Peter bishop and olivia dunham relationship test

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peter bishop and olivia dunham relationship test

Henrietta Bishop (daughter with Olivia Dunham; alternate and final timeline). Peter Bishop is a fictional character of the Fox television series Fringe. He is portrayed by . In the episode "6B" Peter and Olivia try to fix their relationship, but when they share a kiss, Olivia begins to see him glimmer and realizes she is afraid (as. The FBI “Fringe” agents Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Peter Bishop at the moment, the relationship will surely be tested in coming episodes. Peter Bishop is a character and main protagonist on Fringe, the son of Walternate . the indicator had faded, leaving Walternate to assume the test had failed. Peter was located by Olivia Dunham, an FBI Agent seeking his assistance in the Olivia will not begin a relationship with him though, because she can't stand that.

Once he resurfaces, it's heartbreaking to watch him realize that Olivia has no idea who he is. Remember, they had those few episodes of happiness? But over the course of the season, Olivia starts to remember their life together, culminating in this episode, where she recounts all of their important moments aka the episodes listed above and they reunite.

But because of Peter's past mistake choosing Fauxlivia, he's unsure if this is truly his Olivia. Alas, we'll have to wait a bit longer for a happy ending Seasons 1 through 3but in this reality she's only known him for a few weeks. That totally messes with her mind, so she does what every girl would do and has brunch to talk it out.

She admits to her mother figure Nina that she's in love with Peter but isn't sure if she can trust her feelings. Is Peter putting false memories in her brain?

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What's real and what isn't? We're all asking these same questions too. Ultimately, Olivia realizes the feelings are true, and the Observer tells Peter he's been home all along. Because truelove conquers all, obvi. Peter and Olivia remember each other, are in the same universe, and have admitted their feelings.

The two-part Season 4 finale was shot as a potential series finale and thus wraps up plenty of Fringe storylines. Plus, we see Peter and Olivia in bed together discussing finding a place of their own, and by the end, Olivia finds out she's pregnant. For a couple who have so very few happy moments, these might be some of the best on record.

It's hard to imagine the story ending this happily, TBH. Her bluff proved to be effective and Peter returned with her to the United States.

While on the return flight, Olivia detailed some of the work Peter's "father" had been working on, to which a shocked Peter asked if his father was Dr Frankenstein. Through the work Pattern-related investigations, Peter learned too much to simply walk away. Not only that, but he acted as an interpreter for Walter's rantings and scientific ramblings.

Season Two Edit When seeing people from Over Here obliterated by a machine, but people from the Other Side survive, Peter realized he was not from this universe.

peter bishop and olivia dunham relationship test

Devastated, he couldn't speak to Walter and left Boston. While on the road, he was confronted by his real father Walternatewho whisked him away to his real universe. This was all a part of Walternate's scheme to destroy this universe. He needed Peter to activate The Machine. Believing this machine to be a positive force- something that could repair both worlds- and not as a weapon of destruction, Peter used his technological skills to begin constructing the device based on blueprints provided by his father.

He learned the truth about the machine through Olivia, who crossed over to rescue him. Olivia professed her love for him, they kissed, and Peter returned to the Prime Universe. Season Three Edit After returning to the prime universe, Peter is set on working on the machine and finding out what it is to be used for. He soon becomes romantically involved with Fauxliviaposing as his Olivia, who had crossed over in the place of Olivia when they returned to the prime universe leaving his Olivia there.

She makes sure that he finds pieces on the Machine and becomes fully involved in it and investigating the First People. After his Olivia finds a way to contact him, he realizes that the Olivia he is with is not the one from the prime universe.

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Peter in the Machine. Olivia crosses back over and Fauxlivia returns to her home. Olivia will not begin a relationship with him though, because she can't stand that Fauxlivia was living her life. Eventually, Peter and Olivia get together.

This causes the prime universe to begin to fall apart so that Peter has no choice but to get inside the machine. He gets thrown out of it the first time, but after Olivia acts as a crowbar to override the machine on the other side, he can get in. He then flashes forward into the year Peter flickered out of existence.

Following Peter's consciousness' return from the future, he creates a bridge between universes so that they can begin to work together to fix things. This came at a cost, however. Peter flickered out of existence moments after a new timeline was created. There are fires all over Peter and Olivia in the street and Fringe Division agents running back and forth.

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Walter and Peter helped revive Olivia who immediately demanded to see Nina. Ninainitially doubtful that Olivia met Bellrecognized the "great storm" phrase, and attempted to help Olivia in any way possible. As Olivia recounted the name of another cryogenics facility from Bell's note, she received a text message from " Charlie " warning her that Nina is the shapeshifter. She left and regrouped with him, but in a side alley, was alerted by her phone that Massive Dynamic's analysis of the first device was completed, and revealed Charlie as the shapeshifter.

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Too late, Olivia realized she had told " Charlie " the location of the cryogenics facility, and he relayed this to another agent.

After a brief fight for her life, Olivia shot and killed the shapeshifter. Broyles helped to comfort Olivia that she had to kill the man she thought was Charlie. Sam helped her work through it by giving her a "project" that required her to collect business cards from people wearing the color red. She was told to grab random letters from the names, that once unscrambled read "you're gonna be fine". Olivia chose to save Walter's life, and Newton replied "Now I know how weak you are".

Broyles eased Olivia's concerns that she made an emotional choice by assuring her that her decision to save Walter was a logical one as Walter was highly valuable to the team.

peter bishop and olivia dunham relationship test

Walter implored Olivia to recall her childhood Cortexiphan -induced ability to see objects from the alternate universe, believing she would be able to foresee which building will be affected and warn everyone in time.

Walter first put Olivia under heavy sedation, and she experienced meeting her younger, frightened self, but was still unable to trigger her ability. Olivia began to remember the gruesome trials she experienced, including footage from one test where she exhibited pyrokinesis.