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5 lessons we can all learn from the TV show, “Ningning” A drama series centered on relationships and good values, we list down 5 lessons. To mark the end of this ABS-CBN daytime series this Friday, January 15, The teleserye showed the relationship of Ningning and her father. 'Bituing Walang Ningning' takes on a new incarnation -- a stage musical Her climactic conversation with Nico about their relationship in Act 2.

They fall in love, [7] a relationship that is welcomed at first, then opposed because of the conflict arising from subsequent events between the Alipio and Montecillos. As relations become adversarial between both families, Ana and Paco decide to end their relationship. Paco moves on and falls in love with his colleague Atty. Through the years, while Sonya thinks her past is behind her, Jean marries her husband's partner Jacob Montecillo Ariel Rivera and focuses her time on a new advocacy: Jean recognizes Sonya as the same woman in the hospital the night Edward died and learns later that she was an Educare policy holder.

When new developments in Edward's murder investigation surfaces, a heavy conscience drives Sonya to give herself up and she is charged and imprisoned. Paco is the lead counsel defending her, assisted by his law school classmate and girlfriend, Atty.

They find two crucial evidence missing, Edward's gun and the ballistic report establishing the real assassin's gun as the weapon that killed him.

Unknown by all, Edward's real killer is an assassin hired by Jacob Montecillo, Edward's childhood best friend and business partner. Jacob has long coveted Edward's life, his wife, money and his father's admiration, so he steals Educare's funds, has Edward killed and marries his widow. Sonya's unexpected visit that night creates a perfect cover and helps him get away with murder. He later has his right-hand man Roman retrieve and dispose all evidence linking him to Edward's murder and Educare's bankruptcy.

At the summation in Sonya's trial, the Judge hands Sonya a guilty verdict for homicide, but not first-degree murder. Sonya accepts this as retribution for the 12 years she robbed Gabriel for a crime she knew he did not commit.

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Nevertheless, her family and legal team pursue the unknown shooter angle, leading them to Jacob's direct connection with Educare's bankruptcy and Edward Lamoste's murder. Meanwhile, characters related to Jacob Montecillo suffer misfortunes as Jacob begins to get rid of all evidence and contacts linking him to Educare's illegal transactions. Julia, the bank manager directly involved with Jacob and Educare is found dead from an apparent suicide, but authorities are considering foul play, leading to an NBI deep dive of Julia's dealings with Educare.

Katrina, Jean's former assistant possessing evidence of Jacob's illegal money transfers to the fictitious Editha Fuentabella account, is kidnapped and eventually killed. Jacob kills his right-hand man, Roman when he turns himself over to Paco as a material witness against Jacob. Yaya Letty Ces QuesadaAna and Jean's long-time retainer, approaches Paco with her insights about Jacob Montecillo, admitting she witnessed Jacob suspiciously throw something over the bridge when she followed him one evening.

This draws Ana and Paco to collaborate with Georgette, and the three find credible evidence proving Jacob's involvement. Ana who suspects Jacob's direct hand in her father's death urges her mother to leave him. Angered by Ana's allegations, Jacob arranges to have her killed along with the Alipios, all narrowly losing their lives to several assassination attempts. It was produced by Vic del Rosario, Jr. The film became an instant hit, quickly developing a cult following and produced the popular line ""You're nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!

She agreed to do the remake with the conditions of Sarah Geronimo portraying the role of Dorina Pineda and that the story will stay true to the fan-star relationship depicted in the original story. Angelika Dela Cruz later was tapped as Lavina Arguelles. Promotional shoots began early January while taping started from early January then April then throughout. On the Sunday show ASAP the two had to play their characters from the soap to link for the upcoming episodes. Amy Austria as Barbara Arguelles.

Carla Humphries as Rita Arguelles, and then Tuesday Vargas' Libby character in her more serious debut apart away from being a comedian her character counterpart on the show has more admiration for Dorina and plays Larry Calmas' assistant.

Synopsis[ edit ] Emilio and Rosa Mia are a loving couple expecting their first child. Rosa Mia is a devout, aspiring singer, who works at cheap bars to earn a living while Emilio is a security guard where Rosa Mia works. One night, as Emilio was out seeking employment, Rosa Mia goes into labour. With no one around, she runs outside and into the pouring rain to get to the hospital. Fortunately, Emilio arrives and sees Rosa Mia struggling, but Rosa Mia already gives birth in the street to a baby girl they name Emilia Rose.

Emilia Rose becomes a sickly child, developing lung problems which brings her in and out of hospital. Rising medical bills force a desperate Rosa Mia to accept a month-long singing engagement in Cebuleaving Emilio to care for the baby on his own.

He brings Emillia Rose with him out on his new job as a security guard in another club. On one occasion, Emilio's boss has him deliver a package to a different club, so he leaves the baby with his acquaintance Adora, a rose seller in the red light district of Malate.

Adora agrees to mind the baby for a few minutes, waiting outside the club for Emilio's return. Unbeknownst to Adora, Emilio is arrested inside the club because the package turns out to filled with drugs. She fainted in the hospital where Eric appeared in Sabel's dream before he died to tell her that she is pregnant and his last request is for Dido to protect her from harm. She has inherited all the properties and money savings that Eric saved up because she is the widow of Eric but she didn't want what she inherited.

She gave all of it to his mother, Bettina. She went to prison because Margaret made it look like she was the one who stabbed Margaret with a knife. Sabel wanted to show the people of her town that she is not the type of person they think she is. Therefore, she created a foundation to help the people in need in her town. Anton and Margaret kidnapped her daughter but she got caught in the cross fire, where Anton shot her in the back because she protected Dido from being shot.

Her last request is for him to go back to the church to become a priest which he did. Margaret placed Erica on the ground and ran off where Dido picked up Erica to put her beside Sabel.