Aku pilih kamu tv3 ending relationship

The Scribe A Kadir Jasin: Quixotic Gallantry of PMO's Public Relations

aku pilih kamu tv3 ending relationship

At the end of the day, the ball is now in PM Najib's Court. . If Singapore is sincere in her relation with Singapore, woiuld an elevated bridge be of mutual benefit? jambatan lurus, kan kita orang Islam disuruh pilih jalan yang lurus. It is because the mainstream media (Utusan, TV3 and others) which. Bahawa kamu pada 13/02/ jam lebih kurang pg di alamat LAIN KALI TAK PAYAH LAH UNDI PERAK, HANG PILIH LA SIAPA I wonder when Anwar's political circus is going to end. The Malaysian people can make many conclusions on Anwar's special relationship with the United States. To those that have any relationship, it's not wrong to love him, but behave yourself, if it seems did not give and make me down.. rasa arghh! macam mana aku nak catch up semua subject ni . oh puhhhleasee i cant wait to end all of this ehh doesn't mean Allah tak sayang kamu, kamu dan kamu semua.

Where are we heading then? Do we now have a genuine two-party political landscape? What we now have are two parallel universes pulling this nation apart along racial lines. The Sarawak elections is an obvious example of the subversives' cunning tactic of publicly riding the Malai Lembu frontmen while playing the racial card in the Chinese enclaves.

What does that mean? All I can say is: Yeah, I enjoyed it too.

aku pilih kamu tv3 ending relationship

Lu olang ingat boleh ka? Anyway, I will cherish the entertainingly delusional anti-Melayu cyber battlecries. Wow, talk about delusional thoughts. Haiya, Uncle Aloysius, so easy one ah? Just pick and win, pick and win. Ini macam lu punya itu scratch-and-win scam ka? Now, how many votes did Parti Cinta Malaysia got in Sarawak? How about less than a half-percent of votes cast.

aku pilih kamu tv3 ending relationship

Still think the pick and win, pilih dan menang approach can work? Solli uncle, the political landscape is changing lah. Do your math lah uncle. Boleh bikin tsunami ka? It has run its course.

Malaysian Story

What then for Brother Anwar? Well, what more can be said about the SexOmega Saga? The physical resemblance and subtle mannerisms of the towel-clad male subject have led many Malaysians to believe that he is indeed Brother Anwar. I think more crucially, Anwar's over reaction to the whole matter enhances this conjecture among nonpartisan observers. And his inability to produce the Omega watch effectively wraps up the case in the eyes of many.

It may or may not be him. But the damage's done. And Brother Anwar's meltdown with the reporter in Sarawak over the Omega watch issue unraveled a troubling, unsavory temperament not befitting a PM-wannabe. Yeah, why give a hoot if it was not me drooling over the Chinadoll in the video?

And this would quickly douse the flames of the Datuk T trio. I would also scoff at the Omega watch issue I would also make fun of the "actor," critiquing that his impersonation is subpar and then volunteer impromptu tutorials with press cameras blazing on how he could be me.

All these actions are within Brother Anwar's talented grasp. He is a born performer, indeed, he is a master of the theatrics, with an uncanny ability to convincingly mimic back pain and to seamlessly switch between languages and dialects and impersonate such freakish luminaries as Samy Vellu and Rafidah Aziz.

Demi Negara: End of Representative Opposition plus Some Thoughts on the Malai Lembus

Anwar doing an impromptu Ronnie Liu. So what's the problem? Why didn't Anwar do just that, by using the "fake video" to his advantage and turning the table on his political enemies? This is no laughing matter, people. We are talking about a purported Prime Minister-in-waiting here, the man who must steer the Malaysian ship of 30 million people to greater heights and not into some bottomless pit of chaos and mayhem. Pakatan's infamous hugging moments.

Talk about unholy embraces, but this is getting ridiculous. Many people asked me, what's Anwar's future? It is more apt for the brother to be referred in the past tense. And I'm sure genuinely "reform" minded Malaysians would agree that Anwar Ibrahim's time is up, he's window of opportunity closed, and he is well past his sell by date. September 16, was indeed a political milestone, not in the formation of a Pakatan Rakyat federal government.

It marked the end of Anwar's political credibility and ability to lead a viable, truly representative alternative to the Barisan Nasional. Anwar's obsessive quest for the PM-ship is now backed predominantly by the left-wing hard core anti-Melayus and the usual collection of anarchists and anti-social rabble rousers. To these rabid racists masquerading as liberal "democrats" and "free speech" advocates, Brother Anwar is still the perfect Malai Lembu -- the simpleton, malleable Class F contractor -- to be the Melayu frontman for their nation-wrecking agenda.

A quick browse of the subversive blogs readily reveal this sentiment. As for Anwar Ibrahim, he will go down in history as the most divisive, deceptive, degenerate, deceitful and destructive, not to mention deviant, political animal ever to slither in the confused, tangled web of the Malaysian social zoo. How times have changed, with RPK now merrily dancing to the beat of a different drummer, talkatively snitching on his old comrades.

I saw this coming long ago. This RPK character is nothing more than a bored, identity-challenged middle-aged guy who got himself immersed ever deeper in a political high stakes game infested with deceit and treachery way beyond his depth. My comment on the RPK misadventure way back in October Ever more sensational stories were churned but these could not satiate the hungry hordes. RPK then did the ultimate — he himself became the story … With RPK in the starring role, who needs third party revelations?

He is the story! He can craft his own play and act in his own drama. He has reached the nirvana of SoPo blogging They are not even representative of the country, in terms of demographics, dispersion and political inclination.

These junkies are more akin to the lunatic fringe than to the mainstream of Malaysian society RPK … [was] conned by these people … These parasites and blood suckers ruined his life RPK himself is not really a grave threat to national security. RPK is a known loud-mouth, a prickly irritant with a penchant for the dramatic.

aku pilih kamu tv3 ending relationship

Indeed, MT Junkies are the bigger threats to national security. These racists, bigots and cyber-misfits hide behind their anonymity to flood Malaysia Today with venomous racist postings, instigating hatred for the Malay majority, ridiculing Islam, and spewing seditious spins to various national issues.

Finally, where is Anwar Ibrahim? Indeed, his silence is deafening. What about Lim Kit Siang? Do you think either the old ulamas or the younger Islamist cadres have anything in common with RPK? Do you think they like RPK?

He was a useful tool. But he was also a disposable tool. RPK is no use to them now. Indeed, he is now a distraction. Attempts will most certainly be made not to have the election or to stop him from being challenged.

The ultimate test will then be at the GE in or early That could be the underlying reason why lately defending him, his administration and his family is left in the hands of an unfamiliar face like Encik Rizal Mansor. And I am told even his most respected and professional media promoter has resorted to writing articles on 1MDB under pseudonym while others have resorted to personal attacks on his critics.

Since that article was written in the Malay language, I trust that those who understand the language and its rich nuances would have realised that I was being instructive rather than vengeful.

In fact, I think we generally have a very constructive debate. Now we know better how wealthy people use different methods to fund grand wedding receptions of their children. Mohd Najib was partly funded by his the family of his son-in-law. Could Rizal be the lone wolf of the PMO? I am sure they are better trained and better known to the public than Encik Rizal.

Naturally they are in a better position to argue with us and convince the public. Doing a caricature of me and calling me names will not help Mohd Najib. I am not the Prime Minister and not gunning for his job.

Let it always be Sparkling: February

Telling the New York Times that Mohd Najib was wealthy because of his family legacy is not exactly a clever or truthful thing to say. They were then bright and capable men and women.

Out of respect for them and for the memories of the good old days, I shall not name names.