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fuji yuugi ending relationship

Fushigi Yuugi is the story of a pair of normal Japanese schoolgirls who get . Fics were mostly full of angst and tragedy, but some ended happily with Nakago's canon relationship with Soi was loved as well due to the. Hotohori didn't end up with Miaka because he truly loved Nuriko. The only So, while reading Marriage to a God, I came upon Fushigi Yuugi's entry: In a way. Fushigi Yuugi: The Seven Stars of Suzaku/Missing Love She seems intrigued by Miaka and Hotohori's relationship, including the baffling No, women can never be friends in Fushigi Yugi because they all end up fighting.

Nuriko Nuriko, one of the most popular characters in the series, is clearly intended as an okama--a Japanese word slur, really that refers to effeminate, usually homosexual, exceedingly camp crossdressing men.

fuji yuugi ending relationship

Like most okama in Japanese pop culture, Nuriko doesn't map well onto Western notions of gender and sexuality, which results in multitudinous interpretations of the character and frequent flamewars in English-speaking fandom.

Like other okama, he is also an offensive caricature in many ways, though he is unusually developed and sympathetic compared to characters in series like One Piece. Initially portrayed as a catty bitch who hated Miaka for catching Hotohori's attention, Nuriko quickly became more sympathetic and well-rounded once his true gender was revealed and more of the Suzaku warriors were discovered.

He is also the center of controversy due to differing interpretations of his "love confession" towards Miaka. Some fans feel it erased his homosexuality and blamed Miaka for "converting him with her Mary Sue powers," but others tried to debunk this claim by pointing out that Nuriko proclaimed his love for all of the Celestial Warriors within the same breath, meaning his feelings for Miaka were decidedly not romantic.

The discourse about his sexuality rages to this day, with many fans eventually deciding Nuriko was bisexual. There is also the interpretation that he was meant to be an actual transgender character, causing many fans in the s to become angry at the reveal that his crossdressing was Nuriko's method of keeping the memory of his dead sister alive. This couple is both popular with fans and widely parodied for their tendency to say each other's names over and over which was a big anime trope in the 90s.

It's also gotten a lot of hate for that reason, in addition to fans thinking their romance stole the spotlight from more deserving pairings. Pairings with Nuriko are also very popular, particularly Hotohori among fans who felt Nuriko deserved to have his love requited.

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Tasuki was more common, though, with fans who accepted Hotohori's apparent heterosexuality and preferred the dynamic between Nuriko and Tasuki. Tasuki's old friend Kouji was another popular ship for him. Fics were mostly full of angst and tragedy, but some ended happily with Suboshi surviving or being reincarnated into the modern world, much like Tamahome becoming Taka.

This caused some conflict with Yui's canon boyfriend, Tetsuya, whom fans would either ignore or paint as unsympathetic so Yui could run back to Suboshi. The characters with names remaining in Japanese in the English version are the characters such as Tamahome who have Japanese pronunciations of ancient constellations; there was never any intention of them having Chinese names.

For example, in the manga, Hotohori's country is named "Hong-Nan" rather than the "Konan" found in the anime series. The remaining volumes were released on a quarterly schedule, including the remaining ten volumes. The final volume of the series was released in April The dates and ISBN numbers given for the first eight volumes in the table on the link above are for the second edition releases.

The series aired weekly, until the final episode that was aired on March 28, She is the victim of Mayo a younger student 's jealousy because she is the receiver of Taka's feelings. When she becomes pregnant Mayo enters the book to change the course of the story, causing Miaka to fall unconscious. Knowing that the world in the book is in danger, Miaka sends her unborn child into Mayo as a chance to connect with and save that world. When the false Suzaku is summoned, she uses her connection to seal him away and give Taka the strength to defeat him.

Soon after, the conflict is resolved and she wakes up in her own world with Taka by her side. She later gives birth to their son, whom she names Hikari.

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Outgoing and optimistic, Miaka shows herself amiable with friends and strangers, and has a tendency to be guileless and sentimental. Miaka is generous and cares greatly for other people and perceives herself to be a considerate person.

She can be unassuming and unsophisticated, but also magnanimous and courageous. Because she creates the impression of a person who always needs help, Miaka has the good fortune of almost always having someone looking after her. Miaka has a primary weakness: She eats constantly and has an interest in any type of food.

fuji yuugi ending relationship

She is an avid fan of anime, imitating several characters during the course of the story. He is first introduced when he saves Miaka and Yui from slave-traders.

He immediately asks for payment for his services, but is turned down. He later saves Miaka from another gang of slave-traders when she arrives at the Capitol. Tamahome appears to be the strongest member of the Suzaku warriors. An adept martial artist, proficient unarmed and with weapons, he proves a good street-fighter and can channel his chi into energy-blasts.

fuji yuugi ending relationship

When emotionally motivated, he is able to use his chi to increase his strength, speed, and reflexes in combat. Tamahome is also experienced in fencing thanks to being trained by Tokaki. Initially, the story portrays Tamahome as a greedy young man obsessed with money, interested in helping others only if it means getting paid for it later. It is eventually revealed that his interest in accumulating money derives from trying to support his family.

He comes across as cheerful, vain, and comic, but is actually shy and emotionally strong. Throughout the series, he demonstrates himself to be a sincere young man who is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others and unwilling to back down from enemies. In the 7th volume, his family is massacred by Suboshi. While he initially rejects Miaka's feelings for him, he comes to reciprocate her feelings. They develop a strong romantic relationship to the point where Tamahome can sense Miaka whenever she calls for him.

When Suzaku is unable to grant Miaka's final wish for her and Tamahome to be together, she instead wishes for The Universe of the Four Gods to be restored. This causes Tamahome and Miaka to go back to their own worlds. However, he is later reborn as Taka Sukunami, a new classmate of Miaka's older brother.

By the end of the manga, Tamahome and Miaka are married and have a son, named Hikari. His family runs a farm in the countryside. He is introduced to Miaka by her older brother as a classmate of his.

As Tamahome's incarnation in the real world, he is very protective of Miaka and loves her deeply, coming to her aid whenever she needs him. Taka has limited memories of being Tamahome as his reincarnation into Miaka's world required those memories to be forgotten.

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When he meets Miaka he reveals what memories he has retained in his past life, involving being one of seven warriors destined to protect a young girl who would save his world from destruction and that his name in that past life was Tamahome. Suzaku later appears to inform Miaka of a demon god's plot to destroy the world within the book; as the priestess, Miaka feels obligated to protect her Celestial Warriors and Konan. Additionally, Suzaku reveals that the source of its power had been the strong love between Miaka and Tamahome; because of that love, Suzaku was able to create Taka, a version of Tamahome who could exist in Miaka's world.

In order to stop Tenkou, Tamahome's memories, embodied as seven stones, needed to be recovered and placed back into Taka to restore Suzaku's powers. The memories, in the form of different colored jewel spheres, are actually just memories and nothing more. It is revealed that Taka is not a shadow, but is, in fact, Tamahome. As one of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, he can summon a sword; as such he is a powerful swordsman and has been additionally trained in martial arts since childhood.

Hotohori first hears of the Priestess of Suzaku at a young age and comes to believe that the priestess would become his true love and the one who would love him for himself instead of his title.

fuji yuugi ending relationship

Upon meeting Miaka, he falls in love with her and becomes willing to do anything for her sake. As such, he becomes a rival to Tamahome for Miaka's affection, but eventually concedes when he realizes that Miaka will only ever love Tamahome.

Fushigi Yuugi

Hotohori eventually marries a woman named Houki, who some believe bears a striking resemblance to Nuriko. Raised with little warmth, Hotohori appears cold, reserved, and harsh, particularly when acting as the Emperor of Konan, but actually shows himself as a warm, peace-loving and gentle person. Known as a responsible ruler and capable of dealing with political affairs, Hotohori often places the well-being of his subjects first and forgets his own needs in the process.

However, Hotohori has limited understanding of the world as a result of being raised in a sheltered environment. After meeting Miaka and the other Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, he is gradually able to act as himself and finds true friends. During the assembly of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors he returns last, despite Nuriko's threat to kill him with his sword when he doesn't come out. He is 18 years old. While prone to jealousy, quick to anger, and possessing a calculating tendency, Nuriko is very level-headed and compassionate and shows the most concern regarding Miaka and Tamahome 's relationship.

  • Fushigi Yuugi: The Seven Stars of Suzaku/Missing Love

While initially jealous of Hotohori's love for Miaka, Nuriko and Miaka become close friends. He is also close friends with Tamahome, despite their frequent bickering and arguing, which usually results with him comically beating up Tamahome. After Nuriko comes to terms with the fact that his cross-dressing resulted from the unyielding pain of losing his sister Kourin, he concludes that he had been trying to live his life as Kourin would have, not as he would have.

This revelation allows him to finally allow himself to experience life as a man. He cuts his hair, which once hung down to his waist in a braid, and admits to Tamahome that he loves Miaka as more than a friend. While he maintains his feelings for Hotohori, Nuriko eventually chooses to stop dressing as a woman in order to better protect Miaka. Nuriko is the first of the seven Suzaku warriors to die. She also steals the magic ball Tasuki has, and breaks it.

Despite the young girl's size, she is able to lift a heavy rock much like Nuriko, revealing that she is indeed Nuriko's reincarnation.