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payback time by carl deuker ending relationship

This item:Payback Time by Carl Deuker Paperback $ In Stock. Ships from and sold by #1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult Marriage Paperback. $ PAYBACK TIME BY CARL DEUKER Furthermore I can relate to Angel being the one to sit at the end of the bench and not be getting into the. Payback Time and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view . This item:Payback Time by Carl Deuker Hardcover $ . It just kind of ended, but over all great book to keep your page turning. . Careers · Blog · About Amazon · Press Center · Investor Relations · Amazon Devices.

I found this book to be very enjoyable. It was always suspenseful and never did I once feel like the story was slow. The dialogue was the same as typical high school students; it sounded like it could have been a true story based on the way the characters acted and spoke. The characters also changed throughout the book, which made it interesting. The ending was quite surprising and unexpected which made this book even more enjoyable.

The book was motivational at times, proving that it is possible to accomplish goals when you set your mind to it. It's the first book I've read in the last few years that I honestly thoroughly enjoyed reading.

It was relatable to any typical teenager's life that involves young love, self-esteem issues and even high school drama. The only negative aspect of this book that I could think of was possibly excessive football scenes. I do not recommend reading this book if the reader is not interested in football or sports in general. I enjoy football so I loved the book but someone who feels indifferent towards football may want to steer away from it.

Otherwise, I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who remotely enjoys sports and wants to get their hands on a good read. It was worth my time and it won't waste yours. I would enjoy reading more books by Deuker in the future. It wasn't boring and slow developing; once you start reading you want to keep going and going.

The story is written in a very real and exciting way, as if you are there in person watching what is going on.

I really enjoyed reading this book - it was very well written and exciting to reading. It was easy to follow and not confusing but still very interesting at the same time.

The story is about a boy named Daniel, nicknamed Mitch, who is a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School; he is short, fat, pale, and not very handsome. Mitch is a writer for the school newspaper, the Lincoln Light.

payback time by carl deuker ending relationship

Mitch wanted to be editor of the Lincoln Light his senior year but he did not get the job; instead Alyssa Hanson was named editor. Since Mitch was not named editor, he thought he would be lead reporter instead, but Alyssa changed his assignment to sports reporter.

She said he was the best writer for the newspaper and the only thing that people were really interested in was sports. The football coach wants Mitch to focus on only reporting about the star quarter back Horst Diamond. Mitch's photographer, Kimi Yon, a very smart and good looking girl, goes with Mitch to his first interview of Horst Diamond on the first day of football practice. Kimi tells Mitch she's tired of hearing about Horst Diamond and that they should interview other people for a change.

As they sit on a hill and watch the first practice, Mitch sees a new kid trying out for the football team and notices that he is big and strong and has the arm of an NFL quarterback.

Kimi tells the coach that they want to interview the new guy, so the coach calls the boy over and asks him a few questions and gets him to throw the ball a few times so he can check out his arm. The boy just lobs the ball in the air and doesn't throw the ball like Mitch saw him do earlier, and the coach tells them they can't interview him. The coach asks the boy what his name is, where he's from, if he played football there, and what position he played.

The new boy, Angel, from Houston, says he got cut from the football team at his old school which he says was a big school, and that he plays linebacker. Mitch and Kimi watch the rest of the practice and notice that Angel does not try his hardest on the field - he doesn't put all of his effort into the drills.

This makes Mitch and Kimi want to find out more about Angel. Mitch has always wanted to cover a big story that will get attention and shake the world. This isn't a story that big, "But it was a story. Angel is a great athlete, big, strong, fast, and very talented; he does very well in games and is in on every play, but for some reason the coach doesn't play him very much.

Mitch is trying to find the missing pieces to create his first real story. What is Angel's story? Why won't the coach play Angel more and let his talents be seen on the field? Ever feel the suspense of a groundbreaking story or a last minute game change? Well if you want to feel that rush of excitement again or want to feel it for the first time, read Payback Time.

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Carl Dueker uses his writing skills and knowledge of being a teacher to relate to a teen's mind very well. He thinks what a usual teenager thinks. He talks about how important sports are in the teenage mind and about how to keep in shape and workout. So, in his book he emphasizes these to a high school student named Mitch True. Mitch True is an overweight student, and he loves being a journalist.

He writes for his school newspaper and is the best writer there. They will have to decide if it is ethical to take advantage of their findings, and it could be the hardest decision they have ever made. What a great read this was!

payback time by carl deuker ending relationship

The story is filled with intricate characters, plot twists, and fantastic descriptions of action-packed football games! Mitch is not your average hero; he is just an ordinary guy who has ordinary problems, and he meets them head on. The side plot of his losing weight shows that he is a very determined young man and extremely goal-oriented.

Having him narrarate the story also gives him a very sympathetic, but persistent, attitude. Kimi Yon, to whom Mitch is attracted, provides an interesting "side-kick" to Mitch, and having her father, whom she describes as "embarassing, help them at a crucial point in the plot was pure genius! Coach McNulty comes across as guff and hard, but we see another side of him near the end of the book. I believe that readers should take self motivation away from this book.

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I believe that this book gives good examples about self motivation. Furthermore readers should take away hope from this book. The reason being is that Mitch did not always have the answer to all of the questions that he had about Angel but he knew that at the end of the football season he would have some information to write a story. I could relate to Angel Marichal.

Payback Time by Carl Deuker

One reason is I have been in his situation about starting on the bench and eventually starting in the starting lineup. The second way I could relate to Angel is because of his quiet leadership. I understand at first why he did not want to be one that talked a lot.

Furthermore I can relate to Angel being the one to sit at the end of the bench and not be getting into the game. The mindset that Angel had was remarkable because he played well but he only played a little and would not be warmed up when he was put into the game. This gave him a disadvantage because he was not warmed up and was not prepared to be in the games.

Payback Time|Not Required Reading

I did like the book. The book was great and had very interesting themes. One strength of the book was the imagery. When I was reading the book I could imagine the football field and I could imagine the energy from the sports fans in the stadium.