Itoshi no kana ending a relationship

My Lovely Ghost KANA, Volume 3 by Yutaka Tanaka

My Lovely Ghost KANA, Volume 1 has 30 ratings and 2 reviews. Luke said: This is the first -Totally unrealistic and incomplete fairy tale ending. -Cute tale but. Itoshi no Kana is a delightfully heartwarming slice of life story from Yutaka want to die at night, and so chose to end her life with the ending of the day. . that she is a possible threat to the relationship between Kana and Dai. My Lovely Ghost Kana is a beautifully written and illustrated story from Tanaka The overall story veers between Kana and Daikichi's growing relationship, her And then towards the end, Kana and Daikichi are lying out on the balcony.

The story opens with him having just lost his job and apartment, which he doesn't mention in detail. Increasingly depressed, he is contemplating committing suicide when he moves into a dilapidated building known to be haunted where he meets Kana, the resident ghost. He and Kana quickly become close friends and lovers when she convinces him not to kill himself and they realize they can somehow touch each other. In later chapters of the story he attempts to learn more information about the person Kana used to be and ends up visiting a mass grave that supposedly contains the remains of Kana's human body.

itoshi no kana ending a relationship

Daikichi is by nature a fairly laid back, quiet person, although he becomes a good deal more cheerful after meeting Kana. Kana A ghost who was once a young woman who lived in the same apartment that Daikichi is currently squatting in. She committed suicide 10 years before the events of the story by repeatedly stabbing herself in the chest. Her only memories of her past life are that she killed herself on a warm summer day looking out at beautiful sunset.

Although she can effortlessly go through walls and solid materials, she can still eat and drink, and she eventually learns how to wear new clothes. Her spiritual body is normally very cold in temperature, and she sometimes cools Diakichi off on a hot summer day by wrapping herself around him or chills drinks by holding them in her arms or against her chest. However, her body can also be quite warm, especially in the midst of passion.

My Lovely Ghost KANA, Volume 2

She encouraged Daikichi to continue to live on even when he felt he had reached rock bottom in his life. She can also get sick, where her body shrinks in the process. At first Kana cannot leave the grounds of the apartment building, and thus her only outside source of info about the world is through television and magazines.

However, after forcing herself out at the end of the first volume in order to save Daikichi's life she is able to roam freely. Kana and Daikichi are very, very happy together. Most of their love scenes double as Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.

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On this night that is like the end of the world, I want your warmth, Kana. Kana has a habit of using English words out of the blue, to which Daikichi will often respond by a bemused "Why in English? Other than Dakichi, there's little that Kana likes more than a cold beer, although it's more like a mortal pleasure she misses, and it never seems to affect her.

itoshi no kana ending a relationship

It becomes a regular ritual for Kana and Daikichi to share a six-pack at the end of a day. Although she does her best to get straight to "drinking beer" whenever possible.

Kana can create several small balls of flame around her. They are a good indication of her mood, since there are more of them and they make little "pop" sounds when she is especially happy.

itoshi no kana ending a relationship

Also used amusingly when Daikichi finds an old "dead" cellphone and discovers that Kana can use it to keep in touch with him. A stylized hitodama is her chat icon and takes place of the signal meter on her phone. Played for Drama when Daikichi is buried by a landslide and on the brink of death. Kana uses the hitodama to summon an enormous amount of heat and light, enough to keep him alive and get the authorities to investigate the strange light, finding him before it's too late.

Yaguchi is constantly having to keep Inagawa—her boss—in line and pay attention to the store rather than Daikichi, as well as frequently being subjected to his monologues about the supernatural. Chapters are titled "Life 1", "Life 2" The apartment Kana and Daikichi live in look like a bed-sitter, with the shower and probably also the toilets and laundry on the landing. They own neither a phone nor a cellphone, much less a computer or anything fancy.

itoshi no kana ending a relationship

Daikichi does get his hands on an old discarded TV set at the beginning of the story, and later on a water-logged cellphone that he can use to communicate with Kana, but those are about the only luxuries they get, and only because they got them for free. On the other hand, Daikichi gets a job that keeps him paid well enough that they can stay decently fed and afford non-vital commodities like their daily six-pack. After a short one-page prologue, the story starts with Daikichi buying some beer at the convenience store Children, elderly people and animals are the only ones who ever perceive Kana other than Daikichi without necessarily sharing a close relationship with her.

It's assumed but never actually spelled out that Utako eventually is able to talk directly with Kana, although she still can't see her and when she tries to take pictures of Kana and Daikichi on her cellphone, it's rare that even a part of Kana is visible.

My Lovely Ghost KANA, Volume 1

Circumvented by the "dead" cellphone Daikichi finds which she can call, send texts to and is capable of taking her picture. Inagawa uses it to interact with Kana on their date. All characters to some extent, although you can easily find justifications for it: Kana is a ghost and doesn't need to change clothes outside of aesthetic reasons; Daikichi and Utako don't have many possessions anyway; Inagawa and Yaguchi are almost always seen at the convenience store, where they wear their uniforms.

Some characters do get a completely different outfit at least once in the story, though, like Kana with the dress Daikichi gave her. Most characters at some point, but especially on Kana, when she's really happy, has been drinking or doing other things.