Pacifist run after genocide ending relationship

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pacifist run after genocide ending relationship

After all, the Pacifist ending straight up leaves him eternally soulless. like the strange unsatisfaction I felt when ending the Pacifist run. It would make sense, considering how many people drawn by this feeling end up playing Genocide. So much of the characters' relationships are left in shambles. Even after finishing a Pacifist route, the events of the Genocide route haunt Frisk. Every relationship they destroyed and every choice they ever made. They wouldn't destroy this happy ending for everyone out of curiosity. -Also, I got the chara ending even in a true pacifist run, with the secret boss . Could still follow the theory that this is in fact a genocide sequel in an place in another world, there must be a strong connection to the previous game. " Deltarune" being an anagram of Undertale, and since it's the literal title of.

Just examine the feeling as you go around the Undertale community.

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Whenever I watched parodies of Undertale songs, or watched AMVs or things like that, the unsatisfaction I felt basically tripled.

It made me want to play genocide, to do… something.

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There are too many questions Toby never answered. Sans, Chara, Muffet, Asriel, Gaster even! The reason the unsatisfaction feels so much like completionism is because they stem from the same thing!

Completionism is when you leave a job half-finished, the goal that is discovering every secret. This Undertale feeling is when you leave a different job half-finished, the goal of making the happy ending for all your friends.

Asriel falls under this category, but only slightly. His ending was actually quite solid, and left him sad to be soulless, but happy that he at least had to have met a truly wonderful friend. Instead, look at Sans from the Pacifist perspective. Throughout the game, he does nothing but follow you, but doing absolutely nothing. He can't even muster the power to save you from Undyne! He just slept through it!

After exploring the True Lab and talking to Alphys, she gains the confidence to reveal the truth about her experiments to the rest of the Underground. While attempting to leave, Frisk receives a phone call in the elevator from an unknown voice. The elevator immediately and forcibly brings Frisk to New Home. Barrier Flowey restrains Frisk's friends before the final battle. After returning to the throne room and confronting Asgore again, the pre-fight dialogue is interrupted by Toriel, who stops Asgore from fighting Frisk.

Toriel is immediately followed by the other main characters who encourage everyone to get along. However, in a surprise twist, Papyrus reveals that it was "a tiny flower" who told him to bring everyone there.

Directly after this, all of the Underground's monsters arrive to encourage Frisk in the fight against Flowey. However, Flowey reveals that this has what he wanted all along so that he could absorb the souls of all the monsters in the Underground along with the six human SOULs. Due to the immense power gained from the six human SOULs and all of the monster SOULs, Flowey can transform into his true form, and just before the fight begins it is revealed that he is actually Asriel Dreemurr.

During this fight, Frisk is invincible, and any hit that would normally result in death instead causes the heart to split, but reform back together. The first time this happens, it is accompanied by the text "but it refused.

This is accomplished by completing a short sequence of ACT options to restore the memory of each lost soul after selecting the said lost soul of a chosen character.


After saving each monster, Frisk realizes that there is still one more person to save. After choosing to save "someone else," Asriel's memories of the first human who strongly resembled Frisk begin to play in a slideshow style.

It is then revealed this "someone else" is Asriel himself. After this, Asriel starts to feel the love the monsters feel for Frisk through the souls he has absorbed, and slowly loses the will to fight as he is overcome with his fear of dying alone. After reverting to his child form, Asriel learns Frisk's name.

He apologizes for hurting everybody, and Frisk can choose to forgive or not forgive Asriel. Regardless of the choice made, Asriel destroys the barrier using the power of all of the SOULs before releasing them. Knowing that he will turn back to a flower without the power of the SOULs to sustain him, Asriel says one last goodbye to Frisk before leaving.

At this point, there is a choice to hug Asriel or do nothing. Freedom The start menu after the barrier has been broken. While the monsters remember little about Flowey and nothing about his incarnation as Asriel, they do know Frisk's name. At this point, Frisk can backtrack through the Underground and talk to the other monsters, before returning to the surface. Backtracking to the very first room in Undertale reveals that Asriel is tending to the flowers.

Asriel asks about Frisk's desire to travel up Mt. Ebott in the first place. Receiving no answer, Asriel lists off foolishness or fate as possible motives, but comes to the conclusion that "only you Frisk know the answer. After passing through the final door to the surface, Frisk leaves the Underground with friends.

Asgore offers Frisk the chance to be the monsters' ambassador to the humans. Most of the main monster cast then leave, except for Toriel, who asks about Frisk's plans.

At this point, Frisk can choose to stay with Toriel or to go elsewhere. After choosing to stay with Toriel, the ending scene shows Toriel bringing a slice of pie to Frisk's bedroom.

Otherwise, if Frisk has "places to go," the game ends with a group photo of the main monster cast with Frisk in the middle. Genocide Route For further information, see Chara.

Trivia An earlier version of Frisk's sprite. The word "frisk" can mean several things: Their hands felt numb and they didn't know if it was because of the snow or because they now didn't feel like theirs.

pacifist run after genocide ending relationship

Their heart was racing faster than one of Undyne's spears and they felt dizzy. Papyrus freaked out, coming over and Sans was woken up by Frisk's cry. Both skeletons didn't know what to do and when Frisk eventually calmed down enough to reassure them they were fine, Papyrus was on the verge of tears and Sans looked miserably helpless.

Frisk went two months without another panic attack, but the second one was worse than the first. Frisk was at a meeting and the creeping feeling of panic and flickering of their vision made them excuse themselves abruptly before running out.

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Toriel had found them half an hour later in the janitor's closet, with tear-stained cheeks and shivering violently. Toriel had then offered to get Frisk consoling for whatever they were going through, but Frisk quickly denied.

How were they supposed to explain that they were having panic attacks over killing all their friends and family before resetting the world to fix everything? They'd be locked up quicker than sparing a Molsmol. Toriel had given them a concerned look before saying that she wouldn't force Frisk to do anything they didn't want to. Everyone tried helping Frisk, but the problem was that Frisk didn't think they needed help. All of this felt like a punishment for the Genocide route and Frisk told themselves that they deserved it.

They kept having panic attacks, but they became better at hiding them. It wasn't until yet another sleepless night that Frisk got any real help.

pacifist run after genocide ending relationship

Frisk had been staring at the window, just looking out at the world in front of them when a dulled yellow spot appeared in the corner of their vision. They looked over and saw a familiar yellow-petaled face.

Frisk had immediately left their room to go outside and see what the flower was up to. They crept up behind the flower, who was staring up at the sky. If flowers could jump, Flowey certainly did. What are you doing here? Frisk didn't reply, but instead gave Flowey a look they hoped was concerned. Flowey stared at them before sighing.

pacifist run after genocide ending relationship

I wanted to see if mom- Toriel- was awake. Or any other problems? Flowey stared at them before clearing his throat. I just reset and fixed it. Tears don't do anything except get your face wet! What's got you so worked up? I-" "I killed you! That's why I reset, I wanted everyone to live. I know I was. It'll be okay, Frisk. But you did the right thing. Everyone is happy now. Papyrus and his idiot brother.

Everyone is free because you fixed your mistakes. That's more than I ever did, though I wish I had done what you did.

pacifist run after genocide ending relationship

Flowey nodded and Frisk laughed shortly before hugging the flower they best they could. The months following that encounter, Frisk started getting better. They started sleeping more peacefully and the panic attacks started happening less and less.

pacifist run after genocide ending relationship