanzahe was bumped up to second billing. In the version of Hamlet features a number of big name stars in glorified cameos. Robin Williams got his name on the poster, but only played Osric, an extremely minor character whose few minutes of screentime are spent mostly delivering messages.

Billy Crystal plays the first grave-digger; one scene, lasting about five minutes. He plays Reynaldo, a character usually left out since he only has one very short scene, and it has little if anything to do with the main plot. Both men get their names on the poster. Naturally, they exploited this in the advertising, even though he had only two segments.

He sued them and later video releases had his scenes removed again. At least until the DVD came out. Robin Williams had this happen to him a lot. Probably the greatest example is Dead Poets Society in which his character, though undeniably pivotal, is on screen for perhaps two thirds of the film. If the role of Keating had been played by a non-marquee character actor, he likely would have been billed at the end with an " And Starring " credit.

Conversely, none of the ads for the Kenneth Branagh film Dead Again even mentioned Williams, who was arguably the biggest star in it at the time. All the promotional material hyped Branagh's and Emma Thompson's characters, who were the leads, while Williams was unbilled and was onscreen for perhaps eight minutes. An odd case of a complete inversion of this trope for Williams.

The Avengers gets this treatment in one of the adverts.

vicky and ricci meet the millers

On the Showtime network in Australia, they've recently started to list prominent films that month, and the stars, but for the The Avengers, it simply says " Chris Hemsworth - The Avengers''. This is likely to capitalize on the fact that an Australian's done well in Hollywood. Many Australian networks try to capitalize on the success of Australian actors in Hollywood. We are a very proud nation.

Billing Displacement

During an airing of X-Men: First Class on Australian TV, it was advertised as starring Hugh Jackmanwho has 1 line and about 10 seconds of screentime. This is despite his character disappearing from the plot fairly early on after getting knocked unconscious by Eric Roberts. Like many of the cases on this page, it was likely due to Ice-T becoming a big star in the years after the movie was made. Woman Haters was a short subject released in that was meant to showcase Marjorie White who died in a car crash shortly after making this film, making it her last roleand her name's the only one on the initial title card.

She does appear, and is a central player, but these days it's known as the first film from Columbia featuring The Three Stooges albeit not in their actual stooge roles. On television, it is often shown as the first Three Stooges "episode". The Forbidden Kingdom was advertised as starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li who both play supporting charactersnot even mentioning Michael Angarano, who played the main protagonist. The trailers barely even featured him, marketing the film as a "Chan vs Li" showdown rather than the old kid-transported-to-ancient-time standby.

The Retroactive Recognition version of this has occurred with some older movies where Jackie Chan appeared in minor roles. Rebecca Hall is a frequent victim. Her character is important and the performance won an Oscar, but Cruz herself actually only appears in less than a third of the film.

This is averted with the posters for most Woody Allen films - and on the opening credits of the film itself; as with many of his films, the stars are listed in alphabetical order and have all their names on one card. In The Prestigeshe had about the same number of scenes as Scarlett Johansson but only Johansson was on all of the advertising. In some ads for the The Towndespite being the lead female, Hall was billed below Blake Lively who is only in fifteen minutes of the film.

Home video releases of Carrie have John Travolta given top billing alongside Sissy Spacekeven though his character was a fairly minor one. There was a lot of hype about Drew Barrymore starring in Screamwith equal billing to Neve Campbell. Barrymore dies in the first 10 minutes. This was intentional to establish that Anyone Can Die. One of the big reasons the film D.

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Cab bombed was that it was marketed as a Mr. T vehicle, despite the fact that Mr. T's character was peripheral at best. It got so bad that in some other countries, it was called "Mr. The Turkish poster doesn't even bother describing the plot, consisting solely of a drawing of Mr. After Rocky, the producers changed its name to The Italian Stallion to capitalize on Stallone's success. Death Race featured David Carradine in his first post- Kung Fu role, naturally giving him top-billing, and appearing on the poster.

A young Stallone appears in a strong-supporting role as the antagonist "Machine-Gun Joe" Viterbo which doesn't even crack the Top 10 of stupidest names for a Stallone character. His only other major film to date had been The Lords of Flatbush. When the movie was re-released for DVD, Stallone was added to the cover, sharing the top-billing with Carradine.

In Junothe trailers and posters for that film heavily promoted Michael Cera 's involvement, giving him and Page co-star billing, when in fact his role was relatively minor, and fairly passive, in the movie. At the time, Cera was famous for his role in cult TV comedy Arrested Developmentwhile Page was arguably less well-known.

Not on the poster but the trailers ''really' wanted to make sure you knew Rainn Wilson was in a supporting role by using footage from all one scene he was in in the movie. Willow follows the adventures of the character of the same name, played by Warwick Davisand only leaves his perspective to show what the villains are plotting. However, Davis gets third billing to Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley, both playing supporting characters. The film's main plot concerns the forbidden romance between her character and first-billed Ralph Fiennes.