Bristle worm and hermit crab relationship problems

Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson

Arrow Crab Compatibility 11/2/ My sea urchins were munching on the legs, it looked like, and my red legged hermit crabs might have finished off the body. .. I recently added an arrow crab because i notice a few bristle worms. But now. Can I do with out any hermit crabs???? They knock my frags of the I don't miss hermit crabs. Bristle worms are a safer option than hermits. symbiosis. to practice, you can use the "test" feature, select "multiple choice" and "start The bristle worm removing parasites from the hermit crab and eating the.

She's most famous for creating The Gruffalo with Axel Scheffler but has also written about a billion Oxford Learning Tree early readers and a number of lovely books with illustrator Lydia Monks. Sharing A Shell tells the story of three rock pool creatures who share a shell and overcome their differences to live in harmony for the greater good. It has some lovely lessons about tolerance and Former Children's Laureate Julia Donaldson is basically the goddess of wordsmithery, as far as I can tell.

It has some lovely lessons about tolerance and sharing, two qualities which, as we all know, come as second nature to toddlers. Julia Donaldson's cadence, story and rhyming are just sublime and Lydia Monks' illustrations are beautiful.

Together they form a book which has masses of re-read value. Which is handy, because some days I find myself reading this book eight or nine times. They had simp Violent cannibalistic adventure featuring three rootless wanderers drifting from one temporary abode to another, constantly menaced by vast predatory monsters.

They had simply grown too big. Rationally one should overlook these things, but as a stickler for internal consistency it grates somewhat. Are there any other fish or anything that will eat the bristle worms and not harm anything else? As for my QT, it is just a 10 gallon with a accurate heater and an over flow filter.

I don't have room for anything bigger. Every time I qt a fish, it will do fine for a few days and then die.

I have no luck with fish. Also, what do I do if I had an ich outbreak in my main tank? It says it is safe with inverts. This stuff was quite expensive. If you could suggest anything I would greatly appreciate it. In the end, the Latin name is all that matters really.

I forgot to tell you before, bristle worms are nothing to worry about! They are a natural and harmless part of the marine ecosystem. The consume detritus and uneaten bits of food - no need to try and eliminate them. Please do not put any medication in your main tank, I've heard too many horror stories to feel good recommending that to you.

Also, these "reef safe" medications have a spotty record for effectiveness at best. Running hyposalinity lowering the salinity to 1. Do NOT use copper. Some people have had luck feeding garlic soaked foods in the display and getting rid of ich that way.

Bristle Worms: The Creepy Creature Hiding In Your Aquarium

The best thing to do is just quarantine your fish properly, and you will not have to worry about C. Myself, I use live rock in my QT tanks, and a bit of sand of the bottom. A small power head is used to circulate water, and of course there is a heater - that's it!

They are pretty much another small reef tank, even with a few mushroom corals. I can't medicate in it, but I haven't had to medicate a fish in many years. Hi, I'm so sorry to bother you. I bought an arrow crab, a sixline wrasse and a cleaner shrimp 4 days ago, and I have not seen the wrasse in 2 days. It was fine eating, but hiding. Now I can't find it. Could the arrow crab eat it? The arrow crab is small.

I was told that the arrow crab and sixline wrasse would help out with the bristle worms. After reading your facts on arrow crabs, I'm pretty ticked at my LFS, they're real good to us but I don't know why they sold me an arrow crab knowing what I have in my tank. Should I remove it? What else is good at removing bristle worms but not harming my inverts, corals, etc.? I just bought a little baby Dory tang, it's about an inch or so, will the arrow crab eat it?

Another question, why do all the fish I buy and quarantine dye? The water is the same from my main tank, which all water conditions are good. I had an out break of ich in my main tank and quarantined my black clown and my orange clown. They were doing fine in my main tank but I wanted to treat them. Within 4 days, my black clown is dead. I have really bad luck with fish. Should I just save my money and stop buying them? I've had my tank for a year and I don't have not 1 original fish left.

I can't say for sure what happened to your sixline wrasse did you look on the floor? Anyway, they are a delicate fish, and a one inch individual certainly could fall victim to the crab you describe. Above all else, make sure you quarantine this fish for at least a month. As far as why your fish are dying in quarantine, without knowing anything about your setup, I can't begin to answer.

It could be a problem with where your local store is resourcing their stock, or it could be your fault. Without further info however, I can't be of help there. Please feel free to drop me a line back with more info, and I'll be glad to guide you. He doesn't seem to be causing any damage to my tank and it's contents although the B worms won't agree however I have been told that the tip of his head is poisonous to both me and my fish. I've handled MANY specimens Arrow Crab Thanks for the info in regards to the Cleaner shrimp.

I bought the arrow crab for the Bristleworms. I know that they also eat featherdusters, but is there anything else I should be concerned about?

Will kill off cleaner shrimp? The dragonet eats vitamin enriched brine, Mysis and small pieces of krill. I also have some hermit crabs, snails, and an anemone crab. No corals just yet but I'll be getting them soon. So will an arrow crab be compatible? Thanks for your time! Larger specimens can even be a risk to fish. I would advise against it, but if you choose to try, do keep a careful eye on it. You also may just have a male who is developing adult proportions. Yesterday, we noticed some unusual behavior.

He would do this on and off all day. That's how I found your site! I've had trouble with my bristly worm population for a couple of months now. I've reduced fish food distribution amount, tried different traps only caught a few more water changes, and trying to keep the tank cleaner.

Limiting food is the most important one, though. They said that my clown and my other animals would be okay. But after reading about them, I am afraid that the crab will kill them all. Your snails are certainly at risk as are the feather dusters.

Fish are probably pretty safe. FWIW, some Pseudochromis sp. Is there anything that I can do to not let the arrow crab eat my tank? Or should I take it out? Personally, I would evict the crab in favor of two things Predators will lower the population, but not fix the cause excess food. Removing the worms will remove the nutrients unlike predators which will just cycle them back into the tankand other detritivores will prevent them from coming back. The worms will nestle into the folds of the material and can be easily removed.

Hey gang, just a quick question here! I Woke up this morning to find my arrow crab hiding in the corner This is a sad sight, even his pinchers have been eaten off, and his little body is just resting on the sand. Here is the question: Can the arrow crab regenerate his lost legs, or is there anything that can be done to help poor Mr. I read on your website that my brittle star could be the culprit???

Sharing a Shell

Also, we have a rather large coral banded shrimp El Pincho and an even bigger peppermint shrimp Pepe'. Pepe seems to bother everything from the corals to the anemone, so he was my first suspect.

On a side note: Had a cleaner shrimp for about a day, and haven't seen him or any evidence of his body since. Initially I thought he had found a great hiding spot, but after seeing Mr. Crabs, I am certain that our Cleaner shrimp came across a similar fate. Who is eating my invertebrate friends??? Thanks for the help! I would move at least the larger CBS However, I have another quick question: Then a few days later, I noticed that one of my cleaner shrimp was standing very still on the substrate with part of it's tail missing.

It was so still, it could have been mistaken for dead. Which wouldn't have been a mistake. In your opinion would the AHC also take down a cleaner shrimp? I thought maybe he had 'cast off' and was hiding. What possibly could have killed the AHC? I also introduced a small cleaner shrimp the same day, who's lifespan could have been measured in hours!

I don't really want to remove it, so do you think feeding him a whole cockle a day would help contain his appetite?

Let's say you did feed it very well, what would that do for your Bristleworm problem which isn't as much of a problem in and of itself as some might believe, but quite the indicator of a more insidious underlying problem? Well, you'd not only still have the Bristleworm problem, but on top of that you'd have the arrowhead crab problem. A well-fed crab at that. Who would become cranky with missed meals, and would prefer cockles to Bristleworms.

See where I'm heading with this? Take care of the root cause, and you won't be put in the situation of adding creatures with propensities to eat all they can catch. Then go looking for a brittle star, and when you find it, remove it. At first he just seemed timid and quite hiding away. Along with the arrow crab I have 2 cleaner shrimps. One morning I woke up and found my small clownfish dead, with one of its eyes gone; and the following morning I found my regal tang dead with a hole straight through where its eyes were positioned, something in my tank has a strange fetish for eyes.

We have never experienced anything so horrible. I have heard that Arrow crabs eat small fish, is this true? How big was your regal?

Was the hole all the way through it? I'd wonder about a mantis shrimp in that case. Search on WWM for info. Do you have live rock in which one could have entered your tank? The arrow may be the culprit if these fish were only a couple of inches and it is on the large size.

Then again, they may have died of something else. They eyes are often the first thing a scavenger goes after because they're soft and easily eaten. I'd suggest a check of your key water parameters. Once again I come to you seeking your seemingly infinite wisdom! I have an arrow crab Stenorhynchus seticornis in my tank and I am wondering if it should remain there. I have had no problems with it so far and the corner that he hangs out in below a powerhead is one of the cleanest in the tank.

He seems happy to snatch up some of the scraps drawn there that the fish miss and cleaning the algae that grows. However, I have read from other sources that he will eat smaller fish and crabs if the opportunity arises. How small is small? All crabs are opportunistic omnivores at best, some are vicious predators. Arrow crabs will prey on worms and other small animals, but are very likely to catch any but the smallest, slowest fish very small gobies for example or those that are sick.

I am building it up to be a primary fish tank with some coral accenting the fish semi-reef you might call it. Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates all zero, pH 8.

The tank is also complete with the cleanup crew of snails, hermits, serpent star, orange star more decoration than cleanup and a peppermint shrimp. I also now have some anthelia polyps growing like mad started with 3, now have almost 20 small polyps around them in last 10 daysand have added a green star polyp coral that seems to be doing fine. I also have a sebae anemone that, unfortunately, arrived pure white more on that in a sec.

You may want to feed a peanut size piece of meaty food to the star every couple of days to keep it sated. The neon goby hangs out near the top of the tank on the other side hangs out on the magnetic cleaner and the damsel also is on the opposite side as well. Crabs and snails go where they please. Never seen the arrow on the other side of the tank.

Snails may be at risk from both the arrow crab and hermits. It is my policy to exclude ALL crabs from my reef tanks for their potentially destructive behavior and minimal benefit. Unfortunately, I learned about a day too late that they do not come in white.

It is still alive and I am attempting to nurse it back to health. I ordered it from an online company that claims it is "the largest and most responsible supplier of aquatic life in the country" and who state that their "aquatic team takes extraordinary measures to ensure that all aquatic life receives the best possible care until they arrive safely to your home".

Well, it arrived pure white with the only color being some yellow splotches on the bottom of its base. It has eaten a few small pieces of Formula one and has moved to a different spot and has been there for 2 days now. It withdraws quickly when touched.

It also has been ejecting black stuff from its mouth that look like coffee grounds poop? It has been 5 days now since I got it and no real change in condition.

Is there any hope for it? Unfortunately being a medical student most of my time is spent reading about things like myasthenia gravis and periventricular leucomalacia rather than anemone health. Some are more hardy than others.

Bristle Worms: The Creepy Creature Hiding In Your Aquarium

My advice is to continue what you are doing. Feed occasionally and allow it to roam until it finds a spot it likes. It is very unlikely to recover, but it may. The material it expelled is excrement. Your best investment as someone on a budget time and financial is a couple of good books. Please do make the most of the resource.

Hope to hear from you soon! I am currently in the process of ordering your new bookalthough an on-line form would be more convenient: In the meanwhile, nothing really wrong with snail-mail Will get you the book in, um, maybe a week total transit time from you sending order to receiving it. I just completed the initial phase cycling for a 90 gal.

I envisioned to have mushrooms, star polyps, soft corals, cleaner shrimps, scarlet hermit crabs, and a few fish orchid Dottyback, flame angel, and yellow or Kole tang.

My questions are as follows: Have seen them eat Butterflyfishes in captivity First of all, thanks for offering your services! I really appreciate your expertise. I couldn't find it anywhere and was wondering if you could tell me if he'll a.

How it might have happened? I also have 4 hermits and some Astreas. This past weekend, I purchased a Sally Lightfoot as it was recommended to me as a good and harmless algae grazer. Might it have been that? Could a Sally Lightfoot take on a large one-clawed arrow crab? I suspect he was molting since he still had 6 legs. Fenner I placed an arrow crab in my aquarium in hopes that it would rid my live rock of bristle worms.

You will likely see signs scraped fishes, stalking behavior before outright missing livestock. I'm in a state of confusion and disbelief. I recently got an arrow crab to ensure that I didn't have any bristle worms and I'm pretty sure that I now regret the purchase.

I used to have quite a plump little lion on my last tank that died from a nasty fight with pseudomonas and I had two peppermint shrimp in there for him to much on at will, also to give it something to do, hunting and all. I saw it last night in full health about two inches, a "big un" by ornamental peppermint sizes and now my arrow crab has its maws on its exoskeleton. I haven't seen it for about a day now Do you see any problem adding this Crab? If what you are referring to is Stenorhynchus seticornis, then there is an added threat to tube worms and it can pick on just about anything.

This one is the true arrow crab, but not a decorator. I hope this helps! Kurt Arrow crab hi all from Roanoke, VA- we just had a 4.

Bob Fenner, in what he thought was earthquake country in S.