Asami and mako relationship quiz

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asami and mako relationship quiz

I am of the opinion that the relationship between Asami and Korra . to sponsor the Fire Ferrets, Korra, Mako, and Bolin's pro-bending team. There's Borra, the relationship that can be either romantic or friendly. There's see our: Top 40 Quizzes Makorra (Mako & Korra) Masami (Mako & Asami). While Korra and Asami weren't meant to be a couple from the get go, the They also mentioned due to some fan reaction, that they never planned on getting Korra and Mako back together. If it's on Wikipedia, it's for realsies, just like your relationship status . QUIZ: What kind of token gay cousin are you?.

When Bolin witnessed Korra and Mako kiss, a sight that left him devastated, Mako berated Korra and ran after Bolin to find and comfort him. Despite being called a "brother-betrayer", he was able to reconcile with Bolin during the semifinals, restoring their brotherly relationship. While having relationship troubles with Eska, Bolin asked Mako for advice on how to end it.

Due to his job as a cop, Mako became somewhat dismissive of Bolin, hardly registering and showing little interest in Bolin's new career as a mover star, and telling him to "figure something out" when Bolin asked him what to do upon returning from the Southern Water Tribe, [4] which Bolin later shot back at him. Upon learning of Mako and Asami's rapprochement, Bolin admonished them. Mako was annoyed that Bolin still did not believe him on his word, and urged him to be on the lookout for anything suspicious during the screening.

A few hours later, Bolin visited Mako again in prison to personally recall his rescue of President Raiko. Mako was delivered the news of his release and received an apology from Bolin for ever having doubted him. Mako readily accepted it, and the two brothers shared a hug, rekindling their relationship. He displayed a great deal of faith in his brother's abilities, entrusting him to land a shot on P'Li's forehead during a stressful situation [8] and encouraging him to metalbend the bars of their cell in the Earth Kingdom.

When Bolin apologized and declared himself to be an idiot for having ignored Mako's advice, Mako readily accepted the apology, though waved off the "idiot"-remark, noting that Bolin had only been doing what he thought was right. I just feel like It is suggested that Mako was close to his parents, particularly his father, San. When he was eight, he witnessed a firebender mugger murder both his mother and father, leaving him orphaned on the streets with his brother, Bolin, who was six at the time.

Asami had bought him a new silk scarf, but Mako never wore it, explaining that he felt as though his father's scarf kept him safe. He has a deep attachment to it. Seeing how sad his paternal grandmother, Yinwas at the loss of her son, Mako decided to give her his scarf, feeling she needed it more.

Mako met Asami after she accidentally hit him with her moped. Initially, he was angry at her due to her lack of attentiveness to other people on the road, but immediately forgot his train of thought the moment he laid eyes on her.

When she invited him to go on a date as an apology for the incident, the love-struck firebender gladly accepted. Their relationship hit off immediately and they spent a lot of time together.

While enjoying a romantic carriage ride through Republic City ParkMako entrusted in Asami that his red scarf was the only memento he still had of his deceased father. After Asami told him that she had lost her mother at a young age as well, they locked in an intimate embrace. When Korra confessed her true romantic feelings to him, Mako turned her down, using his own romantic relationship with Asami as an excuse.

When the Satos were investigated on Korra's suspicions, Mako defended Asami against the Avatar, even going so far as threatening to end his friendship with Korra if she continued to berate Asami. After it was proven that Hiroshi Sato was working with the Equalists, Mako comforted the distraught Asami after taking Korra's advice when they left the Sato estate. Asami confirmed, and they kissed. However, after hearing of Korra's capture, Mako barely paid any attention to Asami, and she learned from Bolin that Korra and Mako had kissed, making it hard for her to trust him.

While he carried Korra in his arms, he bypassed everybody, even Bolin, and focused his attention solely on Korra in that moment, greatly upsetting Asami. Having knowledge of Mako and Korra's past relationship and her suspicions confirmed, she became upset and jealous. When confronted about his kiss with Korra and his romantic feelings for the Avatar, Mako looked away guiltily and denied her accusation, stating that his reaction to Korra's capture was justified.

Asami was left disappointed and hurt when Mako could not reassure her that she was just imagining things. Feeling betrayed, she ignored Mako and even told him to sit in the back seat of the Satomobile with Korra.

She felt even more marginalized when Mako's attention was focused on Korra after Amon attacked Republic City, despite the fact her boyfriend was aware of how insecure she was feeling.

During the battle for Republic CityMako and Asami separated. However, they appeared to reconcile prior to him leaving with Korra to face Amon, as he told her that he would always care about her. Mako decided to help her find out who was responsible by setting up a sting operation with the Triple Threat Triad.

While on the ship, Mako told Asami about he and Korra's split. The firebender soon overheard triad members talking about the operation being a setup, and the two escaped from the ship, barely outrunning triad members in pursuit.

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They rushed to a warehouse where Asami was keeping all of Future Industries inventory, only to find it had all been stolen. Mako tried to comfort his downbeat friend, who was ready to give up on everything.

asami and mako relationship quiz

Touched by Mako's concern for her and her company, Asami kissed him. Mako quickly pulled away, clearly confused, while Asami apologized. Mako later found out through Two Toed Ping that Varrick was responsible for the act, and rushed to Future Industries to inform Asami, only to find out that she had closed a deal with the industrialist that allowed him to buy majority control of the company, thus saving her and Future Industries.

asami and mako relationship quiz

The firebender reluctantly backed away upon hearing the news. However, Asami was shocked when Mako was arrested on the charges of robbing the Future Industries' warehouse, and was unable to believe it. Upon this act of affection, Asami glared at Mako, angered by his infidelity. She seemed to have all the cards in her hands. And that's when she revealed that the Spirit energy cannon was to be mounted on a giant mecha suit, and by giant, we mean larger than a skyscraper.

Terrifying in its awesomeness. Asami and her brilliant inventiveness is a large part of the reason that Korra and her friends ended up triumphing in that fight.

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In less than a week, Asami designed hummingbird mecha suits to combat Kuvira's death machine. These small suits could maneuver the way a dragonfly hummingbird could, vertically and horizontally. It was only with the use of these hummingbird mecha suits, which attached to Kuvira's giant mecha suit and drilled holes in it, that Korra prevailed.

The Last Airbender, a familiar face that we all grew to love was the cabbage merchant whose cabbages kept getting wrecked during Aang's adventures. Cabbage Corp was built by that cabbage merchant and became the business rival of Future Industries. It is known to make cheaper cars than the Satomobile, the vehicle that Future Industries produces. Asami, as any good business owner should, keeps an eye on her competition.

Though, honestly, referring to Cabbage Corp as competition when they perform as weakly as they do against Future Industries is laughable. When Korra and Asami were captured by the Earth Queen and were being transported back to the palace, Asami recognized the ship they were on to be constructed by Cabbage Corp.

Knowing this, she knew the ship would not be entirely "shipshape. While her father may have made the climb from poor to wealthy, she was born with that figurative silver spoon in her mouth. This is always made clear by her many talents. Her superb fighting ability was brought about by self-defense classes that her father paid for. Her knowledge of machines and how they operate was clearly nurtured by her father's expansive industrial business which she had access to. No poor person dresses with that much polish.

So what we would like to know is how and why she learned how to pick locks with a hairpin! While rescuing Tenzin from the Red Lotus, Asami unlocked the chains binding the airbending master with a clip from her hair. Where on earth would she pick up this skill?

It's the one unaccountable ability she has. Not that we'll question it too much. It's not like we wished for Tenzin to die, so someone had to pick those locks. Evil Equalist Spy via: So when Korra began to uncover the Equalist link to Future Industries, we'd be lying if we said we didn't suspect Asami of knowing about the whole scheme. She defended her father so adamantly and she came across as so intelligent, that it was hard to believe that she could have been ignorant of her father's dealings.

But familial affection often blinds us to transparent truths. Hiroshi had been keeping Asami in the dark. Korra is scarred by the events of season 3 in a way that impacts season 4. For most of the show, Korra keeps a fairly long hairdo.

At some point, though, she decides to cut her hair in a way that signals a transformation for her character. Her new short hair seems to require much less maintenance than her old look, and it also shows audiences the way she's evolved over the course of the show. Korra's not a kid any longer, and her new, more adult hair suggests this transformation, and all that she's been through.

In that time jump, quite a bit changes for many of our major characters, especially for Korra. This time jump is a smart narrative device, one that shows us how far apart our characters have spread since we last checked in with them. Season 3 marked a significant change for all of the show's central characters, so season 4's decision to jump ahead made tons of sense.

One Three Four Toph never really seemed like the marrying type in Avatar: Still, everyone has needs, and so Toph did end up with children of her own to care for.

Most indications suggest that Toph wasn't exactly an outstanding mother, but her kid or kids seem to have turned out fine. One of the most interesting things about Korra was seeing characters we'd known as children as adults, with everything that entailed. Question 20 Who Is Season 4's Villain? Zaheer Amon Unalaq Zaheer and the villains of the show's third season proved hard to top, and so the show didn't really try.

Instead, they introduced a character who wanted to create a new Earth Kingdom under her rule. Although he or she wasn't as compelling a figure as Zaheer, they did prove to be an interesting foil for Korra. Season 4 ultimately became an exploration of Korra's own identity, and so using this character as a foil worked perfectly, and made for some fun fights. Balance Change Air In the show's second season, Korra enters the realm of the spirit world and engages in a battle with Vaatu, an ancient and elemental evil that wants to unleash chaos on the world.

The show's second season is widely regarded as its least successful, but that doesn't mean there aren't many elements that work wonderfully. Korra has to get in touch with her spiritual side, which doesn't come naturally for her.

Korra grows plenty this season, even if it comes in fits and starts. Fans were eager to see how the show would conclude, and were heavily invested in the story of its central character. The show's fourth season had an appropriate name, and it's one that almost definitely panned out, especially in the series finale.

Although nothing could replace Avatar: The Last Airbender in the hearts of the show's fans, The Legend of Korra proved itself more than worthy of that show's mantle. Question 23 Who is Mako Named After? The Dalai Lama The Pope Mako made a big impact when he was first introduced in the show's first season, but his namesake may be even more important to the shared universe of Avatar and The Legend of Korra. The real-world man who shares Mako's name was given a moving tribute during Avatar, but the creators of both shows felt that the man deserved more.

As a result, they decided to name an entire character in Avatar's spin-off series after him, and a pretty important one at that.