Kiyomi and lauren relationship

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kiyomi and lauren relationship

Learn more about Lauren on the SHOWTIME Original Series The Real L Word. be able to keep her emotions at bay as she navigates their non-relationship?. Kiyomi McCloskey, Lauren Russell,Whitney Mixter and Sada There was definitely a lot of pressure around the relationship working out. Lauren Bedford Russell chats with us about her latest film project, her LBD: I think that a lot happened during my relationship with Kiyomi.

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This tour has had everyone in anticipation of some kind of bigger and better change. We have definitely seen a change for the positive. We pull up to cities that we have never set foot in, like Birmingham, Alabama and the room is full with people shouting our names.

Walking into a full room of people who are there, waiting to hear your music has to be one of the most rewarding feelings in life for a young musician. It's the moment you have always been waiting for. The only difference with our current situation is that we are banking on the fact that they are actually there to listen and not to ask questions about what kind of birth control Romi Klinger uses.

However, I was taught not to bite the hand that feeds you.

kiyomi and lauren relationship

I walk out on stage every night extremely grateful. I walk out there and remember the nights when we played to seven people and didn't know whether we would be invited back. These fans are excited, supportive and here to have a good time.

kiyomi and lauren relationship

So if they listen to a few songs and also want to know if Lauren and I "scissor" I don't give a shit. When you expose yourself on reality television you have to be ready for the positive and the negative.

What I learned most was how to accept the negative. Let's be real, most artists are sensitive souls.

Lauren Bedford Russell on Life After The Real L Word, Relationships, and New Projects

They reveal their most inner experiences to the general public and when their work is torn apart, it can leave a lasting burn. Reality TV has definitely groomed me to take a punch or two. Not only were we exposing our music to the masses for judgment, but our personal stories that created that music. It was difficult at times to accept that some people thought I was a "douchbag, asshole who made shitty music" but I wasn't going to complain, because this is what I signed up for, and every night that I walk out on that stage makes every punch worth it.

kiyomi and lauren relationship

The Real L Word has given us a tremendous platform to share our music. Started building my brand and look, and really went for it. I love creating custom pieces the most. If I recall, you said something along the lines of it being the first time you felt ok about coming out, but you can remind me what you said exactly.

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I think many lesbians can relate to. What are your memories of that time? I think I said that it finally felt like home, that I felt like I finally belonged somewhere. I was pushing it away my whole life.

Lauren Bedford Russell on Life After The Real L Word, Relationships, and New Projects - AfterEllen

I always tried to avoid going there. I thought I could just skate by and never really embrace that part of myself. It felt like a huge relief and I was excited to start being real. You also shared a very moving story in Girl on Girl about coming out to your mom. How did that change your relationship with her? Our relationship changed so much. Because it took her a minute to really absorb it and know me better.

I was hiding so much, and I think she finally felt like a door had opened. There was nothing to hide anymore. I had hidden them and only had publicly shown the dating men side. How do you feel today about your time on The Real L Word, and would you do it again? I was screaming, haha. I forgot so much that had happened.

I am always glad that I did it. So much good has come from it.