Arnav and khushi relationship in real life

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arnav and khushi relationship in real life

Are khushi and arnav married in real life? Are khushi Answered. In Celebrity Relationships Harry Potter is a fictional character, he does not exist in real life. Sanaya Irani (born 17 September ) is one of the most successful Indian television actress. She appeared in the lead role as Khushi Kumari Gupta in the highly as one of the top ten daily dramas on Indian general entertainment channels. . Irani announced her relationship with her co-star Mohit Sehgal from the. Barun was beaming with joy seeing his reel life Khushi getting hitched to her real life Arnav. Barun also got emotional half-way through the.

arnav and khushi relationship in real life

Arnav believes in live-in relationships rather than marriages; and in Kuch To Dr Ashutosh does not mind weeping while female lead Nidhi is aggressive and expressive of her feelings. Chadha admits that this acceptance comes with a caveat. No soap can sustain constant lovey-dovey scenes all through.

The characters need to grow organically. If everything is concentrated on their love and interactions, then how can this happen?

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The dadi, nani, bhua angle cannot be done away with completely—after all, these people form a chunk of the daily viewership numbers. Moreover, tertiary characters help to highlight, and in some cases do away with, generation-gap issues. A point that Coelho agrees with. Saying a serial is deemed a love story only if the focus is solely on the lead pair 24x7 is just not possible.


Some amount of family drama is necessary. You have to get the right male and female lead. The audience has to be able to feel the attraction between them, some kind of sexual tension. The male and female lead have to be as different from each other as possible.

Are khushi and arnav married in real life

That is the only way sparks will fly. The leads cannot be friends or lovey-dovey from Day 1. Sure, the audience wants them to be together and married but what really works for a love story is when they are not together and the audiencestays curious about how they will become a couple. He has to have a larger-than-life quality; the ability to do what no ordinary man can or would do. One of the two lead characters must have the capability to sacrifice something dear to them at some point in the show.

Even while the parallel leads or secondary characters are given screen time, they must somehow allude to or discuss the main leads in either a positive or negative way. In love stories, everything is about the protagonists. I like her completely. Arshi, we love you so much that we laugh with you and we cry with you. How do you bring out your chemistry and acting so well that we people feel you are real characters?

Some actors are meant for a few characters, we have lived them for so long that they seem so real. I just try to do my best and do a good job. How do you manage to weave magic even in the most mundane scenes when you're together? You both are a very good looking jodi: This is all team work. We have a good chemistry off-screen, we enjoy our work and we are very good friends too!

Mera question Arshi se hai ki dono mein se kaun sabse zyada mohabbat karta hai ek doosre se? Arnav Khushi se ya Khushi Arnav se?

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Aur yeh ki dono mein sabse zyada kaun understand karta hai ek doosre ki feelings or unke nature aur behaviour ko, Arnav ya Khushi? Even in real life, love is temporary. Some of the time, one loves the other more and at others, the other does.

arnav and khushi relationship in real life

But it appears as if I love Khushi more and care for her more than she does. I am a little immature in certain situations.

arnav and khushi relationship in real life

We hope that you two reach the heights of stardom! Just wanted to know that do you have the same chemistry off-screen as well?

Hope you answer my question! If that was the case, we would be married by now.

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We are very good friends off-screen. I would like to ask that what they find the most attractive quality in a person? How the person is, if he or she is a good human being is what attracts me most. Arnav ko hasna kyun nahi aata?

He is all the time like an angry young man behind the scene? And Khushi itna achha funky dance kaise kar leti hai? I love her funky dancing moves What we practice is what we become. I have practiced to be like that for a long time now.

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Arnav does not look good when he laughs. Actually, he looks terrible when he laughs. I enjoy doing the stupid tapori moves Khushi style. Khushi, what is the one thing that upsets you about Arnav?

I wish he would show his feelings a little more as he feels very deeply. I want to ask Arnav and Khushi that what their favourite Rabba ve moment is.