Gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

Who is your ideal man? Legolas, Aragorn or Gimli?

gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

Almost all we know about this relationship is that one killed the other to get the Tap to play GIF . 5. Gimli and Legolas. This one is truly a. Gimli may very well have had a "close relationship" with Legolas while waiting for his love to Galadriel Take Beliefnet's Catholic identify quiz..

She makes her first appearance in the Fellowship of the Ring where she jumps to the aid of Frodo after he is attacked by a Ring Wraith. She sacrifices her own safety in order to escort him to her home at Rivendell where her people could heal him.

gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

She is strong and independent and with the use of her magic is able to fend off the Ring Wraiths. She and Aragorn are married by the end of the series. Sauron Solom Saurman This character is the running antagonist throughout the series. However, after he lost the master ring he fell incredibly week, and suffered hundreds of years without it. Pippin Bingo Bilbo This character plays a minor role throughout the series. However at the beginning of the Fellowship he had grown tired and decided to let go of it, along with many of his other possessions.

He sought peace at Rivendell where time quickly caught up with him. Endren Faramir Garle This character is a member of the main cast throughout the entirety of the series. He is the dwarf representative in the Fellowship of the Ring and often shares his negative family history with the group, being that elves and dwarves had not always gotten along. He is incredibly strong and powerful, which is evident in his fighting skills and knowledge of Middle Earth as they began their journey to Mordor in the first film.

He and Legolas end up becoming close friends despite their history, but the two still bicker from time to time. Drangor Samwise Merry This character is a member of the main cast throughout the entirety of the series. However, he proved his undeniable loyalty to Frodo and his mission to destroy the ring after he volunteers to accompany him, even after Frodo attempts to leave everyone behind.

He nearly drowns trying to chase after his best friend, and the two take the journey together until the bitter, fiery end. Arwen Elemenil Galadriel This character plays a supporting role throughout the series.

She is a long-time companion of Gandalf as they are both members of the White Council, a society of elves and wizards who vowed to protect Middle Earth from Sauron. She and her husband were the guardians of the Golden Wood. Pippin Penny Merry This character is one of the main cast members throughout the entirety of the series.

Legolas & Gimli

He is the cousin of Frodo and is one of the three other hobbits who accompanied him on the quest to destroy the ring. He is kidnapped at the end of the first film with his best friend. Together they manage to recruit the Ents who fight in the war with them. In terms of personality, this character is often depicted as the joker of the group, for he brings laughter to dark situations.

Nonetheless, he and many other vowed their life in the protection of Frodo as well as the ring. Unfortunately this character showed his weak side when he was tempted by the power of the ring, to which he attempted to persuade Frodo to give it to him.

Saurmell Sauruman Saurthor This character takes on one of the antagonist roles throughout the series. His betrayal was the most intense due to the fact that he deceived many of his closest friends and allies, including Gandalf.

Who is your ideal man? Legolas, Aragorn or Gimli?

In the first film, the wizard went to this character for help after he had sent Frodo and the others to Rivendell where they would discuss the ring. Unfortunately, this character had other plans for Frodo, having been corrupted by the darkness and keeping Gandalf as a captive. Elrond Endrond Celeborn This character plays a supporting role throughout the series. Axe Bow Spear When the Fellowship are first coming together at Rivendell, they do so because Frodo offers to take the Ring to Mordor himself, after no one could agree on who else should be trusted to do it.

As soon as he makes his offer, the rest of the members come forward to offer him their protection - which they do by offering him their specific, favorite weapon. Which weapon does Gimli tell Frodo that he has when pledging his loyalty to the Fellowship?

Question 6 Where do the hobbits meet Aragorn? He appeared on their journey at a point when they were supposed to be meeting Gandalf - but the wizard did not show up. Instead, they got to know this hooded Ranger from the North, who helped them get where they needed to go. Question 7 What is Pippin's last name? Took Underhill Brandybuck Pippin is the youngest of the four hobbits that are part of the Fellowship, and it often shows.

He can be the most mischievous, and has the least self-control From the first moment that he and Merry were stealing crops and bumped into Sam and Frodo on their way out of the Shire, Pippin is known for his questionable decisions Question 8 What is the name of Boromir's brother? Faramir Kazamir Teramir Boromir is the first of the Fellowship to be truly tempted by the One Ring, seeking to use it to try and save his home of Gondor.

His father is Denethor, the Steward of Gondor, who rules over Minis Tirith although he is not technically the Kingand who is struggling with battles against the orcs who are trying to take over their land. While Boromir joins the Fellowship, it is his younger brother who stays in Gondor, in an attempt to turn back the attacks.

Question 9 What is the name Aragorn used when in disguise? Underhill Smith Black When Aragorn first met the Hobbits and brought them to Rivendell to form the Fellowship, he wasn't using his real name. Instead, the true King of Gondor was travelling in disguise, and using a very different name in order to help conceal his real identity. The truth of who he was was revealed, however, when Boromir challenged his place at the Council, and Legolas told him that this was Aragorn the true King, and that Boromir owed him allegiance, not argument.

Question 10 Who did Boromir die protecting? Merry and Pippin Frodo and Sam Aragorn and Gandalf Although Boromir tried to take the One Ring from Frodo in a moment of weakness, that doesn't mean that he was a bad man - only that the power of the Ring is so strong that it was able to tempt him. After Frodo got away, the Fellowship was attacked by Saruman's Orcs, and Boromir broke free from the Ring's influence. He rushed into battle to try and protect two other members of the Fellowship, and died in the attempt.

Question 11 What weapon does Legolas offer? Staff Daggers Bow Legolas is one of the best fighters in the Fellowship - which is saying something! He uses multiple weapons throughout the series - often in incredible scenes that show him taking down dozens of foes, or even an enormous beast of war single-handedly.

He has daggers, throwing knives, and various other blades, and there is one weapon in particular that Legolas is known for using to devastating effect - and it is this weapon that he pledges to Frodo and the Fellowship.

Question 12 Which member of the Fellowship becomes a Guard of the Citadel? Pippin Gimli Aragorn By the end of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, those who set out with the Fellowship at the start have changed hugely - from Gandalf, who came back from the dead as Gandalf the White, down to the Hobbits, who returned home to the Shire as heroes, and some with new titles One of the Fellowship even became a Guard of the Citadel for a short time - who was it?

Question 13 What were the brooches worn by the Fellowship called? One of these items was a brooch used to keep their elven cloaks on, in the shape of a small green leaf with silver filigree around it. This brooch was what Pippin was able to get loose and toss on the ground when he and Merry were kidnapped, as a sign to Aragorn - what were they called? Question 14 What is Merry's last name? Took Underhill Baggins While Pippin has his last name said more frequently than anyone else in the trilogy, thanks to his tendency to get into trouble and exasperate Gandalf, the surnames of all of the Hobbits are revealed at some point or other, including Merry's.

It is also revealed that both Merry and Pippin are related to Frodo they are cousinsalthough the Shire is quite a small place, which means that most of the hobbits are distant cousins of some shape or form! Question 15 What kind of elven food did the Fellowship carry? Lembas Bread Leaf Patty Lorien Bread As well as the Leaves of Lorien and a few other handy dandy itemsGaladriel gifted the Fellowship with a special kind of elven food that would help them ensure that they stayed fed throughout their long journey - even when they reached Mordor, where food would be impossible to hunt or forage.

These little items were wrapped in leaves, and a small bite should be enough to fill a man for an entire day - even a day of hard journeying. Question 16 What was the name of the mountain pass the Fellowship tried to take? Ephel Duath Caradhras The Lonely Mountain When the Fellowship were still early on in their journey, they met the first of their many, many hardships as a group. Merry and Pippin were close friends who were practically brothers. They both learned to overcome their fears and managed to kill some orcs along the way.

Merry even helped bring down a Nazgul. They're fairly dispensable but strong in numbers. Saruman perfected that design by creating the Uruk-Hai, who were much more resilient and could move in the daylight. The two didn't like each other very much. Being the queen of Lothlorien, she is one of the members of the White Council and worked to stop Sauron when he was the Necromancer in Dol Guldur.

gimli and legolas relationship quizzes

Having been there when Sauron was defeated, he fears what the Dark Lord could bring back to the world. As such, he has often spoken with the wizard, Gandalf, about how to save the free peoples of Middle-Earth. Before the battle at the Black Gate, Eowyn of Rohan and Faramir of Gondor were recovering after suffering severe wounds. The two managed to fall in love in that time and become married soon after. Question 18 Trolls Mumakil Sauron can be accused of many things, but not being creative isn't on that list.

On top of orcs and wicked men, he also drafted trolls and giant mumakil into his army to ensure that the people of Minas Tirith would be burned along with the city. Question 19 Lurtz or the Mouth of Sauron? That's why he created Lurtz to head the charge of finding the Fellowship.

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Sauron, on the other hand, needed a voice for negotiation. That's why he had the Mouth of Sauron talk to Aragorn before sending in his armies. Question 20 Gimli Sam There are countless characters in The Lord of the Rings who are a bit shorter than the average man. That said, they still have plenty of courage and heart. Gimli was one of the bravest dwarves in Middle-Earth at the time, and Sam was one of the bravest Hobbits.

Question 21 Tom Bombadil Glorfindel The Lord of the Rings is a massive series, but there were several things that Peter Jackson didn't bring over from the books. Among them was the strange man known as Tom Bombadi, who was unaffected by the Ring and Glorfindel, who saved Frodo from the Nazgul.

He enlisted the forces of the Easterlings, armored men with spears and heavy shields as well as the Haradrim, lancers who were skilled in controlling the Mumakil.

Together, they helped raze the city of Minas Tirith. Both wandered Middle-Earth but are royalty and work to claim their homelands.

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Thorin has to fight a dragon to get the Lonely Mountain while Aragorn only needs to kick the steward off of his pedestal. Question 24 Smaug Balrog Middle-Earth has no shortage of legendary creatures.

Among them is Smaug the Terrible, who single-handedly took over the halls of Erebor and killed all the dwarves that lived there. Second, there was the Balrog of Morgoth, who struck fear in the hearts of an entire goblin brood. Bilbo worked with the company of Thorin Oakenshield while Frodo fought alongside the Fellowship of the Ring.