Doctor who season 8 episode 12 ending a relationship

doctor who season 8 episode 12 ending a relationship

Doctor Who finale: 8 things we learned from Hell Bent - Clara and Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, season 9, episode Hell Bent Photo: BBC. The hour-long series finale, dramatically titled The Doctor Falls, was a twisting . For me, the original Bill/Heather relationship hadn't resonated. "Death in Heaven" is the twelfth and final episode of the eighth series of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 8 November Outside, the Doctor reels from the revelation that Missy, the woman . The finale was watched by a total of million viewers.

The Cybermen take to the air using built-in leg jets and scatter over the British Isles. Similar events occur all over the world. In the Nethersphere, the dimension where Missy has trapped the souls of the dead, Danny Pink has chosen not to "delete" his emotions having been given the choice in the prior episode.

He sees the Nethersphere environment going dark and asks the virtual assistant Seb what is happening. Seb reveals that the "cloud" that is the Nethersphere is dispersing, and the souls are being released back to their bodies via rainclouds. Meanwhile, Clara tries to use her knowledge of the Doctor to authenticate her claim, but fails to convince the Cybermen in 3W that she truly is the Doctor.

She is saved by Danny, who is now a Cyberman but has retained his personality. Aboard a protected UNIT aircraft, Kate reveals to the Doctor that, per United Nations emergency protocols, he has been designated "President of Earth" with full control of the planet's armies. Cyberpollen is reconstituting the dead as Cybermen, but the Doctor is unable to get anything further from Missy about her plans for the Cybermen.

He tells Kate and other officials on board that there is nothing they can do for Earth now. In the meantime, Clara awakens at a graveyard where Danny reveals himself to her. Danny asks her to activate his cyber-body's emotion inhibitor, as he cannot stand the physical and emotional pain he now suffers. The Doctor faces her as a horde of flying Cybermen attack the plane.

doctor who season 8 episode 12 ending a relationship

Missy admits she is the one who gave Clara that phone number " The Bells of Saint John " to bring her and the Doctor together. Clara asks for his help to stop Danny's torment, but the Doctor, fearing that Danny would then kill Clara, refuses.

Missy then blasts open one of the plane's cargo doors, sending Kate and the Doctor plummeting towards the ground to their deaths while she teleports to safety. The Doctor still refuses to help Danny for moral reasons. He asks Danny about Missy's plans, but Danny tells him that the Cyberhive cannot be fully accessed without the inhibitor. As the Doctor is hesitant, Clara insists that she be the one to do it.

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The Doctor reluctantly gives her his sonic screwdriver to turn the inhibitor on. Danny then reveals that a second rainfall is coming, one which will convert living humans into Cybermen. Missy teleports to join them and gives the Doctor control of the Cyberarmy, as a birthday present.

She explains that he can lead his own personal Cyberman army as a conquering force to save the universe from tyranny, such as that of the Daleksas he has always wanted. The Doctor protests that no one should have such power.

Missy taunts that he does not trust himself, and she wants to prove to him that they are fundamentally the same. The Doctor ultimately rejects the gift, accepting that he is not a "good man", and passes the control bracelet to Danny, who is revealed to have kept hold of his personality through his love for Clara.

The big threat to all of time and space transpired to be not that big a deal. The Doctor barely cared.

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But when Danny died at the end of the series without ever having reproduced it left a big question mark over how Orson Pink ever came to exist. Many speculated that Clara would turn out to be pregnant, but it was not to be.

doctor who season 8 episode 12 ending a relationship

Does this mean that Clara will travel back in time to somehow be reunited with Danny? Clare Higgins as Ohlia in Doctor Who: Hell Bent 5 But what about the other Claras?

Death in Heaven

The Doctor has already encountered her many times, often without knowing. Either way, this plotline has gone the same way as Orson Pink, forgotten by everyone but the viewers.

Hell Bent 7 Series 9 has been strong The decision to largely make the series up of two-part episodes has been a good one.

doctor who season 8 episode 12 ending a relationship

The endings rarely felt as rushed as they have in the past. Yes, to enjoy Doctor Who you have suspend disbelief and ignore some gaping plot-holes and nonsensical fictional science.