Wade and neal relationship quizzes

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wade and neal relationship quizzes

In a CSN exclusive, Dwyane Wade shares the story of the Heat's He saw Shaquille O'Neal moved when that relationship went south. Take The Quiz! by Joey Haverford Dwyane Wade Isaiah Thomas 7Who did the Los Angeles Lakers trade Shaquille O'Neal for? Boston received draft picks and a couple of players in return for two veterans. The draft. To start our quiz off, can you get this one right? Shaquille O'Neal had already won a championship with Dwayne Wade and the Heat in

And yes, Kobe had his own superteams and yes, he'd probably have done something similar to what Kevin Durant did. Sure, he played all of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers, but what Hall of Famer did he pass for the most seasons with one franchise? If you think you know Kobe Bryant, get the Lil' Wayne playing and let's do this. Question 1 What is Kobe's middle name? Bean Vino William There's certain celebrities, especially athletes, who are nearly almost always called by their first names.

Because of how unique his name is and his legendary career, Kobe Bryant almost instantly became one of those athletes, but his middle name gets used in conversation as well; Stephen A.

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Smith, at times, would call Kobe by his full name in First Take's prime days, for example. To start our quiz off, can you get this one right? None Twice Three times Some of you may be too young to remember when Kobe Bryant's legacy was seriously in question ten years ago; the Lakers were struggling to do much damage in the West with Kobe as their lead dog, while Shaquille O'Neal had already won a championship with Dwayne Wade and the Heat in Over eight years after Kobe won his first championship without Shaq, that seems like a silly debate to have in hindsight, no?

Question 3 What was the name of Kobe's rap group? Sure, players wearing suits on the sidelines instead of baggy clothes is one thing, but the whole thing just comes off as a massive middle finger to black culture, especially the players that enjoyed rapping.

By no means was Kobe a great rapper, but he did release an album and he did have a rap group. What was their name? Question 4 True or False: Kobe's 81 points are second to Wilt Chamberlain's for the most in a single game? True False Fun fact: What happened on that January night remains extraordinary; and, thankfully for some Laker fans, it's a happy reminder of a dark period in the franchise's history.

Darker than what the Lakers are going through now? Considering that these Lakers have hope, no. Are Kobe's 81 points second to Wilt's for the most in a single game? Question 5 We all know Kobe was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets in What pick did they use on him? At the time, especially considering Kobe was raw and coming straight out of high school, the decision made sense.


Well, you and I both know the answer to that. What pick did the Hornets use on Bryant?

wade and neal relationship quizzes

Question 6 In addition to Black Mamba, what nickname has Kobe gone by? Harbringer The Executor Vino While we do love Kobe Bryant, we do have to go back to what we were taught as kids for this one: Remember what happened to Mac from "It's Always Sunny" when he tried giving himself a nickname during his stint in the mob?

wade and neal relationship quizzes

They named him Pussyhands! Kobe gave himself an additional nickname to go along with the Black Mamba You know what the answer is, right? Anyone remember when Shaq broke the backboard? Though interest is slowly being revived in the Slam Dunk Contest, we're likely never again to see the brilliance of days past, especially when Kobe Bryant won in Question 8 Kobe led the NBA in scoring in Given that Kobe had his 81 point game more on that later inyou can probably imagine that he led the league in scoring that year with There was another year, however, where Bryant led the NBA in scoring and, had the voters gotten it right, should have been named the league's MVP.

Which season was this? Question 9 Which Lakers teammate has Kobe not publicly feuded with? Though the two have made their peace now, things were once much uglier - and funnier, as Shaq's freestyle where he told Kobe to "tell me how my ass tastes" will tell you - and it ended with O'Neal being dealt to the Miami Heat in Question 10 Who is known as the 'Kobe Stopper? Yes, there was indeed a 'Kobe Stopper' that excelled at preventing the Black Mamba from dominating games This small forward nicknamed himself 'The Kobe Stopper' when Bryant was early in his career, showing off how dangerous Vino was even at that age.

Who would dare to nickname themselves 'The Kobe Stopper? Kwame, to Kobe, helped ruin Michael Jordan's legacy. Kobe thought the Lakers needed an All-Star big man. Kwame disobeyed Kobe's team rules. A return to Miami, a place nobody in their right mind thought he would ever leave, is looming. I found out very quickly that this is a business. I understand what Pat is, he's a competitor.

I've been knowing him for 13 years so I expect no different. Everything happened the way it was supposed to happen, everything happens for a reason, so I'm fine. How did it get here? Wade and the Heat had different priorities headed into last summer as the Heat wanted to make a run at free agent Kevin Durant while keeping young center Hassan Whiteside in the fold. Keeping that salary-cap space open for two max deals meant Wade had to twist in the wind a bit while the Heat tried to reload for a run at former mate LeBron James in the East.

I understand this business just as good as anybody. But it's a way, someone like me, a way you communicate what you're trying to do, and how you're gonna do it and what it looks like for me. I understand y'all have a job to do, and I have a job to do as well. But I had to look out for myself and put myself in a situation that I wanted to be in, if things didn't work out the way I wanted them to work out and they didn't.

I didn't want to be in Miami and enjoy the success and not have UD there.

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Wade became a Chicago villain for spurning the Bulls but won two more championships in addition to winning Finals MVP in as a year old. No, I've always wanted as a player what I was worth. Contentious negotiations followed when Wade opted out from the deal he signed in to try to help the Heat retain James, only to see James return to Cleveland after the season.

wade and neal relationship quizzes

And then it became a situation with me from that standpoint and I wasn't happy with it. Carter was arguably the most exciting player of the early s with insane highlight dunks and an explosive offensive game. Things started to go downhill as Carter butted heads with Raptors management and forced a trade to the New Jersey Nets.

Toronto got very little back in return. One of the following centers was in the trade at the tail end of his career and never reported to Toronto. Which player did the Nets send for Carter? It was highly reported all season that Howard wanted to leave the Orland Magic in Howard however foolishly opted in for another season with the Magic to win over the fans.

wade and neal relationship quizzes

The problem is he requested a trade that offseason that saw him go to the Los Angeles Lakers. This trade ended up being a disaster as Dwight had a horrible season with the Lakers before leaving them the following offseason. Which current player did Orlando get in the trade? Question 12 Who did the Philadelphia 76ers trade Allen Iverson for? The smaller size of Iverson made him an underdog in the NBA world. Iverson left it all on the court and was pound for pound the toughest man in basketball.

The rise of AI in Philadelphia made him an icon until he started to become disgruntled. A toxic relationship between the 76ers and Iverson saw them trade him to the Denver Nuggets for very little. Which player did Philadelphia get back for Iverson? Pierce wanted to remain a Celtic for the rest of his career but was instead traded to the Brooklyn Nets. Boston received draft picks and a couple of players in return for two veterans. The draft picks helped the Celtics become contenders today as one of those picks was dealt for Kyrie Irving.

Which veteran did Boston get back in the Pierce trade to Brooklyn? Some shady refereeing in prevented the Kings from having that special moment. Chris Webber was the best player and the leader of the Kings during that time period. A trade saw the Kings steal Webber away from the Washington Wizards.

Sacramento clearly won that trade as Webber led them to contention.

wade and neal relationship quizzes

Which of the following players did Washington get back for Webber? However, the trade many years ago that landed him in New York was far more interesting.

Anthony was traded to his ideal situation on the Knicks. Which of the following players did Denver get back for Melo? The passing, shooting and ability to score with ease have caused Harden to make the Houston Rockets one of the premiere teams in the league today. Houston acquired Harden by sending a package to the Oklahoma City Thunder. This trade looks horrible in retrospect given Harden is a superstar and no one the Thunder got turned into anything special.

One of the unknown assets in the trade would eventually become Marc Gasol but everything else involved was awful. A few horrible knee injuries would cause his career to go downhill. Rose would never recover to his former status and Chicago traded him to the New York Knicks.