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sravanabhargavi. Latest #sravanabhargavi Posts #vibha #shraddhaevents · GiG Lyf ❤ #djchetas #hemachandra #sravanabhargavi #yazin # sameerabharadwaj #vbit # ❣ #couples #relationship #lovequotes # sravanabhargavi tag Ur best dubs share to my inbox I will upload✌ dubsmash videos support me✊; Follow. Popular TV Actor Prabhakar's and Daughter Girija Dubsmash Video Singer's Sravana bhargavi & Hema Chandra Daughter Shikara Chandrika Cute Video recalling their love life and sharing sweetest milestones in their relationship. Sravana Bhargavi. Books. Marriage is Beautiful Raghu Master, TeluguSTOP. com, HemaChandra and Sravana Bhargavi Cute Couple, Swasthi's Recipes.

However, he is able to secure the memory card of the camera and to prove that he is a press photographer he shows the photos to the police, who identify everyone except the gang leader whose face is covered by a mask. At his office, he meets Renuka 'Renu', the woman who earlier mistook him, who has newly joined as Article Editor.

Saraswathi 'Saro' Piaa Bajpai also works in his office who has feelings for Ashwin. After finding out that Ashwin likes Renuka, she sacrfices her love. Vasanthan Perumal Ajmal Ameera recent graduate and engineer, strives hard to enter the political field. He is in contest against his rivals who capture the people at the time of elections by giving freebies and money.

No one cares about Vasanthan and his team of graduates, who promise a healthy government to people.

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Their group name happens to be 'Siragugal'. Meanwhile, Renuka writes a cover story about politician Aalavandhan Kota Srinivasa Raodescribing his attempt to marry a minor. Enraged by this, Aalavandhan barges into the newspaper office and shouts at Renuka.

The audio recording of her interview disappears, and she is fired from her job for falsified reporting. Ashwin now risks his life to capture the pictures of Aalavandhan who actually engages in child marriage.

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Later the story with the photos is printed in their newspaper and this makes Renuka to fall in love with him. Vasanthan organizes a political campaign meeting. Ashwin receives a text message from Saro that states there is a bomb underneath the stage where Vasanthan and his political party is. Mana bharatam lo Song 4. Jai chiranjeeva Song 5.

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Chiranjeevi, Sridevi, Amrish Puri priyatama nanu palakarinchu pranayama atithila nanu cherukunna hrudayamaa bratukuloni bandhama palukaleni bhavama maruvaleni snehama maraliraani nestamaa priyatama priyatama priyatama. Intintaa Annamayya, Coolie No. The captains of both teams enter the stage playing a tug-of-tunes! The trained vocals of Shravana Bhargavi and Sri Krishna steal the audience' hearts, while battling an extremely close competition from their opponents.

Prasad sung by singer Deepu and music composed by Thompson Martin A. Meesalu Melipetti Telugu Lyrics: Thompson Martin Sound Engineer: Using its unparalleled infrastructure, 99TV has brought shows that were unprecedented in its genre.

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