Gretchen and jeff age difference in a relationship

Gretchen Rossi Hung Out With One of Late Fiancé Jeff Beitzel’s Kids — Are You Shocked?

gretchen and jeff age difference in a relationship

Gretchen Rossi Speaks Out After Meghan Edmonds Calls Jeff The 'Old Guy' man' sentiment so many put out there, and it was never about age for us, Gretchen Rossi has continued with her relationship with Slade Smiley. In the never ending drama of the OC housewives, Jeff's ex wife and mother What I know is totally different than what Gretchen portrays which. The Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi had previously claimed her deceased fiance, Jeff Beitzel, didn't leave her “millions.

Chronologically, when did this happen? Slade and I were on a break, and he started dating Lauri. And then we tried to get back together…Lauri and I had a conversation about it on camera, and then here we go again with Gretchen… Q. On the show, Gretchen said that she called you to let you know about her and Slade, even though he had said not to.

She called me because I found out from her ex-boyfriend Jay that Slade and Gretchen were hooking up. So the whole reason she called me was because it was already out. She actually called me when Slade was in jail and she was asking for help. We were ALL friends, you know, no matter how close we were, I just wish they would have come to me first, without me having to find out the way that I did.

I just have to move forward, and not have a confrontation on camera. He was the love of my life, and she knew that. I was with him for 5 years, we were engaged, I acted as the mother of his children, and I was building a life with this man, and she was the girl that I knew, and you know what it is, at the end of the day, I just hate the way it all came down and came to an end.

How is your second album going?

Did Gretchen Rossi cheat on dying fiance Jeff Beitzel?

When do you expect it to be out? I am in the studio, working on the second album, working on the second single, and writing.

gretchen and jeff age difference in a relationship

I feel like a lot of girls can connect to the music I am writing, it is a different sound. Also, I had always wanted to be involved in a handbag campaign and so I am doing one for Rough Roses as well.

More than anything I loved his bags, the style of them, they are studded and leather. I like the earthy feel of them. So, I have to ask, are you dating anyone? I have been dating the same person for awhile now. He is super hot! Jeff was walking out of a club as I was walking in, and when I saw him, my heart just dropped.

Gretchen Rossi Gets Millions From Dead Fiance Jeff Beitzel - Reality Tea

I am really happy right now and things are going great in my life! Jo is also getting ready to co-star in a movie called Changing Hands www. However, things weren't always smooth sailing for the pair as they nearly split over struggles to have children.

Gretchen Rossi with her fiance Slade Smiley Source: Zimbio The couple is trying out for a child for four years, going through multiple procedures such as IVF and even reversing Slade's vasectomy.

  • Gretchen Rossi Hung Out With One of Late Fiancé Jeff Beitzel’s Kids — Are You Shocked?

Rossi was quoted as saying: Meanwhile, the couple received some good news at last when it was reported in April the pair is finally about to have a baby. Speaking to RadarOnline, Slade Smiley said: Gretchen just finished with IVF.

Gretchen Rossi Engaged To Her Boyfriend Slade Smiley; Had Trouble Getting Children

Surrey, was the best! He made this so much easier on us and lives up to his reputation percent. Furthermore, Gretchen and Smiley are scheduled to find out more about this development by the end of June.

Although there are no plans of the couple tying the knot anytime soon, they couldn't be happier together at the moment. In fact, Gretchen revealed there are no problems in their marriage and they wish to have a kid before taking their wedding vows.

gretchen and jeff age difference in a relationship

Let's hope Rossi and Smiley will soon be a witness to the great news of the pair being finally ready to welcome a new member in their family.