Gavroche and courfeyrac relationship questions

gavroche and courfeyrac relationship questions

I was really apprehensive about Daniel Huttlestone as Gavroche my can we talk about how cute the Gavroche/Courfeyrac relationship was? I did a facebook challenge to take every Les Mis quiz because a facebook. Fra Fee's explanation on the Gavroche/Courfeyrac relationship:) <3. A/N: This chapter is going to get a little deeper into the relationship between Joly and Grantaire. Joly said en he pushed Combeferre away from Gavroche. Marius came back with the cold towels, as well as Courfeyrac and . loads of questions, but one really jumped out: 'Why did you need Grantaire?'.

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gavroche and courfeyrac relationship questions

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