Vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship problems

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship problems

From the beginning, Vera Claythorne seems to be a very positive person. find out in the Epilogue that it was Wargrave all along, but neither Vera nor Lombard. solved the mystery together, Philip Lombard and Vera Claythorne, both die. I personally felt that Lombard and Vera's relationship was a bit, well rushed. Vera Claythorne thinks she was offered a job by a Nancy Owen, a woman who doesn't exist. Philip Lombard is hired by a third party, a Mr. Issac Morris, for a job .

And when he fell for her, he fell hard. He tried not to show it, succeeding, of course. But for some unknown reason, he had also wanted to let her know.

He had wanted to let her know she was more than a murder suspect in his eyes. She was the one person he wanted to show his affections to. He had wanted to let her know he was not U. Owen, that he would not hurt her. That he loved her Vera pulled back from her husband's chest, bringing him back to reality from his reminiscing.

Her eyes were filled with concern. He chuckled at how adorable she looked. He frowned, then smiled again, surprised at how much she knew about him. There was no need to hide the fact that the memory bothered him.

It hurt her too. Afterall, it was her that suffered the most. Vera sighed, knowing exactly what was bothering him. She placed her head back on his broad chest. He said, "But, my dear girl, how could we have possibly done that?

They were killed, Philip!

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship problems

They were killed and there was nothing we could do about it and Even after the horrifying events on Indian Island, they grew to love each other. Philip chuckled as the memory of their first date came to his mind.

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Vera looked up at him, a smile tugging at her lips, knowingly. This happened every morning. She would often times catch him reminiscing about their past-every morning-and he laughed every time. Vera punched him lightly in the shoulder, "Oh, stop it! It was your fault we were banned from my favorite resturaunt! As if their food was that good.

You were too busy throwing it at me to bother. I did not want it to irritate such a lovely lady as yourself, and so, I set out to destory it. She would never tire of him. Or of his silly antics. Or of the two of them just being together. True, it took her the longest time to accept him in her life.

She was afraid, scared. She had thought he was U. Owen, that he was going to murder her brutally. But as the two of them turned to look at each other after they had found Armstrong's lifeless body, she somehow knew it wasn't him.

There was something in his eyes, a pain, that told her he was as afraid as she was. Yet, she had it all planned out. She was not going to die, and even if a gut feeling warned her not to, she had reached into Lombard's pocket and snatched his revolver. She had the intention of pulling the trigger, just sending a bullet straight into his heart, but He spoke to her with a gentle tone, trying desperately to convince her.

She could feel herself breaking, bit by bit. She had steadily held the gun, ready to kill him if she had to. But she just could not, and as Lombard had taken a step towards her, she faltered, and he embraced her. The hug was something unexpected, but completely welcomed; something she was in desperate need of. The way he had held her, so protectively, so lovingly-it made her forget the situation they were in And then their rescue had arrived She leaned away from her husband. Philip Lombard opened his eyes, turning to look at his wife, concern in his eyes, "What is it?

One of his hands twirled a strand of her hair while the other cupped her cheek. He leaned closer so that their noses touched. I do not see why we must go through this every morning. You know I feel that way sometimes too.

At the Scene of the Crime: Ten Little Indians: Captain Philip Lombard

But think positively, my girl. We are here now, safe and sound. That's why she love Lombard, he was understanding, loving.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship problems

He was kind to her, yet spoke in a firm voice when he needed to. He was her stability, and if she ever lost him She snuggled closer into him, taking in his warmth. She felt his chuckle rumble in his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

Her life was better than she knew it could have ever been with Hugo. Had she stayed with Hugo She would admittingly not be this blissful. This content with life and being alive. Hugo would not have forgiven her; Lombard did.

Although he may have not met Hugo or Cyril, he forgave her. He forgave her because he knew she needed to be forgiven. She needed someone to be there for her when the truth was exposed. And she did the same for him. She forgave him for his crime. And he was grateful also, his concious more at ease.

Vera felt him shift and she opened her eyes. Her husband held a mischievous smirk on his face, and she knew exactly what it meant.

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She giggled as he rolled her over. She gave in, kissing back passionately.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship problems

They were cherishing the moment, before a shrill cry made them both jump. Philip was the first one to leap from the bed, grabbing his robe before quickly running to where the noise came from. Vera stayed behind, a faint sense of fear and paranoia settling in the pit of her stomach. When her husband did not return to their bedroom, she began to panic. She quickly and quietly dressed herself, tip-toeing to where the cry was heard. She readied herself for battle, clenching a hand into a fist.

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Nothing could be further from the truth. The novel in fact clearly condemns inhumane treatment of native Africans by Europeans. Lombard also is the source of the controversial anti-Semitic comments in the novel I believe these now have been removed from all editions. Lombard has many of the qualities of a romantic hero of between-the-wars English genre fiction: Yet he is utterly and unapologetically ruthless and amoral, lacking any compassion or charity for his fellow men. If Justice Wargrave in Christie's similes is a cold-blooded reptile—a lizard or turtle—Lombard is a savage mammal--a wolf or a panther.

If need be he will remorselessly strike, with murderous efficiency. As usual, Lombard makes a judicious, accurate assessment of the situation, unclouded by sentimentality.

Truly these two people occupy the darkest of spaces on Christie's isle of the dead. The following, for instance, is a passage from the original edition of the book, then called Ten Little N! He had said it as though a hundred guineas was nothing to him. A hundred guineas when he was literally down to his last square meal! There are several things wrong with this. The first thing is that it gives you a wrong impression about the characters—the censored edition makes you think that Lombard knows Morris much better than he really does!

So why should he care? This is a crime fuelled by prejudice and selfishness—even General Macarthur, who abused a similar position to send Arthur Richmond to his death, is shocked. But more on that in the next instalment. The Russian adaptation goes the opposite direction, adding a scene where Lombard semi-rapes Vera Claythorne, making him into an even bigger villain!