Insurgent four and tris relationship memes

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insurgent four and tris relationship memes

“Divergent,” the catalyst for this once promising franchise, was not exactly a The backbone of Roth's story is the main character, Tris and the relationships facial expressions may become the subject of some ridiculous memes in the future). “Insurgent” picks up just moments after “Divergent” left off, with Tris, the rest proceeds like you might expect: Tris and Fours' relationship is. Christina to Tobias<< Divergent Quotes, Divergent Tris, Tris And Tobias, . This perfectly captures the true meaning of a beautiful relationship, this is a.

But the end results that define those literary works are largely the same. Also in this movie, there are devices created to determine how divergent one truly is. When writers are putting together their scripts and run out of things to say, they consult this manual to fill in those blanks in their scripts.

insurgent four and tris relationship memes

These relationships help guide Tris through all the difficult situations she must endure as she loses her parents and becomes a wanted fugitive. The problem is that in the first movie, these important characters were either not introduced or relegated to the role of an extra. The result is random scenes like when a tall, African American male has a meaningful conversation about the direction of things on a roof with Tris. In the books, Uriah was a born dauntless who helped Tris become accepted by her new Dauntless faction.

In the books, certain characters who Tris gets to know die. These losses have an emotional impact because of her previous experiences with them and that impacts the story.

When similar deaths happen in the movie, we have little if any idea about who these characters are, significantly lessening the impact of their loss. Poorly explained plot devices In a story where the Erudite faction wants to take over and rule all the other factions, it makes sense that the smart ones of the Divergent post-apocalyptic world should be able to create devices that make it easier for them to take over.

But being that this is the faction of the intelligent, you think they would be able to explain how these devices do the random things they do. Did she not expect to kill or hurt someone? Some of them made no sense to me.

She becomes a little reckless because she wants to emulate her parents and sacrifice herself for those she loves so she can be with her parents again.

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Why does she think that Jeanine will stick to her promises and not attack the Dauntless or other Divergents or use the success of her experiments on Tris if a success had resulted on others after Tris dies? As an Eruditian, I think she should be.

insurgent four and tris relationship memes

She was more selfless in Divergent. Actually, the part where she snuck out the bed so as not to wake Four, told Christina to carry on the good fight, and then turned herself in to Jeanine pissed me off! You know you want him to stop you or come for you.

insurgent four and tris relationship memes

It dominated the story and I disliked that. I think he could have been a little more understanding towards Tris when she revealed that she had killed Will not for her dumbass decisions. I understand that he was hurt that she kept it a secret but considering that Will was her friend, I think Four could have been a little more sympathetic.

‘Insurgent’ fails as both a movie and a lesson in collective action

Now all this occurred throughout the story and compared to the ending, they were minor annoyances. For me, the ending flopped. But no, nothing like that.

insurgent four and tris relationship memes

He was a Divergent. She showed up a few times in Divergent and her issue with Jeanine was repeated twice, I think. There must be something huge coming in these few pages. I totally saw that coming.

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Does anyone in the Dauntless group think anything through? If you skipped to this section, stay focused.

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