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king maker tvb ending a relationship

The Show shouldn't be called "King Maker", it should be "I wonder what Dong Chiu is gonna do next?". 2) Yeung Chung didn't die and got a happy ending. again, and the ambiguous relationship between Wayne and Nancy. . Full thoughts: THE REAL ENDING: WRONG! But she died to save Yu Jing, in a way sorta insane since that man doesn't love her anymore. Sheung Hei. Details:Title: 造王者 / jou wong jehEnglish title: King MakerProducer: Leung A battle between King Makers sparks off a chain of startling events . The plot focused too much on the relationships, making audience feel . [Current Drama ] Love Until the End, 끝까지 사랑 - Mon - Fri @ KST.

Well she becomes concubine and I hate her more. I can understand why the would be empress hates her as well. Now on Sheung Hei, probably the most graceful male character in this series and he is dead.

I feel Yu Jing is like a mass murderer.

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Everybody dies but him. He always gets set up. I feel Tung Chiu is a smarter more ruthless man but unfortunately he is also power crazy and looks borderline insane in this series.

king maker tvb ending a relationship

Tung Chiu is losing control and he still thinks he is right. Such a combination plus power is of course deadly and intoxicating. He feels he is treated unfairly. Back to Sheung Hei. I cried when he died. Why is everyone dropping dead because of Yu Jing? The kingdom is yours!

Yu Jing should have insisted on training 3rd prince, the rightful heir. But this last 3rd episode sees the return of the most noble male character and interestingly it is Yeung Chisan's son, Yeung Dramatic stuff but why do I feel the fire is just not right and the ingredients sorta undercooked? Ok, countdown to see if I am right!!

So my prediction, as series ending soon Sam Leung - dies from the evil plans hatched by Tung Chiu OR survives and actually marries Yu Jing and they run away together to travel the world but this is unlikely since TVB is sadistic these days I am right!!

She dies, BUT from her own blotched plans and I feel in entire episode only Cho gang got it right; they blamed everyone but they also blame Yu Jing. She died for him. Whether she died earlier or later is not relevant; she died because of Yu Jing and of course thanks to Tung Chiu.

I mean all his frustrations, his anger at the belief that his sacrifice was like the best thing ever for the empress as the empress dismissed him and he shouted "You don't believe me?

king maker tvb ending a relationship

You believe that Yu Jing when I spent 10 years of hardship for you and 1st prince? Very angry man and scary is he thinks he is right. I believe Tung Chiu was a noble man 10 years ago but 10 years have taught him to be angry and crazy with power with the belief that he is really right. Of course you may say he need not do all evil stuff if only Yu Jing don't go all noble and just let Tung Chiu go but as this series teaches us, we make our choices, we stand by our choices, like Sam Leong did, and sadly died.

Sad sad ending for Sam Leong. I know I am supposed to feel pity for Hung Ying being bullied by the Empress to be and all that. But why do I feel I pity poor Kwai Sing's wife instead?

I was so annoyed with Hung Ying. She showed disrespect first. Yes, wife should have been more open, more giving as the empress told her to be but can you blame her? She waited bloody 10 years for her husband to come back and when he did, he supposedly made the girl pregnant and wanted to make her a concubine.

However the one catching my eye is Patrick Tang who hasn't caught my eye for a long time. I love his portrayal of Sheung Hei who is even more street smart than his older brother, Yu Jing whose "mouth is all about being noble" as they say but seriously, that's all that he is.

I was so angry with Yu Jing for insulting poor Sheung Hei first as some eunuch who shamed his family, then as a undignified double crossing eunuch and today, classic!! As no better than a dog!!! Oh Yu Jing, such insults you can come out with. She shouts her lines, she is still way too dramatic in her acting and sometimes I feel like saying "Woahhhhh girl, not so close! Walk further back a bit! And for god's sake, not every acting must be the 'the world is ending tomorrow, let it all out' type of acting!

Hated it when she cried. Vivien Yeo has improved so much and cantonese also a lot better but still a bit off. She now doesn't look as pretty as her youthful self but her acting has improved tremendously. Still a bit raw but at least not dramatically raw. Wayne, oh Wayne is still Oh dear, acting is numero uno terrible. Not convinced at all.

king maker tvb ending a relationship

Tung Chiu - dies but I suspect he will kill himself dramatically in front of everyone or is executed but not before he makes a speech as to why he was a noble man but after 10 years of suffering he became the man he is today and so we will like pity him and all and this will give Yu Jing his final chance to make his "Be noble, dude" speech to his face Yuk Kiu - goes dramatically insane Sheung Hei - tortured by Tung Chiu and dies to save his siblings who are not worth saving Hung Ying - actually becomes concubine since she may actually get pregnant and from the looks of it may even be empress one day when empress to be falls from grace Empress to be - falls from grace, got kicked out OR learns her lesson and becomes good friends with Hung Ying Kwai Sing - Becomes emperor, realises Yu Jing is always right but not before we know the final truth, that he ain't the real son of the emperor which means Ming Hin - dies or denounces his father and got exiled We shall see!!!

Anyway one scene stuck in my mind was when Yeung Chi San told Tung Yuk Kiu "Yes I may be in dire straits, but at least my son loves me and has me in his heart. I may be cruel to others but I love my family. He still uses you and you now use him, you both use each other. What sort of a relationship is that? Anyway will Kwai Wo have a come back? No doubt Kwai Seng is probably empress' and her former lover's son from the looks of it.

Impeccable performance of an ambitious man walking on tightropes, who is on the good side but uses questionable means. So now that the bad guys are driven away, his target is probably Yu Jing. I sorta think this series is like an all rounder of the word "jang" aka steal or grab. Let's see; 2 advisers vying for top adviser post, in future 2 women vying for the love of one man, 2 princes vying for the position of crown prince, 2 mothers vying for top position for son Kent Cheng is deliciously ambiguously He is like Prof Umbrage in Harry Potter series.

king maker tvb ending a relationship

She doesn't work for the bad guy that is Voldermort but doesn't make her the good guy because she is evil in her own way. Like Tung Chiu who is the master manipulator. Even Wayne falters but Kent Cheng, his every smile, every twitch of his eyes or eyebrow. Tung Chiu is positively "the end justify the means" sort of guy. Yu Jing is noble but if follow his way, see where he ended up Tung Chiu is best for plotting the way to be emperor and Yu Jing is best for how to rule on as emperor.

I love Tung Chiu and Ming Hin's love-hate-use each other relationship! How I wish Jacky Heung is in this role. Anyone feels Yuk Kiu got the bad end of the bargain? I mean Yu Jing after 10 years just stopped loving her. I feel bad for her. As for Natalie Tong, I am annoyed. Why does she speak so loud? Also I thought it was random that a dog was on the island in the end. If Yu Jing didn't bring it there there shouldn't be a dog on the island! She takes blame from Yu Jing who is framed by Dong Chiu to have been unloyal to the king and is sentenced to death.

She dies in Yu Jing's arms. No comment about her character, it wasn't very memorable and it didn't seem to be important at all apart from her sacrifice.

It was very sad when she died but at least she got to see Yu Jing before she did. She had many happy moments in her life. Her "Dad" finds out her real identity, and that her real father caused Gwok Chu's family to be sentenced to death and uses her to harm her big brother before telling her the truth. Yu Ting then remembers who she really is and is reunited with her brother.

Meanwhile she gets to know Guai Sing who develops feeling for her. Gwok Chu attempted to assassinate the King but failed but escaped.

Yu Jing reveals to others that she is actually his long lost sister so shouldn't get punishment. Furthermore Guai Sing and Yu Ting lie to the King saying that she was carrying his baby so she could not be murdered.

She is then brought to live in the palace, as the Queen decides to determine her fate after she gives birth to the baby. She does later get pregnant and becomes Queen when Guai Sing becomes King. I liked Natalie Tong here. Not the acting, but that bit of storyline. Apart from Yu Jing looked pretty fine and still managed to smack his head on the ground 36 times before fainting in fact I think that's what made him faint, the headbutting, not the stabbing in the chest.

I don't understand too how he managed to escape, his loyal person came out and suddenly all the Fan men forget about capturing him? So he manages to escape with 2 people against about 20 people. At least she had a happy ending. He loses his status and his dignity as the capturers frequently abuse him. He is released back to his home after 10 years a nervous wreck and took a period of time before returning to his usual self with the help of Yu Jing.

He becomes crown prince again after scheming by Dong Chiu. Guai Sing later finds out about the bad deeds Dong Chiu commits. Guai Sing also finds that he isn't actually the King's son. Dong Chiu also finds out and plots against Guai Sing, however he fails. Guai Sing puts him in Jail and leaves Yu Jing to sort him out.

Guai Sing becomes king. His third brother dies of illnesses, therefore he gets to keep the throne. Much like the series, his character was best to watch in the first few episodes. Even though what happened to him was cruel, it was touching to see.

He randomly got evil for a bit in the end as he wanted to kill everyone. But I don't think the killing personality is his personality, but just there to show how greedy someone can be to become king. I'm still not convinced. Without Yu Jing, he would be a terrible king as he doesn't seem to be intelligent at all.

king maker tvb ending a relationship

In fact, if the king is not blood related to previous king he should let Yu Jing be king instead. Her life just went wrong after Yu Jing got sent to that island for 10 years.

She got tricked into marrying a villain by her father and was not treated well and beaten. The love of her life, Yu Jing does not want her anymore. When she finally gets to leave her husband she leaves as a scheming bitter women who will trust no one at all. See below From the two episodes that I've watch so far, both Kent and Wayne should be Pierre's advisor, but apparently Kent becomes Chris' advisor later on.

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Also I don't know if it was intended, but there is no line connecting Elaine Yiu and Wayne Lai together, when they are in love. Does it mean that their relationship is to be short lived? The following are relationships that I learnt from reading the synopsis on TVB's website. They may be already well known already, but don't read if you want to find out yourself any more relationships between the characters! I'm also making some guesses to what is going to be happening to the characters.

Again, after only watching the first two episodes, not much has been shown yet. I know that Wayne will get separated with his siblings, even though the King said that they could reunite.