Hayate and nagi relationship memes

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hayate and nagi relationship memes

Ginta Toramizu and Dorothy from MÄR found in Hayate no Gotoku/Hayate A bit forceful? there are plenty more just click the image for more memes . "Hayate The Combat Butler" Manga Gets In An Extra Character Relationship Revelation. Never really felt that Nagi and Hayate had a lot of chemistry to be honest, just felt like a one-sided relationship on Nagi's part. I honestly thought. Not to mention that this is a terribly overused meme. C, there's a fictional wedding between Hayate and Nagi – yes, it's probably all in Nagi's As a result, he actively tries to avoid relationships because he deems himself as.

Knight In Sour Armor: Becomes more obvious later in the manga as we see just how utterly cynical he has become, due to his horrid childhood. He is under no illusion that he's going to change things or that any of the antagonists are going to reform their ways, and sometimes even shows weariness from all of the messes he has to clean up.

But even when he isn't needed to rescue someone from true danger he still goes to great lengths to help even the jerks in the cast with mundane things. Because it is a butler's duty and simply the right thing to do. Very fast, strong, and resilient, and even has a signature move based on the trope. Most of the time, he would prefer not to fight, but he will if necessary.

To the point where he is able to one-shot a beast over at Greece. A Match Made in Stockholm: At least kidnapping was Hayate's original plan. Having always been a wonderful little boy, he ends up getting taken advantage of to the point where he gets fed up with optimistic ideas. He decides to finally "become a devil" and do something evil to get money.

So he sets his sights on kidnapping Nagi, the rich little Ojou. To the point where his declaration that he wants to "run away with her by kidnapping her " causes her to misunderstand that he's confessing that he wants to elope with her. Gets hit by cars, trucks, giant robots, etc and recovers. Thanks to a magic spell by Athena unlocking his potential.

His self-imposed nightly Training from Hell is probably the larger reason. As a result of harsh discipline from Athena and his horrid upbringing from his parents.

This pretty much facilitates the plot. The full version of the second season's second ED even has a brief conversation between him and Nagi where the latter concludes that "You don't know what love is.

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To put it lightly. He seems to be rather okay with it until you find out it's because he stopped having any faith or love for them long, long ago. When asked by Sakuya if he would ever go back to them, she immediately gets a flat reply of 'Never. There are no second chances. The perfect guy in every respect except for his own personal happiness.

He just gets more and more perfect as time goes on apart from his luck. Has suffered through this ever since his childhood. Even people around him seem to spontaneously lose money just by being in his proximity. Makes you wonder how many unhealed mental scars he must have born with to keep on smiling after what he has been through.

The only person who could turn his declaration of kidnapping into a Love Confession. With Athena when they were six. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Red to Hinagiku's blue, opposite of their hair colors. Aside from that, he has the short blue hair, blue eyes, fair skin, Dark and Troubled Past what with being raised as a warrior by AthenaNo Social Skillsand Undying Loyalty to Nagi.

hayate and nagi relationship memes

Good cook, housekeeper, mechanic, can even identify fake works of art with one glimpse, and is proficient in swords and weaponry since childhood. Thanks to his swords proficiency. Social Services Does Not Exist: His borderline Tearjerker school report is actually the opening quote for that page nervous laugh. Hayate is aware that Tama, Nagi's pet tiger, is capable of talking due to the latter casually striking up a conversation with the former, which does surprise him at firstand utilizes that ability from time to time, while keeping everyone else Locked Out of the Loop that Tama can in fact talk, such as when Hayate has him talk to Armaggeddon, a dog in episode 3 of season 4, to find out where the money in the suitcase the dog took went.

Easily the most powerful out of the whole cast, but but he's still going to follow Nagi's orders without question. He can outrun at least a bullet train. He can lift at least a car with little difficulty.

She lacks any worldly knowledge and is even incapable of looking after herself. In an episode, with the absence of both Maria and Hayateshe was shown to be incapable of even making a cup of tea on her own, wrecking the mansion in the attempt. Nagi is mortally afraid of the dark due to an incident with Isumiso she shares her bed with Maria in the nights.

She also doesn't like swimming. While Hayate always reminded her to go outside and gather experiences on the outside world, she always thought that that will be boring or she always lost and risk being kidnapped.

Which Maria always states to her that without Hayate she will always get lost or be in danger. Nagi likes to do what she likes to do, but mostly what she likes to do is not so good for her future. She is so hard to control, that even Maria, who has lots of talents, can't control her.

But Hayate, her average educated and insensitive butler, who saved her from the kidnappers and the mafia, is able to convince her to go to school, do exercise, have many friends, etc. He helps Nagi to be a better person.

He saved both her life and her lifestyle. In short, Hayate is her savior. Sakuya Aizawa is Nagi's cousin. Sakuya is a talkative, cheerful girl. Her first encounter with Nagi was on a party when Nagi was about years old. Sakuya saw Nagi was gloom, so she decided to talk to her. Isumi Saginomiya is Nagi's best friend. Probably she is her best friend.

Isumi is a quiet girl, who easily gets embarrassed. She met Nagi on party that held because Yukariko's health became better when Nagi was about years old.

Hinagiku Katsura

Nagi showed Sakuya her manga and got insulted by her. Nagi threw her manga to a trash bin. She cried and decided to stop drawing manga. But Isumi picked it up, read it and was interested. She asked Nagi for the next chapter.

hayate and nagi relationship memes

Wataru is a blunt, responsible kid. He owned a DVD rental in the middle of Tokyo. His first encounter with Nagi hasn't been explained. He had many fights and argumentations with Nagi. Story Beginning Nagi, as Mask the Money, saves Hayate by using money On Christmas Eve, Nagi runs into Hayate Ayasakia poor year-old boy who has just been given a huge debt by impossibly irresponsible parents and is on the run from the Yakuza In his desperation, Hayate tries to kidnap her for ransom and in the process declares that he "wants" her, which Nagi mistakes for a love confession.

One thing leads to another and Hayate ends up rescuing Nagi from some real kidnappers. She then returns the favor by paying off Hayate's debt to the Yakuza for him and has him become the very competent junior butler at the Sanzenin Mansion to pay off his debt. Hayate remains unaware that his mistress has a crush on him because of the unresolved misunderstanding.

Nagi gets very jealous when Hayate swoons over Maria her maid or when she catches him in other suspicious situations. Having Hayate as the New Butler Two days later, after being hired by Nagi, Klaus wanted to test Hayate's ability because Klaus wanted to hire a butler for Nagi, but Nagi had already hired someone else.

She said her imagination about Hayate. She said Hayate had many kinds of transformations, which of course, Hayate denied. That made Nagi a bit disappointed. Klaus, Maria, and Nagi discussed about Hayate's test. Hayate doubted if he can pass it because of the way they talked about the impossible test.

But Nagi cheered him up. Hayate decided to live up to Nagi's expectations. Apparently, his test was to beat a robot-maid. Nagi examined the robot-maid, and then gave bad comments about the robot-maid. The robot-maid became angry and punched Nagi, but Hayate saved her by carrying her on his arms and jumped backward. And then the duel began. Hayate versus The robot-maid. Hayate won by sacrificing his body.

He lost his conciousness. Fortunately, he went back to normal the next day. After the test, the next day, Nagi was woken up by Hayate. Nagi blushed and scolded Hayate for being impolite by entering a girl's room when the girl is sleeping. Nagi saw Tama, her cat-indentified tiger, was sleeping beside her. That answered Nagi's question about the warmness when she was sleeping. Hayate was surprised and told Nagi that Tama was tiger, not a cat.

But Nagi didn't listen to him, saying that Hayate talked too much about Tama. Tama was annoyed and ran after Hayate. Nagi yelled Tama to stop. She told Tama if he wanted to play, then he should play outside. So Tama bit Hayate's clothes and carried him with him jumped to the window. Hayate smacked Tama down from the sky. Klaus who appeared suddenly challenged Hayate; if Hayate can't beat Tama, then Hayate would be fired.

Klaus still doubted Hayate's ability. That made Nagi irritated, so she approved. The battle was as long until Maria appeared, she was angry that her garden was destroyed because Tama and Hayate were fighting in there. Maria knew it was Klaus and Nagi's fault. After telling Tama's history to Hayate, she left Hayate with Tama nearby in her garden, and then went to Nagi and Klaus place.

Meanwhile, after knowing Tama's history, Hayate understood Tama's condition and telling him if their fates are simillar. But suddenly, Tama stood up and denied it. Hayate was surprised that Tama could talk. He told Nagi and the others he was surprised that Tama could talk. Nagi apologized for making him nuts. Watching the Sun Rise Hayate and Nagi going to the beach At the end of the year, after reading a comic about a couple watching sunrise together, Nagi was motivated and wanted to see sunrise of the new year with Hayate at Kujukurihama beach without any interview from anybody.

Nagi secrectly sneaked to his room to talk to him. Because of that, Hayate was shocked when he took a nap on his bed, he found Nagi. Nagi said to him that she wanted to see the sun alone with him at the beach. Hayate is confused with his Mistress request and asked for a reason, which made Nagi mad. He having no choice, Hayate followed her order. They went to the beach by a bicycle because Nagi didn't want the others to know and interview them.

At the mansion, Klaus panicked because he can't find Nagi. Maria checked her room and found her manga opened. However she promised to persist on. This would lead to a rivalry between Ayumu and Nagi, and since then Ayumu has been very present in Hayate's life.

Having mistaken the old man for the gardener, he shows Hayate how great his insight is by leading him to a cliff to get a view of Nagi changing her clothes. After telling him about how his parents sold him to the Yakuza and how Nagi took on his debt, the old man cryptically tells Hayate that his life is worthless before revealing himself to be Mikado Sanzenin.

Afterwards, Mikado gives Hayate a mysterious pendant informing him that it will give his life some worth. Hayate then vows to Nagi that he'll protect her from anyone who'll make her cry.

This was his first time to Hakuo Academyand here he met the Katsura sisters: Yukiji a teacherand Hinagiku the student council president.

Hayate and Hinagiku would be involved in so many activities and adventures. Even though Hinagiku's feelings for Hayate grew throughout the story, Hayate remains oblivious to her feelings. He befriended more people like IzumiMikiand Risa.

Nagi Sanzenin

The three would often play pranks on Hayate, get him involved in various troubling things just for fun. Hayate then had been very busy because of school, work, and Nagi's multiple random, outrageous demands. His life as a butler and student continued with many random events, like buying underwear for Aika ; dealing with Kotetsu's sexual advances; rescuing Nagi from a uncontrollable UFO; going on a fake date with Maria; helping Nagi in her part time job; spying on Saki's marriage meeting with Kaoru due to Wataru's request; and even getting cross-dressed by a curse.

His daily life was very tiring, but also very filled with fun and relationships. With no other choice, Hayate attempts to fend off Nonohara's attacks until Koutarou makes a rude remark prompting Nonoharu to discipline his master. Tiger's Den for Butlers This article is a stub. You can help Hayate Wiki by expanding it. Valentine's Day On February 14th, Hayate was called by Hinagiku to her room and asked him to met Ayumu, who's waiting beside the room.

Hayate then proceed to the room to met Ayumu only to be given a choclate as a symbol of 'friendship' from Ayumu before she ran away from the room. Suddenly, Hinagiku ordered Hayate to chase her immediately and exchange the chocolate. After chasing her all the way to the river under the railway bridge, Hayate suddenly embraced by Ayumu, which made him blush and speechless. After that, Ayumu said to Hayate that 'she want him to know her feeling' and exchanged the chocolate she give to him earlier with heart-shaped chocolate, which left Hayate in a shock state for a while.

Later that day, Hayate returned to the mansion and asked by Maria whether he receives any chocolate today, which Hayate nervously answered that he did received a chocolate from Ayumu.

Confused by all of this, Hayate ask Maria to give him advice to deal with this kind of love problem, only to make her slightly annoyed by his word in the end. Nagi then asked Hayate to make her a chocolate as a present, something that he also gives to Maria later that night.

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Kicked out of the Sanzenin Mansion Due to Nagi getting embarrassed by herself for kissing Hayate's cheekMaria advised Hayate to stay out somewhere for a while, which Hayate agreed upon with. Eventually, Maria decided to give Hayate 1 Million yen to stay on some lodging for three days. Surprised to be given that amount of money, Hayate questioned Maria saying that it's too much for him, but in the end Hayate decide to accept it since Maria didn't want to take it back.

In the process of searching the place to stay, Hayate encounter massive amount of bad luck, ranging from meeting Yukiji, forced to pay for his friend meals, compensate a broken expensive vase, lending some money to someone to pay some debt to Mafia, which left him with only 12 yen remaining on a snowy night in the park. Hayate is confused what he will do next since he thinks it's ridiculous to ask more money to Maria until Hinagiku found and offer him to come over to her house.

Hinagiku's Birthday This article is a stub. Shimoda Arc This article is a stub. White Day This article is a stub. End of the World Arc Chapter Hayate and Athena reunited after 10 years One day Hayate was reminded of his past, and on that night he dreamed of the things that happened 10 years ago. He dreamed of the time he spent with Athena at the royal garden and of the relationship that the 2 of them had as well as the fallout that followed.

He was able to put this at the back of his mind, but it was only for a short time. In Mykonos, Hayate would experience time-traveling to save Nagi in the past. Next they went to Athens, and it is here that Hayate was finally reunited with Athena.

Hayate had wandered into her garden, but Athena pretended not knowing him. He tried to make Athena remember but Machinaher new butler, arrived to stop him. He left the place, not knowing what to do and wondering if Athena had truly forgotten about him.

After some thought and encouragement from Hinagiku, Hayate returned to confront Athena again but this time he was badly beaten by Machina before he could even speak to her. He was brought inside her home where she nursed Hayate. When he woke up he searched for Athena in her home, when they finally met they talked about the past. Athena would soon be possessed again by King Midas and attack Hayate, Isumi and Sakuya came to help him but they were no match for her, they escaped just in time.

Isumi explained to Hayate about Athena's possession and the importance of the King's Jewel. However Hayate was unable to choose whether to keep the stone for Nagi's inheritance or to destroy it to save Athena.