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hordes of underdark ending relationship

Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark provides examples of the . of them to fall in love with you, which would seem to imply you end up with both of them. Ultimately, almost every conceivable permutation of Triang Relations can be. I seem to have ended up with both Nathyrra AND Aribeth as my lovers. Both of their epilogues mentioned their relationship with me and both of them before giving up the ghost altogether in the big battle in the Underdark. This project to port the Hordes of the Underdark cRPG continues. .. However, with a larger party the game will probably end up needing a rebalance. The evil requirement in the books was in relation to specific assasin.

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How do romances work in HotU? I'm a bit into Chapter 3 near the start of it, really and there doesn't seem to be much going on between her and the PC. Is it based on some sort of point system, where a 'flirty' dialogue option gets you towards it?

I bring that up because a lot of the early 'flirty' dialogue options seemed really awkward and forced, making me usually pick the more friendly and trusting yet neutral options, so I fear I may've messed it up.

Looking at the HotU cheats, it looks like there's some sort of romance variable -- is it possible to see what its currently set at for Nathyrra without changing it? Beat the game not long after. Somewhat disappointed overall -- loved chapter two but chapter three was I was also expecting more ending slides, specifically for the golems and maybe one for the drow house where you can kill the mother and put the daughter in charge.

Yeah, a surprising amount of NWN romances feel really forced. Not a particularly good aspect of the game. Valen is borderline OK, as he tolerates more flirting during C2, but I'd agree that Nathyrra's turnaround is a bit quick.

hordes of underdark ending relationship

Don't get me started about Aribeth. A golem-ending slide would be good. The drow House wouldn't really change, though. During this battle Valen came face-to-face with the Seer, and "she looked into my soul" as Valen put it.

The priestess that called them to Toril was killed, and they were sent back to the Abyss, but Valen found himself changed by his brief encounter with the Seer. What she had done to him made him look at himself, and he didn't like what he saw. Grimash't sensed this and tortured him, trying to get him to revert into what he once was. During this time the woman Valen loved, who was one of Grimash't's slaves, was brought before him, and Grimash't killed her while Valen could do nothing.

hordes of underdark ending relationship

Not long after this, the tower where Grimash't kept his treasures including Valen was attack by another group of demons. They tore the tower apart, freeing Valen from his cage and allowing him to escape. Goshdang It To Heck: The guardian of the quarry in Hordes of the Underdark tells you to "pike off.

Hordes of the Underdark Revisited

The deepest areas of Cania include lava rivers flowing down solid glacial ice. Aside from the addition of romance sidequests, there are numerous succubi and fairy characters with curvaceous character models, the game's initial Big Badthe Valsharess, attempts to sexually seduce you in a confrontation, and the character descriptions for most any female character are sure to mention how beautiful they are. I Know Your True Name: The climax centers on this concept.

If you pay enough money, you can skip the final boss by learning his true name, which can be used to command him.

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Deekin sure likes to do this. Among other things he wonders why dragons have wings if they can't flyand comments that Aribeth's armour isn't practical at all.

hordes of underdark ending relationship

Invoked in Hordes of the Underdark to explain the first two games. There's even a possible conversation about it if you have Deekin and Sharwyn in your party.

Valen Shadowbreath

When Deekin asks you what you thought of his book — i. To Hell and Back: There's even a line for it in the endgame - "I've been to the hells and back, Durnan In Hordes of the Underdark you can use your love for Nathyrra and Aribeth to convince them to side with you over the final boss.

hordes of underdark ending relationship

You can make one between yourself, Nathyrra and Aribeth. You can flirt shamelessly with both of them if you take them as your henchmen, and at one point when they stop to talk to each other the conversation briefly switches to their feelings for you. The endings for the two actually don't conflict at all if you try to get both of them to fall in love with you, which would seem to imply you end up with both of them. A particularly racy dialogue option with both of them in the party actually has you trying to convince them to "share" you If you have a female character, you can also do the same between you, Valen and the Sleeping Man.

If you got your character to be those two men's true love from the Knower of Names, you're pretty much set that all 3 of you will fight Mephistopheles side by side in the final battle. And then there's the fact that the name of your true love, and the name of the Sleeping Man's true love, are both chosen at random when you ask the Knower of Names who they are.

There's the possibility that your henchman or henchwomen, if you're a male with the two females is in love with you and you with them, but the Knower of names reveals your true love to be someone else, and this same person is also the true love of the Sleeping Man, who is loved by the Knower of Places.

The Knower of Names herself could also be someone's true love and she's in love with Mephistopheles. Ultimately, almost every conceivable permutation of Triang Relations can be achieved by some combination of characters, or even multiple combinations at once, all thanks to the Random Number God. Early on, you find a mirror. It spawns a duplicate of you, sans your weapon.

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Two duplicates, if you destroy it. Hordes of the Underdark had one of these explaining where each of your companions and many people you met ended up.

hordes of underdark ending relationship

Not really a surprise given the amount of cross-pollination between BioWare and Obsidian. Valen Shadowbreaththe Tiefling warrior in Hordes of the Underdark. It's even lampshaded in-game, when he gets catcalled by Drow priestesses asking about his tail. In the final chapter you can learn the True Names of many characters, which allows you to command them to do anything and they must obey. Aside from the Big Badwho you can command to die on the spot or to swear servitude to you, most of the potential speech options are uninteresting.

However, forcing people to do things they may not want to do is obvious Video Game Cruelty Potentialand the options already available are as well, which may be why you're limited to two or three commands.

You can ask a merchant why he doesn't just give you free pick from his inventory since you're fighting to save his life, but he notes if you fail and the siege goes poorly he'll just teleport to safety, so your success or failure is of no consequence to him. White Thesta she still charges you, but she says she's lowering her prices to only cover the base cost of the items since you are fighting to save the city.

They're still pretty pricey though. In the original campaign there were numerous exploits to get lots of money and exp by talking to someone to complete a quest objective, then clicking on them without exiting conversation to start the conversation over and get credit for completing the objective again.

This game allows you to do the same, but only the first attempt gets you rewards. A male character can romance both Nathyrra and Aribeth, and if you declare your love for the former and get the latter named as your true love, this can result in a conversation where the two of them decide to share you, Nathyrra directly saying "there's room for both of us in his bed". Normally a glitch prevents Aribeth from being flagged as a candidate for your true love and thus prevents this from happening, but ten seconds poking into the source code for the campaign to change a single digit in the coding makes it accessible again.

The Power of Love: If you take them as a romance option, Nathyrra, Valen and Aribeth can be convinced to resist the Big Bad's attempts to sway her to his side by reminding her of your love.

You can break out, or you can choose to stay for a Non-Standard Game Over of your body tolling away as a mindless slave.

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