Silent hill 2 pyramid head ending relationship

silent hill 2 pyramid head ending relationship

Obviously key aspects and narratives of Silent Hill 2 will be It gave us great new characters like Pyramid Head and pushed the horror . In this sense, Silent Hill 2 has a strange and unique marriage with its relationship to. When they kill themselves at the end of SH2 one is holding a rusty egg (The . ( and "Pyramid Head" is seen in Silent Hill 2's descriptions for both the character into a cheap prop used to justify their relation to the series. In Revelation, Pyramid Head protects Heather Mason, who is What about the end of Silent Hill 2, where there's two PHs? Granted his appearance in Homecoming loosens that requirement, but where is the connection to.

She walks into a fire and is not seen again. James realizes that Pyramid Head was created because he needed someone to punish him, and all the monsters are manifestations of his psyche.

silent hill 2 pyramid head ending relationship

The envelope from Mary disappears and both Pyramid Heads commit suicide. Silent Hill 2 features six endings; Konami has kept their canonicity ambiguous.

After waking up in the town with a gun and contemplating suicideshe resolves to find someone. Ernest refuses to let Maria into the room he is in and will only talk to her through its closed door. After Maria completes tasks for him, Ernest warns her about James, whom he describes as a "bad man".

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At the conclusion of the scenario, Maria contemplates suicide once more, but ultimately resolves to find James. As it was unable to gather information on the then-unannounced GameCube and Xbox consoles, they began production of the game for the PlayStation 2. Producer Akihiro Imamura stated that the decision was also influenced by "a wish from the business section that we move rapidly on the PS2.

silent hill 2 pyramid head ending relationship

Pyramid Head does not pursue him or continue the attack. Later, he stalks James' companion Maria, who closely resembles his wife Mary, through a lengthy corridor. As James flees into an elevator, the doors shut before she can join him.

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He struggles to open the doors to save her, but Pyramid Head kills her. He leaves, promising to find a way to free her, and discovers that Pyramid Head walks a corridor nearby, now carrying a spear.

Afterwards, James reaches Maria's side of the cell, but finds her dead. Pyramid Head makes his final appearance just before the final boss, where two Pyramid Heads take part in the encounter.

silent hill 2 pyramid head ending relationship

They kill Maria yet again and, after pursuing James around the room for a while, both commit suicide. Pyramid Head, under the new moniker "Bogeyman", makes a significant appearance in installment Silent Hill Homecomingbut his role is limited to non-interactive scenes, [16] appearing only twice to the game's main protagonist Alex Shepherd once in the Grand Hotel in Silent Hill and, much later, in a church, where he executes Alex's father by splitting him in half.

Alex wakes up in a wheelchair as two Pyramid Heads appear, each with part of a helmet, which they use to turn Alex into one of them. After this ending is played, the player obtains the Bogeyman's costume for Alex to wear. The Arcade[21] as well as Silent Hill: Downpourplaying more prominent role in main story and in "Surprise!

silent hill 2 pyramid head ending relationship

Pyramid Head's most recent appearance was in 's Silent Hill: Book of Memorieswhere he is a monster that can spawn randomly to fight the player. Pyramid Head also appeared as a costume for the Playstation Home. In other media[ edit ] "The big change in Red Pyramid for me was not his head as much as his body. In the game, he has a very deformed body almost a hunchback. Instead we decided to make him a tall, powerful character a little like the Warrior God in Stargate that Patrick Tatopoulos created.

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In the film, the psyches of the female characters shaped the character's physical appearance. According to him, Red Pyramid serves as a symbol of the town's darkness and harbinger of its changed character. When I approached the film, I knew that it was impossible to represent the monsters as simply beasts that jump on you.