Sam malone and diane chambers relationship

sam malone and diane chambers relationship

Samuel "Mayday" Malone is the owner and bartender at Cheers for the majority of the Sam hires Diane Chambers in the first episode and eventually becomes of the second season, the two have a love-hate relationship from that point on. Their relationship (for comic and dramatic purposes) was fraught with conflict. .. "Cheers" was not about how Sam and Diane realized they brought out the worst Sam (not Malone) plays the piano at Rick and Ilsa's wedding. great loves of Sam Malone's life - Diane Chambers and Rebecca Howe the bar, Diane immediately gets an idea for Sam's casual relations.

sam malone and diane chambers relationship

In the final episode of season 2 they have a huge arguement, literally slap each other, and then grab each other by the noses. Finally Diane is fed up with Sam, and she leaves. She checks into an insane asylum to "rest"; Sam starts drinking and womanizing again and well they are both complete messes.

Diane is concerned about Sam's health so she comes back and brings her boyfriend and also Psychiatrist Dr. Even though they are broken up the sexual tension and flirtation along with a little resentment is still there. Diane goes to Europe with Frasier, Frasier proposes to her, Diane calls Sam and then accepts Frasier's proposal, only to leave him at the alter.

She enters an abbey where she is then visited by Sam and again he asks her to come back to Cheers. She does, the flirtation is back and it's sort of like season 1 again. Then at the end of season 4 Sam asks Diane to marry him on the phone, and she says that she would rather him ask her in a more romantic way.

They are engaged for the last half of season five, and then in the last episode they have their wedding in the bar. Diane returns to Cheers as a waitress.

Sam and Diane

In "Diane's Allergy"Diane moves into Frasier's apartment and becomes allergic, which she believes is caused by Frasier's bitch puppy Pavlov. Frasier gives Pavlov to Sam, who renames her "Diane". However, Diane suffers allergies, so the apartment is renovated to alleviate her suffering. Later, Frasier regrets giving up the puppy and begs Sam to return her; Sam declares that he loves "Diane", which Diane interprets his as a confession of his love for her. In "A Ditch in Time"Diane admits to him that she told people in the ward about their relationship, including his failed attempt to go on a ski trip with his "buddies in debauchery" in " Snow Job " and watching football right after his lovemaking with Diane for the very first time.

Hearing them, Sam apologizes and admits that he failed to be a "very good boyfriend", but tells her that he never cheated on her and that the good times with her were some of the best of his life. Then Diane stops him from saying something "stupid", i. At night in the bar, Sam and Diane try to have sex after their passionate embrace, but realize that they are not sure what else to do in their future together.

Before she leaves, Sam advises her to call him if she wants to revive their relationship again. Diane arrives in London with Frasier and then calls Sam at the bar to tell him. Despite her obvious misgivings about her relationship with Frasier, and Sam's pain at her choice, Diane stays in Europe with Frasier.

Cheers: Sam and Diane

She contacts Sam in two episodes before the season finale "Rescue Me"in which Frasier proposes to Diane in Italy; she accepts and tells Sam about it by telephone.

Suddenly, Sam daydreams of stopping the wedding.

Back in reality, Carla assures Sam that he is still a womanizer, regardless of his feelings about Diane. Diane tries to call Sam but hears part of his answering machine message, and then hangs up. Frasier and Diane are set to be married immediately.

Several months later, Sam discovers that Diane had abandoned Frasier at the altar and feeling guilty for her promiscuity, joins a convent. Sam rescues her and gives her back her job at Cheers.

Sam and Diane - Wikipedia

Throughout the season, Sam and Diane try to simply be friends again, fighting their attraction to each other. In "The Triangle"Sam and Diane feel bad about Frasier's deterioration, so they plan to help him regain his self-confidence by making Sam feign symptoms. Frasier concludes that Sam is still in love with Diane and advises him to tell her. For Frasier's sake, Sam and Diane try to be in love but begin arguing again, and Sam furiously tells Frasier that he and Diane faked their love for each other to help Frasier sober up and boost his self-esteem.

Frasier angrily tells Sam and Diane that they still love each other but deny and loathe their feelings. He declares himself not to be part of their love triangle and walks away. In the three-part season finale "Strange Bedfellows"Sam dates an intellectual politician, Janet Eldridge Kate Mulgrewwhom Diane opposes politically. When Sam and Janet start and then continue dating, Diane accuses Janet of using Sam for political purposes, not loving him, and planning to dump him.

However, after the election is over, Janet and Sam are still together, much to Diane's dismay. At Janet's press conference in the bar, Diane questions Sam and Janet's future together, resulting in a conflict between Sam and Diane, which humiliates Janet.

Finally, Janet breaks up with Sam because she feels that he is still in love with Diane. At the end of the final installment, Sam dials the telephone and proposes marriage to the call's unknown recipient. There will be huge comparisons made. Although she is thrilled, Diane tells Sam that a proposal by telephone is not how she envisioned getting engaged. Sam agrees and invites her for a night of romance on a yacht, where he proposes again. Diane rejects him, thinking that Sam is proposing on the rebound from Janet.

Regardless, Diane returns to work at the bar and waits for Sam to propose again. Meanwhile, they continue dating other people. Malone"after Sam proposes again and Diane rejects him, Sam chases Diane up the street, causing her to fall and injure herself. Diane charges Sam with assault, leading to a trial. In the courtroom, at the judge's behest, Sam proposes to Diane again, and she finally accepts. Although Diane is excited, Sumner warns her that simultaneously being married and having a career is impossible, and that choosing marriage over career would put her talents to waste.

Later, Sam and Diane want to be married immediately at the bar.

sam malone and diane chambers relationship

At the wedding, Diane receives a telephone call informing her that the publisher wants her work, but she must finish it immediately. Although she wants to be married to Sam, he convinces Diane to finish the book and delay the wedding, so that she has no regrets about giving up her dream of being a great writer.

In their last scene together, Diane tells Sam that she will return to him for six months, but Sam doubts it. She leaves Boston behind to pursue her writing career. Long decided to leave the series to develop her movie career and family, and the characters' relationship story was concluded, even though she and Danson "[had] done some really terrific work at Cheers". It seemed like [we'd be] going backwards a little.

sam malone and diane chambers relationship

I'm not sure if that big of a portion of our audience would have been happy with it[. Diane accepts Sam's invitation on the telephone.