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In , after a battleship in Cape Bonavista, Edward killed the Assassin turncoat During four years, Edward pursued his quest to find the Sage. . After this, Haytham founded the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order and began a relation with Kaniehtí:io. .. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag; ↑ Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Later, while visiting the docks of Bristol, Caroline was robbed by a young thief Still, the pair's love for each other drove them to enter into a relationship that they Caroline leaving for her parents' house Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. A page for describing Fridge: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Edward's fondness for Anne at the end of the game, especially his insistence she come have led his attraction to Haytham's mother, since Mary has some resemblance to the best of their privacy has some similarities to Edward and Caroline's relationship.

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He has the hidden blades, the blow pipe and the rope dart. These Assassin standards are comfortable. He needs weapons that suit his physicality. For this he has the shotgun-like blunderbuss and the rough, hefty machete. Upgrade to a steel-forged machete and the immensely powerful Portable Cannon blunderbuss for extra power.

Tear through your enemies like so much tissue paper with these destructive weapons. He now has access to firecrackers. These work as a diversion, the noise attracting all nearby guards to their location. Use this to draw guards away from you, allowing you to slip by unnoticed, or draw them toward you so you can blow them all away with the blunderbuss.

Instead, he must stealthily eliminate a certain number of overseers. Should you get caught while on a plantation, slaves nearby may riot, which can lead to their deaths. Get too many slaves killed and you will fail. Once a plantation is emptied, it will remain deserted until a new owner establishes himself.

While on the open ocean, you will see special icons pop up on your map, denoting the location of a slave ship. Slave ships are protected by several escort ships, which will all fight back should you engage one. Take care not to damage the slave ships in the crossfire, as this will lead to slave deaths. Once you destroy the escort ships, the slave ship will be immediately ready to board.

Then you simply complete a boarding as you normally would in the main game. In Black Flag, Edward will often see pirates being attacked or imprisoned, and he can come to their aid.

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The pose on the cover of the game, and on the title page with Edward holding his swords on a sloping downward arc forms the distinctive Assassin A. More importantly, when Edward unsheathes his dual swords he holds it in the same way in the game.

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Imagine the Templars seeing Edward running and fearing the incoming deadly Assassin sigil itself. And with that pose being an equilateral triangle instead of an isosceles more indicative of the Assassins there's also reference to any of the three Abstergo logos.

From a simple gameplay perspective it might seem odd to go back to the regenerative healing system that was done away with after the first game. However this simple gameplay choice is actually an inversion of Gameplay and Story Segregation.

Now that the player character is back within the walls of Abstergo Industries their gameplay within the Animus is dictated by their software standards Actually, it makes sense: Some of the lyrics of tavern songs tend to have connections to Edward's own life and moods, which explains why he seems to have frequented them aside from being The Alcoholic.

The song, Burn the Candles Out, a bawdy but sweet love song about a woman and man making the best of their privacy has some similarities to Edward and Caroline's relationship.

Especially this refrain, where the wife promises to give birth to a baby to greet him when they meet again next time. Which almost Foreshadows the end of the game. Aesop's Fable of The Eagle and the Jackdaw is a running motif in the game with obvious parallels and symbolism of Edward and the Jackdaw.

But here's Fridge Brilliance, what are the names of the two ships you pilot in the series. The first ship you pilot is called Aquila, captained by Edward's grandson. Aquila means you guessed it, The Eagle. In other words players, in Anachronic Order, first captain The Eagle and then the Jackdaw in the course of one century.

And of course Edward's son Haytham has a name which means "young eagle", and he wanted him to be an Assassin. So the Jackdaw wants his son to be the Eagle he never entirely could be, only, well that doesn't quite work out. Maybe, Kenways are to be judged not by their names but the names of their ships? Why was Edward so easily killed by a bunch of mercenaries?. Well, not only was he not wearing any of his special armors from the game — neither the Templar Armor, the Mayan Armor, OR his many Health bonus providing animal-skins — but he's also protecting his wife and son.

In other words, it's an Escort Mission. Given how vulnerable Edward is during diving missions without his armor, it's easy to understand why one of his opponents got lucky. I'm really sick of doing mindset work for Fridge Brilliance so long story short: Is there a Corvid Trope that doesn't fit Edward Kenway? A lot has been made in previous games to historical mistakes, strange voice casting Altair in Game One, anyone and other weird choices.

How does Black Flag deal with that? This time, the memories are being used to create If you actually read the Animus files, you will find some files have notes from the fictional game developers debating different facts and locations and making suggestions on how to change stuff to make it more interesting.

They wouldn't be built for another years after Edward The fictional developers debate including certain animals, like the white whale, even though there is no proof of them existing. In real life Ubisoft planned to have Edward have an upper crust british accent, only to change it when they heard Matt Ryan's natural welsh accent.

In the video game, the fictional producers do the opposite, stating that they will find 'someone that sounds like James Bond' to redub Edward's lines. Olivier is mentioned to have gone to Chicago, and disappeared.

Now, if you remember a certain Aiden Pearce and his Criminal Convoys, you will know why.