Zabuza and haku relationship help

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zabuza and haku relationship help

relationship between haku and zabuza Some members here called zabuza a pedophile to make me mad however i want to clear important. a "relationship" between a child and adult isn't gay or straight. .. I bought the relationship of zabuza taking haku under his wing to save him. Anime Relationships That Should Disturb You Lucky Star: Konata + Her Father but some are just plain wrong like Zabuza and Haku during the first season. conveniently sympathetic characters who support something that.

But what little credit I can grant Claire is quickly rescinded when she turns out to be the biggest cock tease since Fujiko in the Lupin series. Some are simple and easy to relate to like Shikamaru and his friendship with Chouji; some are pretty bleak and mysterious like the early bits of Sasuke and his family-murdering brother Itachi a plotline in the manga which recently hit a new and hopelessly retarded twist ; some are comical and purely ridiculous like Rock Lee and Gai; but some are just plain wrong like Zabuza and Haku during the first season.

As far as man-boy relationships go this one takes the cake. It would be a very different thing if the relationship between these two was one comparable to a father and son. Love really can blossom between a man and his pet boy.

Zabuza & haku relationship ..

Angel Sanctuary takes this principle of acceptance of otherwise batshit insanity to a whole new level by having higher beings acknowledge incestuous tendencies, not unlike they do a whole bunch of times in the Holy Bible.

Because these two characters are brother and sister. No amount of open-minded progressiveness can support a physical relationship between a boy and his sister, not even the Canadian punk band Propaghandi. Part of what makes this whole thing disturbing is that initially the kids understand well enough that this whole situation is pretty wrong to begin with.

She not only eventually goes along with this but, like all crazy people, comes up with a way to justify it. Is that so wrong? Those relationships are "normal" teacher-student relationships. Nothing about them seems like they're doing some weird stuff with each other. With Haku and Zabuza Nothing about their pairing seemed platonic!

Jiraiya tried to get Naruto to proofread his porn and said Naruto's body was "tight and sexy" to his face when he was looking at the Five Element Seal while Naruto was undressed.

zabuza and haku relationship help

The dub censored the latter by saying Naruto had virtually no excess fat ostensibly because Kurama eats up calories just by being there. Orochimaru made similar comments about Sasuke's body several times over too. That Orochimaru wants to literally take it for himself only makes it worse.

It didn't seem romantic to Kishimoto.

zabuza and haku relationship help

That's why it's so explicit in the first place. Naruto and Sasuke do a lot of similar stuff and at no point does Kishimoto ever insinuate that they are gay for each other. The exact opposite happens, actually; Naruto and Sasuke are disgusted with kissing each other and their bond is called brotherhood constantly.

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If Kishimoto thought Zabuza's and Haku's bond was in any way romantic, he wouldn't go to the same extremes showing it because he's embarrassed about romantic bonds in particular. Think of it like this: The two mouth-to-mouth kisses were decidedly not romantic a comic relief gag that neither party intended or enjoyed, and gritty CPR done on an unconscious patient respectivelyand the only kisses that are deliberately romantic between Dan and Tsunade are applied to the forehead. The ONLY teacher-student relationship They are exactly the same person, except that Guy is older than Lee, aside from that They're just weirdly energetic and goofy!

That was nothing like the depiction of Zabuza and Haku, which makes me wonder what Kishimoto was really trying to convey. Are you sure about that? Guy said he was going to kill himself if Lee didn't make it through the surgery.

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To Might Guy, Lee being able to continue being a ninja is more valuable than his own life. He'd throw everything away just so that Lee could fight again. That level of single-minded devotion is the same kind Haku displays for Zabuza.

There's also Gaara's take on Guy stopping him from killing Lee.