Setsuna and marina relationship quiz

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setsuna and marina relationship quiz

Pairing: Setsuna x Marina, minor Allelujah x Soma he decided to ask Allelujah, who had a solid relationship with that white haired woman. Are you setsuna? Or Are you RIBBONS?! Quiz. Marie. Anew. Regina. Veda. Marina. 3, The Government has made orbital elevators. How do you feel about it?. The relationship between Marina and Setsuna felt more like a mother-son relationship and I barely saw any romantic feelings at all with Feldt.

Tears began falling from her eyes, and I knew then that maybe this woman felt something more special for Setsuna. She might've loved him. And now, he was never coming back. Not for me, not for her. Not for anyone else. I hugged her afterwards as we both cried for the man we've both lost.

setsuna and marina relationship quiz

As I sat alone on my bed that night, restless yet exhausted from thinking about him, I thought about the woman, Feldt's feelings for Setsuna. Did Setsuna feel the same about her? Or did he ignore the poor girl's feelings and left without a last word? I leaned on the latter, thinking that by Setsuna's personality, that's just what he might've done. But what about me? Did he think about me? Did he even remember the promise he made to return and listen to the children's singing? I clutched my chest, tears fell from my eyes.

The world was finally in peace, and it was all thanks to him. But he suffered, he suffered greatly. When he was injured, he told me about the incredibly difficult past he experienced, from murdering his own family to killing other innocent people in Krugis for the sake of "God". I understood then his reasons for disliking conflicts. But I was still saddened greatly, because violence was still his answer to gaining peace.

He might be right. But I was afraid. I was afraid of causing people's deaths, even when it's for the greater good. I would die for them, but I would never ever kill for them.

I realized that I was entirely selfish. I was saving myself from the guilt that allowed my kingdom to be in shambles, and the peace we earned now, it was by the hands of those who went to war. The hands that were willing to bloody them for the sake of world peace.

I was a coward, definitely. I understood a little bit more about Setsuna's feelings. But what's done is done, and even if time were to be reversed, I don't think I would've changed. Some princess I was. Setsuna did mention that I was better off a musician than a princess. But Setsuna allowed me this luxury to keep my hands clean by dirtying his own.

And I would be forever grateful for that. My only wish was for him to return one day so that I could tell him my feelings. What were they exactly? I recall that one time when that young girl during my time in Ptolemy asked us whether we were lovers.

I never thought about it, so it was easy for me to say no. Apparently, Setsuna felt the same. I ignored the all too tiny feeling in my pit that fell after we denied it. But now that he was gone and peace has been restored, I began to think, to truly think about what Setsuna meant to me.

Marina Ismail or Feldt?

He was special, that I know. I would cry for him, because he couldn't do it. I would worry for his well-being and for his sad views, because he needed to take a break from violence. He needed someone to help him know what he's fighting for, and I gave him everything I thought would calm his mind. But somehow, he didn't feel like a brother to me.

We weren't just friends, but we weren't romantic as well. It was indefinable, our strange strange relationship. I finally fell asleep after comforting myself the idea of being strong for my people, for my children. Well, adopted children, of course. I never fell in love, even after all my adopted children grew up and married on their own.

They tried encouraging me to find someone to live the rest of my life with, but I assured them that I was completely happy living alone for as long as my kingdom was happy. I was in a ripe age of sixty-five when I decided to retire from princess-hood.

I didn't have any children of my own, so I entrusted my role to someone much more capable than me. A young man from the Azadistan's council, the only son of Klaus and Shirin. With the ideals and wisdom passed down from his parents, I was sure that Azadistan would be in good hands. More than when I ruled the kingdom. I moved into the countryside, in a tiny house surrounded by colorful and sweet-smelling flowers. After all these exhausting years of trying to do what's right, I needed to get away and spoil myself during my retirement.

I lived a good life, and I would gladly wait for my time to pass while playing a soothing tune on the piano. My princess role was over, and now I could be a self-entertaining musician. I wondered if Setsuna would be happy for me. I saddened at the thought of him.

It's been years since I stopped crying for him. His comrades from Celestial Beings were living happily, I heard. Feldt, the woman who loved Setsuna, had found a good man three years after Setsuna's disappearance. They married and had three beautiful children and several grandchildren. I was glad for her, that she ended up happy and living her life with her love permanently by her side. The little girl who asked me if I were lovers with Setsuna, Milleina I think, was happily married and had several playful kids as well.

Good for her, I thought.

Gundam 00 Movie: Epilogue

Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy were happy together as well. They've been travelling a lot for years, sometimes stopping by Azadistan at times.

And sometimes, the cheerful man who called himself Lockon would come along with them, mostly travelling alone. The last time they've visited the kingdom during my reigning years, the couple brought a child with them. She must've been adopted though.

Marie informed me that she was incapable of giving birth because of the past experiments that were done to her. The others of whom I never really communicated with, I imagine that they would be happy as well. Everyone was happy, despite a few setbacks. Even I was happy for them, and even after three decades of no longer keeping contact with each other, I was grateful that we all lived to see the peaceful era.

The world was full of Innovators since then, and people began to reach an understanding of one another. As the title implies, this comemorates 10 years of musicals and the show contains loads of CallBacks and Shout Outs to previous musicals.

Revised edition of the above. An adaptation of the Eien Densetsu story. Notable for featuring major changes to the plot and music, unlike most other kaiteiban.

Third Stage Only features two musicals before going on hiatus it technically never ended, which is why the last musical is called the "Marinamoon Final" and not "The Third Stage Final".

Remake of the previous Kaguya Shima Densetsu musicals. Most notable for marking the end of Marina's run as Sailor Moon, being the last musical for 8 years, and being the last of the Musical Specials by Toei Animation. New Myu Following the rather sudden end of the original Sailor Moon musicals, there was not a single word about their future until the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon came about.

With the announcement of a new anime series and new and plentiful merch came a revival of the musicals. While technically not a follow-up to the previous ones they aren't called Musical Specialsthey're produced by a different company, aren't tied to the original anime by using its logos and imagery, there was no "Passing of the Tiara" ceremony, etc.

The musicals are performed by all-female casts. La Reconquista The Reconquest Fall The debut of the brand new line of musicals. Adaptation of the first story arc Dark Kingdom.

Satomi Ookubo's debut as Sailor Moon. Adaptation of the second story arc Black Moon. Adaptation of the third story arc Infinity. The five Inner Senshi actresses graduated at the end of its run. Amour Eternal Eternal Love Fall Adaptation of the fourth story arc Dream. The first Myu performed in North America. Adaptation of the final story arc Stars. Inanother musical run began coinciding with the franchise's 25th anniversary, this time with the idols of Nogizaka 46 as the leads covering the Dark Kingdom arc.

This run is split into two main casts: The first of the Nogizaka 46 runs. Only tropes unique or overly relevant to this adaptation are listed here. All others are at Sailor Moon and related pages. We now have a character sheet for tropes specific to Myu-only characters!

The Sailor Moon musicals provide examples of the following: Various characters from the villainous groups tend to be left out in order to reduce the cast of lesser villains to manageable levels and leave space for a Canon Foreigner or two to get some more scenes. One or two of them may find themselves adapted back in when a Kaiteiban rolls around. Sailors Phi and Chi were included in theSailor Stars Kaiteiban, but rather than keeping their much higher station from the manga, they were downgraded to low ranking mooks and joined by a new Sailor Theta.

Taken Up to Eleven in the amusement park stage show adaptation of the Yume Senshi musicals. The musicals based on the 5 main arcs do both simultaneously within each show. Plot details the audience are expected to know the Senshi and their powers are skipped entirely. Stuff that would extend the the run time one on one battles with the lesser villains don't make it in; instead, they're usually not defeated until the final battle. The musicals tend to make their own changes that expand the story as well e.

Well, speaking Japanese with the obligatory Gratuitous English sprinkled through. All Musicals Are Adaptations: The musicals combine aspects of both the anime and the manga. Alternate Continuity Art Evolution: Basically everything "artistic" about the shows improved as time went on: All over the place. Tuxedo Mask wears one, as usual; however, depending on the musical, it's either black and red, gold and red, or completely golden.

King Endymion also wears one — his is lavender.

After The Dialogues To Come, a gundam 00 fanfic | FanFiction

His alter-ego Space Knight uses a silver one. Dracul has one, as does his daughter. In the Eien Densetsu musicals, Usagi and friends get to wear some pretty cool capes as part of their outfits in the TV special they're starring in. Heaven help any character who calls Usagi an idiot.

The children in the audience will disagree. Used to pull off Sailor Moon's transformations in quite a few shows. Happens a lot, but mostly to Mamoru. The musicals feature lots and lots of characters exclusive to them. Just a few of them: Space Knight technically qualifies the hero identity is new, King Endymion is not. The entire non-senshi cast of the Kaguya Island and Dracul musicals qualify, since those are original stories.

Wherever Tuxedo Mask goes, cape swishing follows.

  • The Sailor Moon musicals provide examples of the following:

Between the revised versions of musicals and the various remakes and readaptations, this is quite the Snarl. The only "solid" continuity is between, at least, the first few musicals until the SuperS ones since said musicals use clips from the previous ones for flashbacks ; and the Dracul arc is a single story stated to take place after the Kaguya Shima Densetsu musicals. Not helping matters are the occasional Call Backs to previous musicals. Also, while Transylvania no Mori is the second musical of the Dracul arc, Death Vulcan is not a sequel to it; it's a sequel to the Kaiteiban of Transylvania no Mori, which introduces new plot details that set up Death Vulcan.

Averted by the new musicals. The current musicals feature subtle changes to Usagi's school uniform and Sailor Moon costumes with each successive show. Most notably Prince Demand and Saphir both played by women and the Shitennou played by women in several musicals, including a former Neptune as Jadeite. Also, for some reason, Petz, who is played by a man. Which is played for comedy The current musicals are performed by all-female casts.

Yuuga Yamato in particular has drawn very positive reviews for her portrayal of Mamoru. And if the interview post La Reconquista is to be taken at face value, the casting of Yuuga led to the entire concept of an all-women Myu in the first place - initially, producers wanted an actor to play Mamoru as usual.

Then, someone suggested casting Yuuga, and history was made. The amount of times people die and come back to life is quite staggering. But surprisingly, it's not always Sailor Moon.

What better way to unintentionally trip up all-powerful manifestations of evil from their plan than to Basically why Chibi-Usa gets kidnapped all the damn time.

The Senshi and Tuxedo Mask each have at least one song to themselves by the end of the run of the original Myu except Uranus and Neptunewho always sing together. Chibi-Usa and basically every single child character introduced in the Myu. No longer appears to be the case in the new musicals. How most of the musicals end up. The senshi usually bounce back. Pretty much everyone at some point. Happens a lot during Senshuuraku final performance ad-libs and the 10th Anniversary Special.

One of the earliest examples is from the gondola scene in the first Sailor Moon S musical: You'd think people in general; both heroes and occasionally villains would know better than to rush towards powerful enemies.

setsuna and marina relationship quiz

By the time the first set of musicals ended, each major character had one or more. Sailor Neptune and Uranus always have duets. Little Miss Con Artist: Also, the usual ones from the series depending on the arc: