Fox and scully relationship memes

Fuck Yeah Mulder and Scully

fox and scully relationship memes

X Files Funny, Dana Scully, David Duchovny, Reylo, Tv Memes, Tom .. Gillian Anderson David Duchovny - how there relationship has grown over many years. The two couldn't have been less alike. From the moment they met, Scully and Mulder exuded opposite personas: He pored over UFO abduction. For as long as the show was on the air, even after the Mulder-Scully relationship had taken multiple turns for the non-platonic, debates raged.

Mulder's been injured, infected, kidnapped, tortured and pumped full of drugs more times than we can count, but that's not slowed down the old FBI agent.

Surrounded by crazy theories, a band of quacks and tons of files about alien sightings and freaks, Mulder has made it his life's work to find the truth. But more often than not, it's aliens.

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No longer so convinced that the things he'd chased all his life were true, Mulder suffered a sort of crisis of faith -- which culminated in a pretty entertaining psychedelic trip to a honky-tonk. Ultimately, Mulder is a believer, even if he's learned a few new things along the way to change his beliefs a little.

For example, humans have masterminded many of the UFO sightings and cases he's investigated in an attempt to hide the ultimate truth which we dare not spoil here. Season 11 will undoubtedly give us a Mulder who is ready to get back in the fight for the truth. She has remained a skeptic all of these years, and it's only pretty recently that she finally accepted that there are aliens out there and that evil men are trying to create human-alien hybrids to populate a new world order.

It's heavy stuff and Scully is finally here for it. But ask her back in the early years of the show if she believed in aliens.

You'd get an eye roll. It's been announced that this is Gillian Anderson's final season on the show, which means that we only have one more season of Scully to enjoy. Does this mean that she'll find her son William? Will she be killed off? Is she simply retiring from the FBI? We'll find out in just a few short weeks. That's the message The X-Files has been sending its viewers for the past two decades. If you go searching for the answers, chances are that you'll eventually find them.

Case after case, these FBI agents have inched closer to the truth.

fox and scully relationship memes

Like Lost, answers might not be what The X-Files is ultimately about, though. Perhaps it's the journey and not the destination? Who are we kidding, we want to know the truth! Anything less than that will be a huge disappointment. The X-Files got a new lease on life in and we expect that the alien storyline will finally be resolved before the show goes off the air again. She also apparently has a certain disdain for the digital age.

fox and scully relationship memes

Scully even makes a point to note that she's from the "pre-Google" days, referring to how the internet has made investigators and researchers lazy. This agent is old school and prefers the old ways instead of simply typing something into a search bar. It's good to have some old fashioned investigating mixed in with the more technologically advanced ways of today. Men wanting to see lesbians at it has generally been regarded as fine but women wanting to see two men getting on it Men have so much fantasy fodder provided for them, we've had to make it all for ourselves We've broadened the playground and we're obsessed by the wonderland we've created for ourselves.


It's a fantastical pandora's box we've opened with our silly little shipping It makes perfect sense that teenagers are very into this. Women are doing it all together, which is a touch weird and goodness knows what it'll do to society. I'm hoping it's a positive effect.

fox and scully relationship memes

So shippers are pushing the envelope of our human sexual fantasies, forcing them into respectability. Fandom has become less about the shows themselves and more about making friends and exploring relationships and sexuality.

Whether you perceive that as good or bad really depends on what you wanted from your fandom in the first place.

Mulder and Scully relationship

Really, a number of the individual episode's "A-plots" were pretty stupid at worst and a bit The mytharc was a complete and total mess by the series end. The reason I loved the show was the characters. As I used to say back then, "The X-Files" was really a character driven show in a plot driven show's clothing.

The couple has also been called the "ultimate OTP ". But it happened, and frankly?

fox and scully relationship memes

We should all be glad it did. That is one of the reasons I love horror and sci-fi. I will take monsters and gore over smooches and talk about "feelings" any time. I didn't officially recognize this until Season 10 began, but deep down, I think it had been there the whole time.

The way in which The X-Files handles romance is the way I always want romance handled in genre television: The pair even call each other "Mulder" and "Scully," forgoing the traditional first names that most people use when they become intimate.