Kim possible and ron stoppable relationship quizzes

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kim possible and ron stoppable relationship quizzes

Explore Kim Possible Characters, Fashion Quiz, and more! of season 4 in Oh no Yono my pal Jessica gave it to me i thought it was cute kim and ron kiss. Lately I've been thinking about Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable's relationship. From the first season, Kim's and Ron's friendship was. 20 Strange Things About Kim Possible Disney Keeps Secret . Warmonga shows up a couple of times in season four and proves to be quite the threat against Kim. Many fans that shipped Kim and Ron rejoiced when they did get together in the movie Kim .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World.

Which Ron took an instant dislike to and began to really review his feelings about things. As things grew to a head, and despite his looking like a raving lunatic, Kim trusted Ron enough to believe what he was saying, choosing to go with him rather than listen to Eric asking her to ignore him and stay at the dance. After it turned out that "Eric" was actually one of Drakken's synthodrones designed to keep Kim off-balance and distracted, and Kim emotionally defeated, Ron somewhat hinted that he was interested in her.

A kind of confession which Kim clung to and after dealing with the mission, grabbed Ron as her date to finish out the night at prom, eventually maneuvered by Rufus into sharing their first kiss as an official couple.

Season 4 Ill-Suited It's the start of Kim and Ron's senior year of high school, and they're still officially boyfriend-and-girlfriend after an entire summer. Bonnie expresses her disapproval of Kim and Ron's relationship, claiming that it's practically a rule for cheerleaders to date jocks especially considering that they're seniors nowand encourages Kim to break up with Ron "If Ron can't step up, then trade up"which Kim, or course refuses to do.

Ann Possiblea brain surgeon. Their mother-daughter relationship is given less airtime than her relationship with her father, but it is often scripted when emotional depth or conflict resolution is required, usually in relation to Kim's teenage angst.

While Kim's father is often either oblivious to, or uncomfortable with, many of the teenage issues that Kim faces throughout the series, Mrs. Possible is much more in tune with her daughter's feelings and frequently acts as an emotional anchor for Kim—helping her to put her feelings into perspective, and reminding her that things aren't always as bad as they might seem. Aside from helping her daughter to battle peer pressure, one of Mrs.

Possible's main duties has been to help Kim to get through various issues in her friendship with Ron.

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Whether Kim was jealous of Ron's new found friendship with Felix, feeling guilty about ditching him in favor of Monique, or was afraid that his eagerness to be accepted was leading him down the path to embarrassment, Mrs. Possible was always there to have a mother-daughter moment and to provide her with sage advice. She is voiced by actress Jean Smart. She often finds Jim and Tim to be juvenile and embarrassing, and she resents the fact that babysitting them impinges upon her social life.

She also frequently becomes angry at them when they invade her privacy, or attempt to embarrass her in front of her friends, by reading her diary, building something crazy which might blow up, or posting sneaked photographs of her on the Internet. Despite this, she loves her brothers and goes out of her way to protect them, even if it means putting her own life on the line. They were voiced in the first three seasons by actor Shaun Flemingand were voiced in the fourth season by actor Spencer Fox.

Kim and Ron have a very distinctive relationship of opposites that covers both their personalities and their natural aptitudes.

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While Kim is a Type A teen a perfectionist who sets high standards for herself and is concerned about imageRon has a Type B personality and is laid-back, ambivalent and somewhat random.

Equally, Ron does well in almost all of the areas in which Kim does not for example: Kim and Ron complement each other and their relationship works well; as they headed into Season 4 and their senior year of high school, they had advanced from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. At the end of Season 4, they are still together and have each successfully graduated from high school.

With his more relaxed attitude towards life, as well as his flexibility and ability to see the good aspects of bad situations, Ron often provides a balance to Kim's ambitious nature and image-oriented personality.

As such, he often encourages her to slow down and keep things in perspective, to be less competitive and not treat everything as a challenge that must be met head on and to be less image-conscious. At times, Ron refers to Kim as "KP". Doctor Drakken Kim and Drakken rarely interact, but when they do, Kim tries to hurt Drakken's ego by reminding him, in various ways, how he lost the last time.

Drakken has met the entire Possible clan: Bonnie Rockwaller Bonnie and Kim have a highly rivalrous relationship with each other. This includes frequently going to great lengths to get the better of the other.

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship quizzes

Kim and Bonnie have been archrivals since at least middle school, but it is unknown how long Bonnie has actually known Kim and her best friend and later boyfriendRon Stoppable. I absolutely love animation and I can't believe how much it has effected my life. As the title states, I am going to talk about Kim Possible.

One of my favorite older cartoons. From the first season, Kim's and Ron's friendship was established as a strong one.

Ron was different from any other guy.

Bonnie kissing Ron (Kim Possible)

Ron listened to Kim. As we move through the episodes, Ron and Kim argue and learn to understand each other.

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship quizzes

Kim is the popular cheerleader who is smart and athletic while Ron is the under-achieving slacker. Their opposite natures balance each other which is what makes them a great team. Now let's move on to their relationship. While they were friends, they had a tight bond and cared for each other.

Ron Stoppable

These two people honestly had a real friendship with each other that I can say felt genuinely real since I have my own guy friend. They either felt jealous or rooted for each other's crushes. Now moving on even more to season 3, there were major clues that Kim and Ron were destined to be more than just friends especially in the episode, Emotion Sickness, which shows Kim's emotions being manipulated to the point of falling in love with Ron.

Ron did not realize that Kim's emotions were being manipulated at all and was confused.