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Meanwhile, Bea Binene and Jake Vargas received their biggest She cares for Emily so much that she often neglects her relationship with. Jake Vargas [show article only] Jhake Angelo Cunanan Vargas (born July 9, ), better known as Jake . GMA Artist Center - Image: Bea Binene .. Eunice envies Jodi and considers Cholo hers, the relationship of Cholo and Jodi that Jodi will regain her memory, so they planned on destroying Cholos trust on Jenna. Bea Binene denied rumors that Jake Vargas is a battered boyfriend. Bea said their relationship is more mature now. won't be the leading role in the series, Bea said, because she trusts GMA-7 will decide what's best for her.

Manila was once ruled by the Kingdom of Tondo before it became a province of the Majapahit Empire. Inconquistadors arrived from Mexico, across the Pacific Ocean, Spanish missionaries soon Christianized the city, incorporated Tondo and built some of the oldest churches in the country, including San Agustin Church. The conquistadors renamed the area Nuevo Reino de Castilla, Manila became the center of Spanish activity in the Far East and one end of the Manila—Acapulco galleon trade route linking Spanish America with Asia, one of the earliest examples of globalization.

Because of its location on Pacific trade routes, Manila received the moniker Pearl of the Orient. Spanish rule of the Philippine archipelago lasted for more than three centuries, untilorder was usually quickly restored and the city returned to the business of trade. In the 19th century, Manila was one of the most modern cities in Asia, before the Spanish—American War, it saw the rise of the Philippine Revolution.

After the war, the United States took control, switched the official language from Spanish to English, near the end of World War II, during the Battle of Manila, most of the city was flattened by intensive aerial bombardment by the United States Air Force. As a result, relatively little remains of Manilas prewar and colonial architecture, although there are ongoing projects, especially within the old walled city.

The flowers were made into garlands that, according to folklore, were offered to statues on religious altars or in churches 6. A stand-alone sequel, Percy Jackson, Sea of Monsters, was released on August 7, Percy is a year-old boy who appears to his peers to be dyslexic and has a unique ability to stay underwater for a long time. While on a trip to the local museum, Percy is attacked by Alecto. Percys best friend, Grover Underwood, and his Latin teacher, Grover tells Percy to use the pen, and Percy discovers it is a sword.

Upon learning of the Furys reason for the attack, Brunner has Grover take Percy and his mother Sally to Camp Half-Blood, leaving behind Sallys abusive husband, however, the three are attacked by a minotaur that appears to kill Sally, who is unable to enter the camp. He uses his sword to fight the Minotaur, without initial success, Percy kills the minotaur with its own horn, then faints from shock.

Three days later, Percy wakes up in the camp and he learns he is the son of Poseidon, Grover is a satyr and his protector, and Brunner is the centaur Chiron, also initially disguised. Chiron suggests that Percy go to Mount Olympus to convince Zeus of his innocence, Percy begins training to use his demigod powers, which include water manipulation and using water to heal.

Jake Vargas Is Not A Battered Boyfriend, Bea Binene Says | PINOYSTOP

He also meets other demigods, including Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, Percy is visited by a fiery apparition of his uncle Hades, who reveals that Sally is with him in the Underworld and that he will return her safely if Percy hands over the lightning bolt. Defying Chirons orders, Percy decides to go to the Underworld, joined by Grover and they visit Luke, who gives them a map showing the location of three pearls belonging to Hades wife, Persephone, which they can use to escape the Underworld.

They are also given a pair of winged sneakers Luke stole from his father and they locate the second pearl in the Parthenon in Nashville, Percy uses the winged shoes to take it from a statue of Athena.

However, they are confronted by the Hydra, which Grover turns to stone. The third pearl is located at the Lotus Casino in Las Vegas and they stay in the casino for five days until Poseidon speaks in Percys mind, helping Percy return to his senses. Percy frees Grover and Annabeth from the effects of the flowers and they flee, discovering that the casino is run by the Lotus-Eaters, with all three pearls, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth head into the Underworld, the portal to which is located in Hollywood 7.

It is a story of four different young girls who form a bond in a detention center for youth offenders where they build up a strawberry lane as a reminder of their unending friendship. The show ended on January 2, it will run 16 weeks with the total of 80 episodes overall it will be replaced by Once Upon a Kiss on its timeslot. It is a story of Clarissa, Dorina, Jacq, together, these four girls will inspire each other to pursue their dreams and to remain hopeful no matter what life has in store for them.

Jake Vargas Is Not A Battered Boyfriend, Bea Binene Says

Witness how their lives turn out to be intertwined as the story progresses. Discover what awaits the three girls in their journey to a new life, a new beginning with their new family, Clarissa - portrayed by Bea Binene, is the positive and hopeful one of the group. She was sent to Bahay Bagong Pangarap when she was accused of stealing money from a lady in the market and she was then acquitted from her case when the lady dropped the charges citing burden and hassle from her part.

Clarissa is the daughter of Jonathan from his first love. She replaced Elaine and became the new Senior Designer of Monica Elan, and finally, after all the hindrances, she and Gabo are together at the end of the show. The accident also temporarily blinded Lupe and crippled Jacq while Clarissa was unharmed from the accident and her dying wish to Elaine and Jonathan was to take care of her friends and love them like their own which they fulfilled after the three girls got a clearance order from the court.

But later, Dorinas look alike Amella with the real name entered the story. It was revealed that she had a surgery to copy the physical features of Dorina. She was victimized and used by Christopher, Moniques husband, to steal the wealth of Morales family, Jack - portrayed by Kim Rodriguez, is the brave and fighter of the group. Jack had been in Bahay Bagong Pangarap for four years and she is an officer and was made dorm leader due to good records for her four years stay in the detention center.

Unlike the other girls with only minor cases, Jacks case is the most complicated one and she was arrested because of gang related violence resulting to arson. At the end of the show, Jack became a model representing global brands 8. His father died after an incident involving an American soldier, Moreno first worked for an aunts taxi company and also sold bibingka, peanuts, and cigarettes.

He had a son named Federico Moreno. Moreno became involved in the entertainment industry working as a janitor and his first break was a role as Jesus Christ for the Manila Grand Opera House. He later went on to pursue a career as a comedian of the bodabil stage, inMoreno took his comedy act to Sampaguita Pictures, the home of biggest stars at that time such as Dolphy, Panchito, Gloria Romero, and Susan Roces.

In the last decades of his life, he would host his own show on dzBB during weekdays at 2. Morenos biggest break came on television in the late s when he became host of the Sunday noontime variety show and he eventually became the host, starbuilder and producer of Thats Entertainment, a youth-oriented variety show developing the biggest stars in the Philippine entertainment industry.

He was also known by giving gift packs from the sponsors to every guests of his programs. The German Moreno Youth Achievement Award is given to a batch of stars that have exemplar performances in the motion picture industry 9.

The TV series also initially re-airs currently via cable channel Fox Filipino channel currently during its first quarter ofthe story revolves on two characters whose love is eternal against all odds. At a young age Cholo Fuentebella and Jodi Reyes have been the best of friends and they grew up next to each other and resided beside a beach house for a couple of years.

But a time comes that both have to go on their ways with Jodis father Jovan, an architect who falls for. The liaison seems to be the perfect family Jodi has always wanted until all of a sudden, she must also deal with her step siblings Tristan.

Eunice envies Jodi and considers Cholo hers, the relationship of Cholo and Jodi takes on the first challenge when Cholo leaves to study in the U.

Before he left, the two young lovers promised to wait for each other until Cholo has finished his studies and their only way of communication is through letters, but Eunice is the one who receives Cholos letters instead of Jodi.

Jodi caught Eunice keeping the letters, and after which they wrote to each other every day, seven years later, Jodi awaits for Cholos triumphant return. With his arrival, the two reunite, and Cholo took the chance to make a wedding proposal to Jodi. However, Cholo still has to finish some negotiations in the States, when he was about to stay in the country for good, Eunice hits Jodi with her car while waiting for Cholo.

This caused the amnesia of Jodi, and Tristan took the chance to make Jodi hers, after Jodi wakes, he introduces himself as Charlie and tells her that her name is Jenna. Eunice and Maita made it look an accident and faked Jodis death, the two made the family members of Jodi believe that she is dead, while Cholo doubts it, and believes that she is still alive.

For his recovery on his loss, he went back to the States with Eunice following him, Eunice persuades Cholo into a marriage proposal, and after five years, they came back to announce their engagement. But for Cholo, the five years that has gone by has not changed his love for Jodi, Cholo revisits the places he and Jodi shared memories. One day, he goes to the carousel they used to ride as children, to his surprise, he sees her riding the carousel. Cholo rushes to Jodi and insists that she is Jodi, Jenna denies knowing him, but Cholo believes she really is Jodi and is determined to make her remember the love she had for him.

Cholo also introduced Jenna to Jodis father, and he was shocked by her similarity with his daughter, Eunice and her mother, who both know the truth, are terrified that Jodi will regain her memory, so they planned on destroying Cholos trust on Jenna The show has been three times and now on its fourth season. If they break up, Jake said he won't be entering into a relationship for a while because his focus is not on his lovelife.

Jake Vargas' New Girl: Who is She, Dating History, Reason for Breakup From Bea

He is in a relationship now because Bea is always with him and he fell for her already. It's okay that she won't be the leading role in the series, Bea said, because she trusts GMA-7 will decide what's best for her. She didn't think twice to accept the role because she has been without a drama for over a year.

She just wants to do well in the drama, and she is not focused on outshining anyone. This is an opportunity for Bea to prove that she can also do drama.

Jake Vargas

She has been doing comedy shows for the past year. Jake, on the other hand, will play the role of a spoiled brat in the drama. This is the first time he will be playing this kind of a role. Although he had to do research for the role of Gabo, Jake said it came natural to him because there are times that he, too, can be cranky. He and Bea won't have a kissing or intimate scene in "Strawberry Lane" because he is sure Bea's mother won't allow her daughter to do it.

Jake was surprised with that direction, but he was okay with it because it was different from the things he did in the past. Next time, though, Jake won't be agreeing to do intimate scenes because it might affect his image. He still wants to have a wholesome image. His manager, German Moreno, also doesn't want a sexy image for him. That is why Jake is not planning to join the Cosmo Bachelor Bash wherein most of Kapuso artists have participated.

He might do it in two years, though, Jake added.