Gundam age ending 3 year relationship

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gundam age ending 3 year relationship

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is another part of the Gundam franchise, which As the Hundred Year War rages on between Earth and the UE, Flit, Asemu, it instead is centered around the relationship between Zeheart and Asemu. .. OP 3: The Dark Hound is not shadowed and Captain Ash is added starting in Episode Warning: Spoilers within for the Gundam show under discussion and potentially any submitted 3 years ago * by OutZoned Mobile Suit Gundam Age; Turn A Gundam; Gundam Build Fighters/ Try . As for Zeta relationships, they never expanded them beyond a. New Gundam Breaker's dating sim elements lack detail and basically require you to August 3, This means you are awarded with CGs and a happy ending! with other characters, rather than work on an actual relationship. . Yoshinori Kitase Talks Final Fantasy X-3 With A Look At Tidus & Yuna's “Later Years”.

Asemu gently lifted the sleeping Kio out of the car in his arms after tossing Zeheart the house keys. The cat waiting inside was a new edition; bought as a companion and a distraction for Kio upon his return to normal life. She meowed and trotted between her owners as they entered; Asemu went upstairs to put Kio to bed while Zeheart wandered over to the kitchen. Would he be able to sleep tonight? Nightmares and memories came and went He switched on the radio, taking care to turn the volume down first.

Chatter from the parliament buildings had dominated the air waves; the only reason he wasn't all but imprisoned there, still hammering out the details of the new relationship between Earth and Vagan, was that he was a soldier — not a politician. Lady Dorene was handling that; he'd offered her whatever support she needed, but she hadn't called on him yet. He poured himself a drink — the novelty of having easy access to seemingly endless water had yet to wear off — and listened idly.

He turned to face his love, who was leaning on the door frame, paying half a mind to the radio and half to Zeheart himself. He had to say; white suited the blonde much better than black and red had. Sure, he could make anything look good, but somehow Zeheart had never quite liked it. This, on the other hand I figured you already knew. For all that Flit Asuno had achieved for the Federation, I had thought that opinions on him being trialed would have been more You're talking about a man who sent entire armies into a human meat grinder for decades based solely on his own desire for revenge.

He never cared about casualties or the suffering of his own ranks, he only wanted to get victory over his personal enemies. Now that everyone knows how self-centered his 'justice' was, it's less complicated. Only the remaining hardliners sympathize with him. He doubted he would ever fully be rid of it. It had taken so much will, more than he thought he'd possessed, to defeat the man who'd essentially been his father to keep his madness from destroying Earth and Vagan both.

At first," Asemu's voice grew bitter. He spent ten years brainwashing my son into a weapon of war. When Kio told him to his face — in front of half the standing officers -" Zeheart grinned at another reminder of Kio's reckless courage. That's when I finally noticed the subtext I'd missed for half my life — by 'us', he meant himself, and by 'so much', he meant a girl he'd known for a week when he was thirteen, who died because of one man, who'd been dead for twenty years by that point.

I never understood why Lord Ezelcant kept him in the force. I suppose that was part of the plan. Asemu was beyond grateful that Zeheart had been on planet the entire time, because the thought of Ezelcant convincing his son of anything — however Kio would have decided to tackle the man's vision of humanity's future — was honestly terrifying. The fact that Zeheart himself had been effectively indoctrinated by the man for most of his life — with their unforeseen friendship the only thing giving him different perspective; which was crucial to preventing him from following along with the man even in the face of everything — didn't help when Asemu's mind dwelled on what-could-have-happened.

He'd known right away when Asemu described the Kronos to him who was responsible and why, and after spending most of an evening listening to his beloved reconstruct a brilliant, off the wall man who provided a good part of his character had only served to compound his already existing guilt and frustration over It had taken him the better part of a day to confess his relationship with Decil and some of his backgroundhalf terrified that Asemu would blame him as he probably deserved.

Only for the blonde to surprise him, yet again — not only by absolving him of responsibility, it was Decil's guilt, and his alone but not even looking at him strangely after learning this. Even after all this time, you're still that gentle, kind man who befriended the strange transfer student without a second thought. Which was most of the time. The Federation did that too; why else did my father stay in charge for as long as he did?

He disowned me for not wanting to be a part of his genocidal scheme. Even with those bridges burned. Or if I can, or should Lay down the burden I gave you, Zeheart. You have done more than I ever could. You don't have to decide for a few days still. Zeheart slid his arms around the blonde's back, leaning into his embrace, resisting the urge to push him against the fridge. Asemu liked to tease him about into domination kink ever since their first kiss which had resulted in him being pinned to the floor.

He didn't seem to quite grasp how overwhelming it was to be kissed by him, to let his love sink into Zeheart's very being. All his life Zeheart had denied himself and given everything in service to his people; he had been alone, with only his determination really holding him together.

Even though he'd wanted this — someone he loved, a child to call his own — he never allowed himself to even imagine it. And yet, and yet It overwhelmed him, frightened him, yet he welcomed it with eager arms, like a man who had been dying only to suddenly be restored.

Asemu pulled back and cradled his face in one hand; soft gratitude in his eyes. Zeheart was torn between drinking it in and wanting more; oh, well. They wouldn't want to wake Kio. Instead he shifted and kissed the blonde's hand. That thought repeated itself endlessly in Zeheart's mind.

He felt weak, drained, violently ill — he had betrayed the man who raised him, who made him a warrior, in order to save the people he'd promised to protect. The paradox had left him bedridden for several days, and now he was still numb and dazed, wandering the streets of Earth like a lost soul barred from the afterlife.

He had his hood up, and no one had recognized him so far, but who knew how long that would last. He was really here. They all were; Second Moon had landed under the flag of a truce. Everything that had been lost, it wasn't in vain.

Their sacrifices had eventually been rewarded. But the orders he had received from Lord Ezelcant, that he had acted on when giving most of his directions — they hadn't been in search of this, but some frightening human selection process.

Did that taint this victory, somehow? Had he made a mistake — either by following him in the first place, or by turning on him after he had brought them as far as he had? Shouldn't he be punished too? Zeheart took in a shaky breath, stepping off the road and onto the ocean beach. He was trembling, he realized dimly. It was odd there weren't many people out here; perhaps they were all at home, still glued to their TVs as various information regarding the armistice was released bit by bit.

Of course he was. He didn't turn around, just stared out across the ocean. The other man wasn't deterred at all, he just walked around, his small smile melting into concern. You missed Flit's expression when he heard that. Although Zeheart hadn't said anything specific, Asemu already knew what he was thinking about. His old friend's expression shifted with thought.

He was hoping to talk to you. Of course he is. In that, he forgives far too easily. I adore him as you do, I took care of him, but he was our prisoner in that time. That should tell you something. I was a liar, a spy, and a general. I sacrificed men on the orders of a man who I didn't really know, people who trusted me, blindly believing it was for the best.

I never questioned anything until he directly spelled out how insane he was. It didn't take you the better part of your life to realize someone you trusted was a mad megalomaniac.

Zeheart gazed at him in pure surprise. His eyes opened again; those blue orbs warm and welcoming. He started to brush the remark off when his breath caught in his tightening throat. You don't have to push him away anymore, his heart pleaded. The war that separated you is over! You don't have to deny yourself any longer! But Asemu had his own life. Kio had a mother, and he had refused to open that door a long, long time ago.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

That place in his friend's life was occupied. The thought hurt — god did it ever — but he had to accept it, not intrude on his happiness. He grumbled and grabbed it off the desk in what had once been Romary's room and was now the guest suite — he didn't know exactly when that happened, but he supposed that it didn't matter. Sunlight streamed in through his window; technically there are curtains but he has no intention of using them.

Warm golden rays that do not poison his flesh will always be welcome, and he treasures every single mundane detail of earth that is a novelty to him. He stared at the text for a couple of minutes before really registering it. Lady Dorene was requesting he join the meeting in the afternoon — they must be rearranging the military concessions for the eighteenth time.

He could offer his opinions and icy, unimpressed stares and hope that he wasn't stuck there for too long. There was a light knock on the door. He'll be disappointed my afternoon is busy, he thought ruefully.

It was amazing that Kio was still a ball of love and hope even after everything he'd gone through. Kio squeaked and beamed happily at him. Kio had started calling him 'father' almost immediately after they had met up again at a restaurant, after Zeheart had been released from the negotiations of the dayas naturally as if it were literal fact. Zeheart had been too surprised to react at first — caught somewhere between being touched, feeling guilty about the boy's capture and imprisonment, and uncertainty on how to respond to such a thing.

Zeheart had no memories of either of his parents as far as he knew, his father died during a sortie and his mother caught the Mars Rays while pregnant with him, dying in childbirth as a result and Decil wasn't even worth mentioning.

gundam age ending 3 year relationship

The Ezelcants had been the closest he had to family figures, and that relationship was wrought with complications. And despite his complete devotion to them, Zeheart had always been aware of this. The image of a family — a partner, a child — had been a wistful, elusive dream. So hearing Kio call him 'father' point blank, without any irony whatsoever, had actually caused him to cry — much to the boy's confusion and distress.

Once he'd composed himself enough to somewhat explain I'm not sad, I'm happyKio had followed it up with a hug. He must have told Asemu about it later, because that was when his love offered to let him stay at the house rather return to the hotel. Kio looked crestfallen for a second, but quickly rearranged his expression into understanding. Zeheart smiled at him and said, "I shouldn't be back too late, but you should probably eat dinner without me.

Zeheart had smoothed most of the process over, but the waiting list was so long that Deen hadn't been able to set foot on planet yet, even though it had been four months. Kio of course had immediately set up correspondence with him; they talked as frequently as they could.

He remembered the young man who had impulsively joined up after his sister's death.

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Privately, he was just glad Deen hadn't been involved long enough to do something he regretted. Loud arguments and accusations were all over the place, yet everyone seemed bent on finally drawing this chapter of war to a close.

Lady Dorene looked exhausted when he arrived. His heart ached for that. Her husband had died, yet she had little time to mourn, and had to handle the titanic and utterly complicated mission of the armistice — not just ensuring that it didn't fall apart, but also making sure that it would be permanent and long lasting.

Nevertheless, she smiled when she saw him and thanked him for continuing to give her his time. Leil also looked like he hadn't slept in days, but he greeted his commander with no less enthusiasm than when he first received his assignment. Have you been working this entire time? Had ordered him too, really. Because if he was finally getting some rest, than Leil should take it as well. Especially since he had been the one to bring it up after the ceasefire was declared.

He'd always had Zeheart on something of a pedestal, which was why he'd thrown in with him in the end — that and personal loyalty. I was just wandering through a park and there she was, like an angel. It was fated, I swear it! Suddenly Zeheart knew why Romary had missed Kio's recent phone call, and he nearly started laughing at the sheer odds of that before catching himself.

That's just because of the paperwork. It took far longer to complete than I anticipated; coffee got me through it. The afternoon was long and tedious, someone from Flit's camp was evidently still on the debate team because he was demanding complete demilitarization on Vagan's part, rather than partial. In the end Zeheart had been essentially forced to reiterate the same point multiple times over the course of hours; all while shooting Leil meaningful looks to keep him from going off at the suggestion that it wasn't 'safe' to permit Vagan any self defense measures whatsoever.

Dorene kept an admirably straight face throughout everything, calm and regretful without being deferential. While the whole thing was a nuisance, that man didn't have much support, and in the end they wrapped the matter up and that section of the treaty was finalized. Leil couldn't get out fast enough, apparently he had another dinner date. Zeheart bemusedly reminded him that he didn't need to ask for permission given that they were both off duty, and he was gone with a smile.

Fighting together for the first time, Flit, Asemu and Kio lead the federal forces and the Bisidian in a successful attempt to recapture the Federation's main base on the moon from the Vagans. The battle ends when the Vagan main colony "Second Moon" is about to be destroyed, and Kio convinces Flit to abandon his grief and rally both the Federation and Vagan soldiers to work together and save the colony.

After the conflict, the Federation and the Vagans make use of their military research to finally render the planet Mars habitable and Flit becomes remembered as a savior who united all mankind for a brighter future.

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Interested with working for the Gundam franchise, Hino wrote a plot summary for an anime which Bandai eventually saw and decided to create an anime based on it. Susumu Yamaguchiwho previously worked as a director in the Sgt Frog franchise, was in charge of the direction of the series. Memories of Eden recompiling the second arc of the anime series which focused on protagonist Asemu Asuno and his major antagonist, Zeheart Gallete.

Music[ edit ] The music in the series is composed by Kei Yoshikawa, most famous for composing musical scores for the anime Basquash! From episodes 16 to 28, "Sharp " by Negoto and "My World" by Spyair were used as the opening and ending themes, respectively.

From episodethe opening theme was "Real" by Vividand the ending theme was "White Justice" by Faylan. Manga[ edit ] Two manga adaptations of the series have been announced. This two-chapter adaptation of the beginning of the anime features a different AGE System from the show.

Instead of using the AGE Builder, Gundam AGE-1 is able to analyze its surroundings and incorporate machinery that are appropriate for the combat situation it is in. First Evolution, was drawn by Hiyon Katsuragi and serialized from December to August issues. Written and drawn by Masanori Yoshida and serialized in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comicit features a group of adventurers exploring space in the ship "Treasure Star".

gundam age ending 3 year relationship

It also shows his decision to fake his death and join the Space Pirate Group Bisidian. Games[ edit ] Mobile Suit Gundam: The game utilizes cards as well as the sensors in the Gage-ing Builder model kits.