Boy george and jon moss relationship

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boy george and jon moss relationship

Left to right: Mikey Craig, Boy George, Jon Moss, and Roy Hay . and Boy George were dating at the time but kept your relationship hidden. INTERVIEW: Culture Club's Jon Moss on meeting Boy George, . and after two splits and Jon's famously tumultuous relationship with George?. Jonathan Aubrey Moss (born 11 September ) is an English drummer, best known as a . Moss had a relationship with Boy George during the height of Culture Club's popularity, although it was not public knowledge at the time. Their affair.

George is gay Irish Catholic.

boy george and jon moss relationship

The bigger the mix, the better it is. A nice mix lightens things up. To have that in an artistic situation, to have a mix of sexuality and cultures is a great thing. How can it be bad?

It makes people greedy, and it makes everything the same. While the world gets more boring and standardized, people should get more interesting. What were some of your favourite moments of dating Boy George, that are not too personal to share? When I first met George.

2010 ➤ Three key men in Boy George’s life, but why has TV changed some of the names?

When you meet someone special, and you feel a spark and a frisson. It was very sad. He was a wonderful manager. You are now on a world tour as a full band.

boy george and jon moss relationship

Will the band bring something new to the shows in Tokyo, or will it be a greatest hits package? The last time we went out, we got great reviews. I have to say, George is absolutely brilliant on stage, particularly on this tour.

Jon Moss | ➢➢ Shapers of the 80s ➣➣

His persona has completely changed. One other interview during December gave a glimpse inside Culture Club family relations. It was more personality things. But we never had any of that stuff.

boy george and jon moss relationship

What happens is you change the way you react to people. The thing about being grown up. Kevan Frost substituting for Jon Moss on drums. Also onstage, keyboard player, percussionist, four brass and three backing singers. Culture Club live in Sydney His former PR recalls him wetting himself and not noticing; his sister Siobhan recalls a family birthday dinner when he kept nodding off.

He went on Aspel and could barely speak. There seemed to be a lot of sentimental stuff going round but no real emotion, and that scared me. I saw him looking pathetic, but I was very angry, very confused, because according to him it was all my fault. That's why I stopped in the end. I felt it was dangerous. But the call never came. George got off heroin fairly quickly, but remained addicted to methadone and valium. THE other three members of Culture Club each put out solo records that sank without trace, while George remained holed up in Hampstead.

It wasn't till that they got together again. Boy George was clean by this stage, and full of his spiritual journey to India, but still spoiling for a fight with Jon. He lit some joss sticks in the studio. Jon complained that he couldn't breathe and George duly freaked. You're such an arsehole.

He was the one who'd started Culture Club and felt they still had more to give. He rang George periodically, but George didn't even return his calls. Ironically, though Mikey and George and Jon lived within a mile or two of each other in north London, the only one they kept in touch with was Roy Hay, who had moved to Los Angeles. But he had his own problems he split up with his wife and ended up in rehab. Nowadays, he is strictly teetotal. George spent years working out his problems through therapy and writing his brilliant autobiography Take it like a Man which Jon calls Fake it like a Ham.

He built a new career as a DJ and set up his own record label, More Protein, and several other mini-labels. He says he collects new labels like other people collect vintage cars. For 11 years, he lived with a young Irish man but when that affair ended four years ago, he became virtually celibate. He says he is very fussy about who he'll sleep with now.

What he really fancies is an older man with greying hair and a job.

Boy George's ex Jon Moss leaves Culture Club

The tabloids camped on George's doorstep again in Septemberwhen his younger brother Gerald, a bricklayer and former boxer, killed his wife, Gill, by stabbing her in her sleep. At his trial he pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, and three psychiatrists gave evidence that he was a paranoid schizophrenic. He was committed to a secure mental hospital where he remains.

It's not like there's ever a point where it stops being horrible and painful. It's never going to be OK. It was like someone suddenly pulling your raison d'etre from underneath you.

What am I talking about? A year ago, I was doing that. Then inhe decided to settle down in St John's Wood, London. And I was snorting cocaine and drinking quite a lot, because I was so unhappy. I felt like a pervert. It just didn't feel right. So he used to just sit at home reading. This time, it did happen, and since then, they've barely spent a night apart.

Two years ago, they had a baby, and Jon became a besotted father. About the same time, he and Barbara were walking down the street, when they bumped into an old friend of hers who said he was in a group but they'd just lost their drummer. I can't look back now and believe I did it.

Look at him now! Then, at the end of the gig, you've got all these drunk people onstage, and you've got to get your drums out again, and you can't have a drink because you've got to drive home. So that was my therapy eating humble pie and that's what got me off the drink and cocaine.