Neopets the darkest faerie ending relationship

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neopets the darkest faerie ending relationship

A page for describing Characters: Neopets. A character Characters / Neopets. Go To Also see here for the many species of Neopets. .. The Darkest Faerie. Relationships: Roberta has a very stable, enjoyable relationship with Tormund, Known For: Helping to stop the Darkest Faerie before she destroyed all of Neopia . Roberta assumed she had found her fairy-tale ending when she befriended. For Neopets: The Darkest Faerie on the PlayStation 2, FAQ/Walkthrough by tris88 . to the left of the broken down carriage, and pass thru the tunnel at the end. creatures known as Motes but didn't understand their relationship to magic.

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Her betrayal of her close friend, King Altador, whose life she had even saved once. Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": She is only referred to as the Darkest Faerie, the Betrayer, or sometimes by her previous title as a founder of Altador, the Sleeper. She was once a friend of King Altador and helped found the city that bears his name, but then she betrayed him. One of twelve founders of Altador, she ended up betraying everyone. She was good before power corrupted her and she schemed to rule Altador alone.

Riddle for the Ages: Her real name remains a mystery. Her true name has been intentionally forgotten, and it seems that there are those who are uncomfortable even with speaking the title she is referred to by now. Sealed Evil in a Can: Queen Fyora banished her by imprisoning her in a stone statue. As a Dark Faerie, she has purple skin, and is often shown surrounded by magical purple flames.

She was imprisoned in a statue at the bottom of the ocean. Vanity, Malice, and Spite Voiced by: Jennifer Hale Vanity; Neopets: They are three evil Faerie sisters. The Darkest Faerie The most acclaimed sorcerer in Brightvale, he serves under King Hagan, tutoring the ruler's niece in the magic arts. Appointed by King Hagan.

neopets the darkest faerie ending relationship

He has a green orb at the end of his Magic Staff that glows green, and his overall outfit is green in colour. Her grumpy personality likely stems from the fact that as a little girl she was forced to flee into the woods after her brother unwittingly brought a curse upon their hometown that transformed its citizens into monsters.

She lived in isolation and wasn't reunited with her family for years afterward. But Now I Must Go: After curing Neovia, she tells her parents and siblings that as much as she loves them, she has decided to return to her shack in the woods, because the town just isn't home to her anymore. She's female and owns several Meowclopses, which are sort of like cats.

Dark Is Not Evil: She is a loner, lives in the Haunted Woods, and is, of course, a witch, but she is not evil. In fact she cured the Neovian Curse.

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She has plenty of moments. Welcome back to Neovia! Not quite the same welcome as before, is it? At first she is very grouchy and cynical, but when it becomes clear that the curse on Neovia can be lifted, she starts to defrost.

neopets the darkest faerie ending relationship

In the Tale of Woe plot she sought a mystical flower that cured the Neovian Curse. She has one when she sees her family and the other townspeople in their monster forms.

After racing back to her shack, she manages to pull herself together. She is very beautiful. She was the one who cured the Neovian Curse. She "would turn you into a petpetpet, but is too nice".

neopets the darkest faerie ending relationship

She works to free her mother and father, as well as brothers, from the curse that is on them. She's sarcastic and cynical practically all the time. She is definitely this.

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005)

She saw the skeleton of a deceased Acara, but stayed stoic. Bruno A sweet yet painfully shy young Gelert whose longing to impress a girl he loved inadvertently led to the ruin of his entire town. Finally, at age ten, Roberta was what you could call a prodigy: But years later, at age fourteen, Roberta assumed she had found her fairy-tale ending when she befriended three boys who were also studying magic, and were smart just like her.

She thought she had finally found friends until they invited her over to their club-house in the village, where she was assaulted inappropriately repeatedly by all three of them.

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie - Yes, this exists.

Finally escaping, Roberta dashed her way out and notified the guards what they had done, watching the club-house get knocked over and the boys arrested. After the traumatizing and humiliating incident, Roberta withdrew herself from every single male in the castle However, when Brightvale noticed the very ominous dark, purple clouds gathering over Meridell, and soon taking over the neighboring towns slowly, King Hagan was in a state of panic. While waiting for the council to open up again while it was in session, Roberta was taught some advanced magical skills from Seradar.

After the hearing in the council, everyone had gone to bed to sleep peacefully for the trip back. However, upon waking up, Roberta finds Faerie Land completely overrun with the same dark purple clouds. Going to Seradar for help, she is soon scared off by him when she finds that he had become possessed by darkness and he attempts to assault her. Escaping quickly, Roberta deduces that Fyora must have been caught off guard with Roberta schemed on somehow getting to Fyora's room and helping her until she hears a cry for help.

Following that cry, she had snuck her way into the back-room where she witnessed a powerful dark faerie torturing a nice old lady--being the same nice old lady who had given her an amulet Enraged, Roberta came up with a quick plot to distract the dark fairy by activating the bell tower again. Sneaking back into the same room, she freed the old lady, who had provided her with some important information: Confused and baring so many questions, Roberta couldn't ask what she wanted as she and the old lady had to leave before the dark faerie returned.

neopets the darkest faerie ending relationship

Separating from the old lady afterwards, Roberta manages to make her way out of Fyora's castle through the enchanted staircase. Getting out from the library from there, she escapes on her pet uni, Soloran, but instead falls from the sky after the dark faerie manipulated the clouds into knocking her off Soloran Using her wind magic to break her fall, Roberta falls into some vines on the beach of the coast of Brightvale.

From there, she meets Tormund Ellis, a third-class knight of Meridell, and wearing the same amulet as she was. Though uncomfortable being around a young man--especially one two years older than her--Roberta didn't focus too much on her fear of men as she and Tor had to rush back to Brightvale as soon as the dark clouds spreaded from Meridell to the Brightvale coast. Once getting there and through a series of adventures, they both deduce that the dark faerie who took over Faerie Land and Meridell is The Darkest Faerie: After going through a large series of events from freeing the neighboring towns and going through mini quests, Roberta and Tor began to grow from being strangers, to friends, to best friends, to crushing on each other romantically.

After freeing Altador and being transported to Faerieland to do battle with The Darkest Faerie, Tor confesses to Roberta that he has something to tell her something "important" after the battle, to which Roberta says the same. However, during the fight, as Roberta is getting the upper-hand against The Darkest Faerie, The Darkest Faerie plunges a spiraling sharp pillar of rock towards her.

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Just before Roberta can do anything to protect herself or avoid it, Tor throws himself in front of her and protects her, but gets jabbed in the stomach. In a fit of rage that The Darkest Faerie had harmed the one she now adores, Roberta distracts The Darkest Faerie and heals Tor for a bit before the distraction wears off, and Roberta then continues to do a much stronger battle then before to save Tor and Neopia; she succeeds by throwing the orb necklace made by Jerdana around The Darkest Faerie's neck, freezing her.

But before she is frozen again, Tor manages to get the imprisoned Queen Fyora out of the evil faerie's grasp and free her. With that, Queen Fyora saves Faerie Land and Meridell together at the last second with her magic, and then rescues the slowly dying Tormund in gratitude for his rescue and his bravery for protecting Roberta.