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meteor garden 1 ending relationship

Meteor Rain is a Taiwanese drama starring Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu of F4 1 Synopsis; 2 Cast; 3 Production; 4 See also; 5 References; 6 External links She attempts to rekindle her relationship with Xi Men (Ken Chu) ( Soujiroh He has the same hairstyle that he did at the end of Meteor Garden. Meteor Garden is one unforgettable, iconic show in the Philippines that defined Hua Ze Lei, the third wheel to Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai's relationship. and Xiao You in one of the key scenes in Meteor Garden Season 1. The remake of Meteor Garden to be aired in China was released in Meteor Garden was when Shancai was kidnapped and she ended up getting a facial. . Sharon Cuneta reveals important detail about relationship with.

They spent the night talking. But it's the first time we've seen him behave like this. He is serious about you. I suppose you've realized it?

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He returned within two days and the F4 went to greet him. They waited at his home, before Lei pointed out that he probably went to visit "someone important", meaning Shan Cai. The next day, Si chastised Lei for waiting to the last second to tell him about Shan Cai. After Si and Shan Cai had a fight, Lei encouraged him to apologize and tried to get her to listen to Si. Lei refused to interfere in the matter. Si's mother invited Lei over and tried to manipulate him into pursuing Shan Cai, which failed.

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Coincidentally, Xiao Zi and Si arrived and joined them. Xiao Zi then invited them to her family's villa, which Lei readily agreed to. That night, Lei saved Shan Cai when she fainted in the hot spring. He comforted her the rest of the night and lent his back for her to cry on in the morning. Feng arrived shortly after them and a fight between her and Shan Cai ensued. Once Feng left, Shan Cai declared she would not "concede defeat" to her and the F4 offered their support.

I regret giving up the relationship so easily.

Hua Ze Lei

I should have persisted. Shan Cai, do you understand? Giving up your relationship with Si will be your biggest regret in life.

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By betraying your own feelings and rejecting Si, you will feel as remorseful as I do. The following day, Qing He reported that Shan Cai had disappeared. They questioned Si about the situation, but he refused to say anything about it. Si then began acting like his "old self", and several attempts by Mei Zuo and Xi Men to cheer him only aggravated him further. They then focused their energy on figuring out why this situation happened.

Lei and Qing He brought her back to Taipei, where Lei provided her with a place to stay. Si took the news calmly, the opposite reaction that Lei was hoping for.

meteor garden 1 ending relationship

Lei then began spending a lot of time with her. One night, Lei walked her home and pleaded with her to acknowledge her love for Si. When they reached her home, they found a gift left by Si for her. The F3 approached Xiao Zi to obtain the details of their upcoming wedding. When she informed that the engagement was forced by their parents, they decided to rescue Si.

However, they were ultimately caught by Si's mother. Mei Zuo finally called Si's sister to intervene. He had brown hair that ended about an inch above his collar, while his bangs almost covered his eyes.

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Lei favored button-down shirts with either short sleeves or long sleeves, which he typically paired with khaki pants. Personality and traits As a child, Lei was extremely quiet and introverted to a point that Xi Men described him as "autistic".

meteor garden 1 ending relationship

Lei gradually came out of his shell and was able to develop some social skills through the help of Jing. In college, Lei still retained much of his introverted personality.

meteor garden 1 ending relationship

He sometimes came off as gruff or uncaring, though he really just disliked being involved in other's affairs. In a report by Yahoo!

However, according to the producer, the series was only inspired by the Manga series and was not based on it. However, instead of the usual group composed of four boys, the Indian version had "FAB5," a group of rich, spoiled kids in a university which consists of three boys and two girls. The series gained immense popularity in India, making it the No. Meteor Garden had more than eight runs in the Philippines.

In the middle of its run, the network decided to air a "rewind" during weekend mornings. The series originally aired at 5: Eugene Domingo was the voice behind Auntie Jade?

Two of Meteor Garden's theme songs were translated and performed in Tagalog. These were the first season's two official themes: Meteor Garden's F4 renamed its band in ? Back inSueisha Inc. However, inSueisha Inc. After Meteor Garden, Rainie played lead actress in several drama projects.