American horror story freak show episode 1 ending relationship

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american horror story freak show episode 1 ending relationship

"Checking In" is the premiere episode of the fifth season of the anthology television series American Horror Story. It aired on October 7, , on the cable network FX. The episode was co-written by creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and directed by Murphy. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Reception . The show has rarely made sense in terms of story, and this is no exception. The eighth season of American Horror Story (also known as AHS: Apocalypse) Horror Story but hasn't worked on the show since AHS: Freak Show (season 4). Constance ended season 1 caring for her grandson, who also Tate shows up in Apocalypse in the "Return to Murder House" episode, still. Season eight of American Horror Story is the first true crossover [Ed. note: Spoilers ahead for seasons one through seven of American Horror Story.] Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities, one of the last remaining freak shows in Pepper is the American Horror Story character that appears in the most episodes.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, heroin addict Gabriel Max Greenfield is put into Room 64 and is grabbed by The Addiction Demon who violently rapes him with a conical drill-bit dildo. When he is on the verge of passing out, Sally Sarah Paulson appears and asks him to tell her that he loves her.

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Under his bed, a conscious Gabriel wakes up with a gasp. Later, Elizabeth Lady Gagathe hotel's bloodsucking, fashion obsessed owner and Donovan Matt BomerIris's son, approach a couple who they bring back to the Cortez and engage in group sex. Afterwards, The Countess and Donovan slit the couple's throats and relish in their blood.

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The Swedish girls are being held hostage in cages by Iris, who arrives and prepares a foul drink to purify their blood. However, she is interrupted by Sally, who sets one of the girls free for her own entertainment. While the girl runs to the front door, The Countess appears and slits her throat with her fingernail blade and tells Iris it can never happen again. John returns home to his family. Alex, a pediatrician is disgruntled by his late arrival which has in turn made her late for a slew of house calls.

She has prepared dinner, but John and his daughter Scarlett Shree Crooks choose instead to go out for sushi once she leaves. Over sushi, John's daughter Scarlett speaks of dreaming of her brother Holden, which makes John uncomfortable.

american horror story freak show episode 1 ending relationship

He gets a text message from Alex which leads them back to a dark home. An officer waits for John's arrival outside and John directs him to watch Scarlett as he enters the house. The caller from earlier calls him again, restating that he would kill again. The cop leaves his post to investigate movement in the trees.

Scarlett leaves the back seat of the car and wanders into the house, where she finds two men disemboweled and suspended above beds. John, chasing a dark figure, gives up the chase to follow her screams.

american horror story freak show episode 1 ending relationship

Later at John's home, Alex is frantic about her safety after her phone was cloned to lure John. She is upset about the most recent events against the backdrop of Holden's disappearance.

american horror story freak show episode 1 ending relationship

Five years earlier, at an amusement park in Santa MonicaJohn, Alex, and their children Scarlet and Holden are playing. While Holden is riding, John is distracted by his phone and walks off.

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He notices that his son's horse on the carousel is vacant and shouts around saying his name. While viewing the penthouse, they interrupt Donovan who is sleeping and are introduced to Elizabeth, who shares interest with Will.

american horror story freak show episode 1 ending relationship

Later at a tupperware partyJimmy who has severe ectrodactyly uses his fingers to pleasure a curious young party-goer. Elsa returns to see the twins and asks them to explain their mother's murder.

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They first lie and claim that a man broke into their house. Elsa again confronts them at their home after they escape from the hospital, planning to run away. The twins confess to Elsa that their mother kept them captive and when she refused to let them leave the house, Bette stabbed her to death.

Two days later, Dot stabbed Bette non-fatally out of guilt at not preventing the murder. After accepting Elsa's offer for a new home, Ethel Kathy Batesa bearded lady and Jimmy's mother, tells the twins how Elsa rescued her from the drunk tank and reunited her with Jimmy.

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Dot is smitten with Jimmy but disgusted by Ethel, and refuses to perform in the freak show. Ethel warns that there is no other life for them. Penny who was kidnapped and drugged for days emerges into Elsa's tent, wanting to go home. Elsa starts up a projector showing a film in which Penny was involved in what appears to be a freak-filled orgy, guaranteeing Penny's future silence.

Jimmy expresses to Ethel that he wants to leave the show, but she tells him to forget about it as they would never be accepted by society.

That evening, a detective Dane Rhodes attempts to arrest the twins for the murder. The other carnies fill the tent before the detective calls them "freaks", causing Jimmy to slice the detective's throat open in a fit of rage. Later, Jimmy leads a procession of carnies who carry the detective into the nearby woods, as he rants that he is tired of being treated differently by society.

After his speech, the carnies hack the policeman's dead body apart while Twisty watches. The wealthy Gloria Frances Conroy and her stunted son, Dandy Finn Wittrock buy every seat for that night's performance, delighting Elsa who is convinced that the twins' arrival will revive the freak show's fortunes. The show gets underway as Ethel provides the introduction, showing off the "freaks" followed by Elsa singing David Bowie's " Life on Mars?