Niti and parth relationship problems

Breaking! Niti Taylor's real life romance affecting her show Ghulaam? -

niti and parth relationship problems

While Parth said all that in a drunk state, Niti was clearly disappointed. said that Parth and Vikas were in a relationship and that Parth had filed and I have no issues with other girls and the choices they make but I have a. TV heartthrob Parth Samthaan clears the air about his rapport with I don't think it is that important to share a cordial relationship with co-stars. Read to find out more about how Niti Taylor's romance is affecting the But her real life love life is apparently causing lots of trouble on her.

When you accuse that someone tried to touch u inappropriately and is threatning you. You dont do this. The boy who claimed I molested him and continues to torture me nd my family through his friends and fans.

I don't know who is molesting who and touching inappropriately in this picture.

Niti Taylor: Romance with Parth is very mechanical

You will not insult another family member and friend again. It was apparently from a holiday that Parth took to Bangkok with Vikas! When Splitsvilla contestant Gaurav aka Gauri Arora validated the same! Gaurav Arora, who recently changed his gender and assumed the name Gauri Arora, said that he ha fallen for Parth when he came to the Splitsvilla house to meet a friend. He never tooki any name explicitely but everything pointed towards Parth Samthaan.

I was a fan of his and fell for him when he approached me. He told me that he has to be in the closet since he is a celebrity.

niti and parth relationship problems

He left TV for a film. I believe in karma and it will come back to him. He has not only hurt me but has done worse to his boyfriend of many years who technically made him what he is today. Molestation charges The actor has recently been accused of molesting a 20 year old model. The model hadfiled a complaint to Mumbai Police saying that Parth had asked her for sexual favours and when she repeatedly turned them down, she started getting lewd calls from other men.

niti and parth relationship problems

Parth has on many occasions tried to propose me- not for a relationship but having a good time. Which I have very politely turned down. It might be cool in his group for women to sleep around with him and I have no issues with other girls and the choices they make but I have a different value system.

After returning from a party in an alcoholic state, Parth misbehaved with me. As per gossip, Niti refused to do an intimate romantic sequence with Param on grounds that her boy friend does not like all this. She said she was uncomfortable with the idea. This caused lots of commotion on the sets. And most miffed was Niti's co-star Param Singh who found Niti's behavior unprofessional.

niti and parth relationship problems

It is surprising given that Anubhav himself comes from a media background and understands the technicalities. It was reported that Niti also had a spat with her other co- star Vikas Manaktala over a makeup man. She has also been branded as childish by her co-stars who feel it is affecting the working of the show. In her last show also 'Kaisi Ye Yaariyan, Niti could not get along with her co-actor Parth Samthaan and shared cold vibes with him.

niti and parth relationship problems

Audiences loved Niti and Parth's sizzling chemistry on screen while off screen they did not even acknowledged each other. Niti and Anubhav are dating for last six months.

Niti Taylor: Romance with Parth is very mechanical -

They both hail from Delhi and that's where their love story began. Anubhav is a cinematographer for many web-series and films. He is popular in the TV circuit as well.

niti and parth relationship problems

Apparently, Niti and Anubhav's family are aware of their alliance and they are damn serious about each other. The source from Ghulaam also said that Niti is constantly talking to someone on the phone or active on social media. That's why mobile phones are have been banned from the sets. This has aggravated her co-stars' annoyance towards her. Meanwhile Niti and Anubhav's love story surely is going great and wish the couple all the best.