Estj and enfj relationship compatibility

ESTJ-ENFJ Relationship

estj and enfj relationship compatibility

Compare ENFJ and ESTJ personalities to understand how they best work together. Where are the areas of similarity and potential areas for conflict?. Relationships between ESTJs and these types should have a good balance of ISFJ. The Protector · INFJ. The Counselor · ENTP. The Visionary · ENFJ. Lastly, ISTJs usually like to start off their relationships at a slow and comfortable pace. If you're dating an ESTJ you'll want to make sure that you're clear on .. Dating tips for each #MBTI type #INFJ #INFP #ENFJ #ENFP #.

estj and enfj relationship compatibility

While not true for all Sensors, Sensors dress themselves and groom themselves relatively well; this is something that Intuitives will appreciate and admire. Struggles May find it a challenge to have a common topic for discussion; Sensors enjoy talking about everyday happenings while Intuitive enjoys ideas, trends and theories.

These differences in interest may mean the couple may find little or no chemistry. Sensors are more past and present focused while Intuitives tend to be more future oriented; This means that Sensors will take references from past experiences and present facts to make a decision, while Intuitives are more likely to take into account future possibilities when doing so.

estj and enfj relationship compatibility

Sensors may find Intuitives' lack of interest in everyday living and managing household tasks to be frustrating; they don't understand why Intuitives are always 'in their heads', pondering about the deep things of life while they are the ones taking care of the duties of the household. Thinking-Feeling Joys Thinker will be attracted to the Feeler's compassion and warmth toward Thinker and others, which Thinker may find lacking in self. Feeler is attracted to the objective, tough-minded Thinker who can take and give criticism without taking offense.

The Thinker-Feeler partnership will provide all rounded perspectives, considering people, values and logical consequences when making important decisions. Struggles Thinkers may hurt Feelers with their straightforward and sometimes tactless words; Feelers tend to take words personally; so when the Thinker provides negative feedback, it always evokes a larger than expected reaction from the Feeler.

estj and enfj relationship compatibility

Thinkers may not understand the Feeler's desire for harmony and hence avoidance of conflict. Thinkers often misinterpret Feeler's behavior and deem them complicated. She was also very aggressive whenever I didn't agree with her.

estj and enfj relationship compatibility

I'd like to get your points of view. Thanks to all of you who will take the time to answer. She sounds really unhealthy.

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And you're an ENFP according to your sidebar thingy. I don't see them around each other all that much. Romantic relationships can still happen between them, though. If you know anything about whole type codes, all the natural behaviors of one are the unnatural behaviors of the other.

While these two connecting may be difficult, it will end up being one of the most growth-filled relationships you will ever have if you are open to communication with one another.

The differences between the two personalities will cause growth, again, if there is open communication. Otherwise, each will have a very hard time understanding the motives of the other.

estj and enfj relationship compatibility

They are especially interested in any event which is associated with the family, work, or any organization which the ESTJ is part of. Since they are social creatures, they're likely to bring an emphasis on socializing to the relationship - but only after all of their work is done. ESTJs are not naturally in tune with what others are feeling, and they may even tend to be very unobservant in these respects. This can cause problems with mates who have a Feeling preference, who may feel hurt or neglected by the ESTJ.

If these feelings are pointed out to the ESTJ as an important dynamic of the relationship, rather than harbored internally by the Feeler, the ESTJ is likely to attempt to be more aware of their mate's feelings and emotions.


The ESTJ gladly performs their duties in life, and wants to be appreciated for doing so. This is the greatest gift that their mates can give them - gratitude. How did we arrive at this? Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness; For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

The ESTJ sees parenthood as a natural state, and welcomes the opportunity to fulfill their basic obligation to pass on their genes, and to raise children to be responsible, independent adults. ESTJs usually expect that parents should be parents, and children should be children. There is likely to be that parent-child barrier between the ESTJ and their kids, and they are likely to expect that their children will treat them with respect and honor.

They will have no patience for extreme deviation from this basic rule. ESTJs also do not have much tolerance for inefficiency or messiness. They dislike to see mistakes repeated.

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Consequently, ESTJ parents may have a difficult time with their children who have Intuitive or Perceiving preferences. They are extremely practical, and have no understanding or value for the creative imaginations of highly Intuitive children.

They will also have little patience with the unstructured, "go with the flow" attitude of their Perceiving children. This impatience with other types is a potential downfall for the ESTJ which may manifest itself in an ugly way if the rift occurs with their own children.