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to exploring the characters and their relationships, so anyone who tries watching it The game starts shortly after PopoRogue ends, showing Pietro Also, the ending has a scene that should resonate with Ar tonelico fans. sequently, Nintendo abruptly ended the relationship with Sony. While Sony's .. The first game to sport this new protection was the PoPoRogue, and. the weird and oft-forgotten middle game, PoPoRogue, was quite nice. JPRG than Simulator made me even more hyped. Can't wait. Spoiler .. since Pietro has a canon relationship and he's not the type of boy to cheat on.

According to the game or manual can't remember where I saw it originallythe more you use skills, the more they'll level up. In my experience, however, skills seem to level up randomly and I'm on Chapter 7. Skills I've never used the entire game have actually leveled up a few times whereas skills I always use will go stretches before they level up again.

So, I'm not too sure about how it actually works. As for benefits, it depends on the skill. So in general, yes there are real benefits to skills when they increase in level. Thanks for the reply! Is this to say this game takes place within the PSP version in between Chapters?

"Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale" (3DS) coming to NA by XSEED

There have actually been seven mainline Popolo games so far -- in Japan, anyway. Enchanted Lunar Tale which takes place immediately after the previous titlePopoloCrois: Incidentally, there are also two anime series: A lot of material is missing from the first two numbered Popolo games, but the basic story of both is intact.

Return to PopoloCrois, then, opens on Pietro's 13th birthday, placing it chronologically right smack dab in the middle. I never knew the PoPoLoCrois' world is this complex. I'm up to chapter 3 so far, and though the first few hours were pretty boring, now that it's all about meeting fun characters I'm enjoying it a lot more.

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Unlocking fast-travel also helped a lot. I'm a complete sucker for the "fairy tale" atmosphere in games like Dragon Quest or Ni no Kuni, so I'm really digging the low-key pace of the game. And the music--the music is so, so good. My only real complaint is that combat is I switched the encounter rate to low and turned on auto-battle as soon as I could, and haven't had any trouble to any degree with any encounter thus far.

The other thing that bothers me is Pietro himself. Maybe I'm just weird, but when I pair his chibi proportions, giant square head, and English voice actor I don't see a year-old kid--I see a 40 year old man who could be characterized as "simple.

Although it isn't any different from what I have played back on the PSP, I still very much prefers the PSP version though as it was a lot more "fluid" from what I remember. Justice Justice 2 years ago 17 It's a cool idea. And then you have fairly adorable character designs and so on.

A direct sequel to PopoloCrois: Hajimari no Bouken that takes place a few months after it. After going to meet Luna once again, Pinon and Marco return to PopoloCrois to see it has turned into stone, and after hearing only a legendary relic called the Lunar Drop can undo the petrification, Pinon, Marco and Luna depart for the sea in the ship belonging to Pietro's younger sister, Elena to look for the Lunar Drop, not knowing this will also lead into awakening an ancient evil that is hellbent in leading the world to its destruction.

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This is the only version released of these games outside Japan. Card Quest Mobile, A card game RPG released for mobile phones in Japan. Yume to Kizuna no Bouken Browser, A social game developed for the entag! Its service was terminated in June PopoloChronicle light novel, A duo of light novels set several years into the past that follow the adventures of a boy named Mulca who gets caught up in "the Battle of Ruben," together in journey with Flare, Princess Salsa, Gamigami Devil, and Prince Paulo.

Crossover with the Story of Seasons series, and first and so far only game in the series to see release in a Nintendo console. Taking place between PopoloCrois Monogatari II's prologue and main story, Pietro finds himself whisked off to another world called Galariland, and now he must find a way to go back to PopoloCrois, all while also tending to an abandoned farm he found and started using as his home away from home.

Did we mention that this is most definitely a Widget Series? PopoloCrois provides examples of: The only game to receive an overseas release The PSP Title is a combined adaptation of the first and third Playstation games.

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Most of the first game's content is cut or compressed, but the story is expanded a little with a side-story set in between the two games included. On the other hand, the second game PopoRogue is completely disregarded excepting for some of its characters and monsters being included as summons. Seriously, Pietro's hair changes in every adaptation, like the creators can't decide what his hair color should be! In the games, it's brown, in the 3 minute pilot, it's orange, in the anime, it's blonde, and in the anime, it's brownish blonde.

On that same order of ideas, the first anime series takes a lot of liberties with the characters' color schemes: Pietro also has greenish eyes instead of brown, Queen Sania has brown hair instead of reddish and her dress is mostly blue instead of red, King Paulo's coat is purple instead of green, Narcia's eyes are green instead of blue and GamiGami is missing the gauntlets on his hands.

One half is a Medieval European Fantasy