Shannon tweed and gene simmons relationship

shannon tweed and gene simmons relationship

In the excerpt below, Gene talks about his long-term relationship with his wife, Shannon Tweed. Rolling Stone: You've been with your wife. Once their relationship was over, Cher and Gene Simmons went their of Shannon Tweed, as well as the sister-in-law of Gene Simmons and. Gene Simmons opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about his relationship with his wife, Shannon Tweed, and admitted she forgave him after.

Inher body was found after she was killed. Her murder remains unsolved. At one point, Tracy was actually married for a short period of time to the brother of Diana Ross, who Simmons himself dated for a bit in the early s. Like her older sister, Tracy has pursued careers in both acting as well as modeling.

shannon tweed and gene simmons relationship

The sisters were even featured together in the May edition of Playboy. Inshe married a Boston real estate developer named Donald Saunders.

shannon tweed and gene simmons relationship

The two have remained happily married to this day. Ullmann has done her best to keep her personal life private but overall seems to be doing quite well these days. Donna Summer — Worked Together When Gene Simmons decided to produce a solo, self-titled album inhe wanted to fill his album with talented musician from all different genres. She went on to see tremendous success through the s and s. Throughout her career, she won five Grammy Awards, with eight other Grammy Award nominations, along with whole slew of other awards and honors.

Sadly, Summer passed away in from lung cancer. She left behind her husband, Bruce Sudano, her two daughters, Brooklyn Sudano and Amanda Sudano, as well as an incredible legacy as a music icon.

While her encounter with Simmons may have been short-lived, Hamzy takes pride in knowing she did her part to keep band morale at an all-time high. After having a go at a career in politics inHamzy never made it to the ballot. Williams, had a lot in common with Gene Simmons. Both artists took part in controversial bands who pushed the boundaries when it came to live shows and visually shocking performances.

Simmons not only dated Wendy O. Williams became romantically involved with her former manager, Rod Swenson. InWilliams decided to retire from music and moved to Storres, Connecticut with Swenson. After years of struggling with mental health, and two suicide attempts, Williams took her own life in She survived the concentration camps during the Holocaust, even though most of her family was killed.

After the war, Klein moved to Israel, where she married a carpenter named Feri Witz and gave birth to her son, Chaim who would later go by Eugene, or Gene for short. After Feri abandoned his family, Flora moved to New York inwhere she became determined to give Gene a life full of opportunities.

The Many Women In Gene Simmons' Life

Unlike many of his rockstar peers, Gene has never been involved in alcohol or illegal substance abuse thanks to the lessons he learned from his mother. Flora also instilled in Gene a drive to succeed and always strive for more. Linda Johansen — Love Interest Linda Johansen, a Norwegian businesswoman, was once a glamour model and is also among the nearly 5, women with whom Gene Simmons has claimed to have engaged in intimate encounters during his time as a bass player for KISS.

Johansen gave up modeling in the late s and opened up her own beauty salons: Beauty Lounge and Beauty Express.

The Many Women In Gene Simmons’ Life

In the late s, Hahn was featured in Playboy on a number of different occasions. Hahn also became known for her frequent visits to The Howard Stern Show throughout the late s and into the early s. Hahn is now married and residing near LA. Simmons served as her recording manager and helped her career tremendously when he introduced the young Minnelli to Walter Yetnikoff, who, at the time, ran CBS Records. Together, Simmons and Minnelli worked to modernize her style of music.

What’s Really Going On With Shannon Tweed & Gene Simmons? | THE WRITINGS OF DENNIS EARL

In the excerpt below, Gene talks about his long-term relationship with his wife, Shannon Tweed. You've been with your wife Shannon Tweed for over thirty years. What's the secret to a long relationship? We can't take Thursdays off.

shannon tweed and gene simmons relationship

We have the eternal and primordial urge to merge. The problem that girls have is that just as they see a six foot two guy with a deep voice and think, "Now, that's a mature man.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Pack on PDA at Premiere

He's not going to mature until his hair grays, and he won't ever fully mature. You're going to have to keep him on a short leash because young guys never want to get married, they don't want kids. It's not in our DNA. So my advice to women is to dump your boyfriends. Go for much more mature guys, maybe that made their fortune and who have gotten their wandering out of their system, most of it, anyway.

It'll never leave, by the way. Men are better later on than younger. So what's made you stay with Shannon for all this time?