Hundred thousand kingdoms ending relationship

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hundred thousand kingdoms ending relationship

And yet, I have such a contentious relationship with it because so much The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms tells the story of Yeine Darr who, shortly . one, it's that the ending of the book is somewhat rushed and everything. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is a fantasy novel by American writer N. K. Jemisin, . Ken: Largest of the islands, at the western end of the chain. Irt: Nation occupying half of a largish island. Uthr: Nation occupying the other half of the Irtin island. In The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, we have an inventive reworking of and scraps of it that indicate a long and cozy relationship with the genre. plot- diversions that they end up entirely outside the narrative flow of the.

Hundred Thousand Kingdoms read along comes to an end.

Cosmic sex or verging on comic? What importance does sex has for their relationship? I thought that scene was insanely hot. Cosmically hot, the way they fed off of each other. No pun intended, it put him in a funny position. And then in the beginning of the next chapter, Yeine practically chides Enefa for being jealous!

When she was a teenager and went through the Darre ceremony, she let her partner believe he had power over her, when in fact, the opposite was true. Relad makes a last-minute play for succession by offering to help the Darre.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms read-along: THE END

Are you satisfied with his role in this book or do you think he should have had more of a presence? What do you think of his strategy to get Yeine to choose him over Scimina?

Relad was always a minor character for me. There was so much going on already, that I was okay with him being in the background.

hundred thousand kingdoms ending relationship

I want to hate his guts. I still hate him. But he did love Kinneth, he loved her so much that he wanted to blame Yeine for her death! Absolutely nothing turns out the way anyone thought it would.

Did any of it match your expectations?

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Yeine must quickly master the intricacies of the cruel Arameri society to have any hope of winning. She is also drawn into the intrigues of the gods, four of whom dwell in Sky as the Arameri's powerful, enslaved weapons.

With only a few days until the ceremony of the Arameri succession, Yeine struggles to solve her mother's murder while surviving the machinations of her relatives and the gods. Plot[ edit ] Yeine Darr was born to Kinneth Arameri, who was heir to the Arameri throne but abdicated twenty years before the start of the story to marry Yeine's father, a Darre man. Kinneth was disowned by Dekarta, and Darr blacklisted by the Arameri throwing the country into a crippling economic crisis as a result.

The day she arrives, she meets T'vril, the palace steward, who is also an Arameri although lower-ranked ; the entire palace staff down to the floor cleaning servants is Arameri.

This is because only Arameri are permitted to pass a night in Sky, for reasons that T'vril does not immediately explain. T'vril attempts to get Yeine to Viraine—the palace scrivener—to be "marked" as an Arameri before nightfall. However, Scimina, one of the other potential heirs, finds them first. Because Yeine lacks the mark, she unleashes Nahadoth, one of the Arameri's captive gods, on Yeine. Yeine flees and is assisted by Sieh, another of the captive gods.

Before they can escape, Nahadoth catches up and attacks Sieh, whereupon Yeine stabs Nahadoth to apparent death with her knife. Nahadoth kisses her before he falls, saying he has been waiting for her, much to Yeine's confusion. Being a god, Nahadoth returns to life shortly afterward.

Yeine then meets the other gods—and quickly realizes that they, like the Arameri, have frightening plans for her. Yeine, however, has her own agenda: While attempting to forge an alliance with Relad, her cousin and the other potential heir, she also seeks out answers to the mystery of her mother's past.

This leads Yeine to terrifying revelations about herself, her world's history, and the gods themselves. As the day of the succession ceremony approaches and Yeine finds herself left with few options, she chooses to ally with the Enefadeh—even though Nahadoth warns her that they want her life in exchange for their assistance. Determined to learn the truth about her mother even if she dies in the process, she agrees to the gods' bargain.

She also begins brief liaisons with first T'vril, then Nahadoth himself, the latter of whom seems equally drawn to her, though his motives are unclear.

The story culminates with the Arameri Ceremony of the Succession, at which Itempas himself—the Skyfather, ruler of the universe—appears, and Yeine makes a fateful choice. Her mother, formerly the Arameri heir, has been murdered when the story opens, and part of Yeine's goal in the city of Sky is to avenge her death.

hundred thousand kingdoms ending relationship

She is considered a barbarian by the Arameri. Nahadoth' "NA-ha-doth" ' - The Nightlord, otherwise known as the god of night, chaos, and change, is the eldest of the Gods and the most dangerous. The crazy stalker aspect of it is so creepy: He could command Nahadoth and thrill in his obedience. As a goddess, Yeine makes some dramatic decisions and changes, like altering Sky, killing Kurue, and trapping Itempas in mortal form. How do you feel about this new goddess-Yeine?

I also liked that her death fit her nature as a goddess. Life exists because of her, but death is a part of life, so it makes sense that Enefa would live and die, but give new life in the process. She has a different kind of immortality, and I imagine goddess-Yeine will one day die too, and create a new goddess in the process.

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In light of that it would be too simplistic to kill Itempas as an act of revenge. Enefa herself may have been too angry to reunite the gods. You will wander among mortals as one of them, unknown, commanding only what wealth and respect you can earn with your deeds and words. You may call upon your power only in great need, and only to aid these mortals for whom you hold such contempt.

You will right the wrongs inflicted in your name. Can someone please give Jemisin a movie deal? Killing Kurue was a bit harsh, but Sieh mentioned that Enefa sometimes killed things.

And Kurue may have been a danger because she resented Nahadoth for his decision to fight against Itempas.

Book Review - The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

What did you think of the ending and of the book as a whole? How might the world be changed by these events? Will you read the next book to find out?

I loved this book. For example, what exactly was the purpose of the sigil Zhakkarn gave Yeine at the beginning? Why did Kinneth leave her love letters in Sky? Also, the details of the Succession Ceremony were a bit unclear. I think everyone in this read-along expressed some confusion as to how it works.

But none of that bothers me too much; it just feels a bit untidy.