Manga brother and sister relationship change

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manga brother and sister relationship change

Ani - Imo is a shōjo manga series by Haruko Kurumatani. Ano - Imo centers around Youta and his twin sister Hikaru. They are unrelated by blood and switch bodies with each other through an She continues to pursue her brother even after at one point the two switch back, resulting in Youta feeling the same way towards. There are a lot of anime siblings with screwed up relationships out there. Some of these horrible anime brothers and sisters are trying to kill each other, some are. Recently, My Sister is Unusual also known as ImoCho (妹ちょ。), is a Japanese manga series As the series progresses Mitsuki questions if the feelings towards her brother are of true love that goes An average Japanese high school student, Yūya's goal is to have a fine sibling relationship with his new little sister.

Hikaru, now in her brother's body shows her true self and states that she is and always has been deeply in love with him as more than a brother. At first, Youta is surprised, but as the story progresses, he realizes he feels the same. He has a twin sister named Hikaru who he has protected since childhood as she has always appeared shy.

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Hikaru knew though, and tells Youta that she was overjoyed when she found out. Youta initially had a crush on Yurika but that fades when he finds out through being in Hikaru's body that she is in love with her and only likes females.

Not knowing what to do or how to switch back, Youta asks Dr. Chisato for help and uses him for advice. Youta is initially surprised at how Hikaru feels about him, but slowly finds out that he loves Hikaru as more than just a sister.

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The two eventually start a consented relationship, and grow closer to each other. Hikaru at first appears shy, but very happy around her brother, Youta, who has been protecting her since childhood.

Hikaru kisses Youta when he finds out their lack of blood relation and then runs off resulting in an accident that switches her into her brother's body.

Hikaru announces she has no intentions of going back to her old body and pushes her romantic feelings towards Youta. She has been jealous in the past whenever Yurika got close to her brother and shows no interest in Yurika's one sided romantic feelings towards her.

Hikaru is also wary and angered by Dr. Chisato's intentions towards her brother. She continues to pursue her brother even after at one point the two switch back, resulting in Youta feeling the same way towards her.

Youta initially has a crush on her but that falls flat upon discovering her true personality and that she is in love with Hikaru.

20 Romance Manga That Will Give You Multiple Feels

Yurika schemes to split Youta and Hikaru apart so she can have Hikaru all to herself. However, before long, they both embrace an earnest hope in their hearts. Haruyuki Bus Synopsis A boy riding on a bicycle is always observed from the bus at the same time of the day and the same place. One day, a girl happens to meet his gaze. Her eyes met his. Though it is a usual bus running everywhere, it is always carrying different feelings of passengers, such as painful love or one-sided love.

What obstacles must the two overcome in order to be together? Good Ending Synopsis A follow-up to a heavy response to the original one shot by the same title, GE: Although the story was once concluded in the one shot version, the full version includes identical characters and settings.

Hetakoi Synopsis For his twentieth birthday, Shizuka chooses to go to a hot springs alone. To his surprise, he also ends up seeing his first naked woman… a passed out drunk girl.

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Soon afterward he enters college, and his friend from high school convinces him to join the female dominated travel and hot springs club.

Amazingly, the girl he saw naked, Ruka, is also a member of the club! He is determined that his embarrassing secret never be made public! One day, she meets someone else who does not present his true self at school: Anatolia Story Synopsis A seemingly ordinary modern day teenager, Yuri, is suddenly whisked away to the Hittite empire in ancient Anatolia, where an ambitious queen wants the girl for a blood sacrifice in order to murder all heirs but her son, thus seizing control of the throne.

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manga brother and sister relationship change

However, she has one small problem. Since she never paid any attention to fashion or trend in middle school she has no idea how to go about attracting her yet-to-be-found love.

But a chance encounter with with Yoh Komiyama provides her with the opportunity she needs. If he coaches her in how to become attractive, surely she can find herself a boyfriend!

manga brother and sister relationship change

In a tragic turn of events, her beloved little brother dies and Hyun-Bin runs away from the begging, from the gangs — straight into the clutches of a rich family. One day after her older brother leaves town, her younger brothers and sisters are taken away.

The only way for her to get them back is to make a lot of money fast. On her quest to find money, a man offers to give her the money if she marries him… Read More