Sons of anarchy 7x02 ending a relationship

sons of anarchy 7x02 ending a relationship

Kurt Sutter's biker drama Sons of Anarchy hit the road for the final . Sons of Anarchy has its fair share of odd couples, but Chibs's relationship. 'Mayans MC' ended its first season with a huge 'Sons of Anarchy' twist. At that point, we suggested that relationship hadn't continued, and. Rugrats, Brady Bunch, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, Cheers, Home Improvement, Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World, Sons Of Anarchy, The

Before her passing, she was known as the Queen of SAMCRO and often did whatever she wanted despite being a female in a male-dominated gang. As horrible as it may sound, women would not have nearly as many rights as Gemma did and she certainly would not have gotten away with the meddling she did throughout the show.

Gemma is shown to constantly give her two cents on many matters the gang is dealing with and even be present during meetings. However, in the real world, she probably wouldn't be able to get away with many of these things.

sons of anarchy 7x02 ending a relationship

Most of the time, if an actor has scheduling conflicts or simply does not want to be on a show anymore, they will just replace the actor rather than getting rid of a character.

Other times, the characters just do not seem to gel with the other characters and are never seen again. This happened multiple times on the show with some of the minor characters but it was nonetheless annoying. For instance, Trinity Ashby was only on the show for seven episodes and then never came back up again. Many people may also forget that Chibs had a wife and kid. They were only seen in a few episodes and went missing after season three. Prospects are seen to just get smaller tasks and errand jobs with the occasional hazing, but in real life depending on the club, the initiation process would be much more ruthless.

There are several unsolved mysteries in Sons of Anarchy but among the most intriguing is the identity of the homeless woman. There are multiple theories on who the homeless woman is, but one thing is for certain-she is not just some random extra. Olivia Burnette played the character for eleven episodes scattered throughout the series, usually at a time when Jax and Gemma were about to do something rash.

Some people think that Emily Putner actually survived her car accident and is the homeless woman, while other people think she is a guardian angel or even Jesus Christ. Kevin Sutter has even mentioned that the homeless woman is Jesus Christbut he did not go into detail and never made an official statement on the matter. Because of this, some fans chose to ignore this answer and create their own fan theories that make more sense.

sons of anarchy 7x02 ending a relationship

There is even still an ongoing debate on her identity four years after the series finale aired. Even now that Sons of Anarchy is over they still have shows like Fargo and American Horror Story with an excess amount of gore. There is plenty to be seen in each season of Sons of Anarchy.

sons of anarchy 7x02 ending a relationship

Several years have passed within the show, but nobody seems to really mind the gang activity occurring in their neighborhoods. Some people may just be used to the chaos but it does not make sense that law enforcement would just sit by twiddling their thumbs.

The Sons are smart enough to evade them as well. With the number of illegal activities the Sons of Anarchy were performing, it is incredibly unlikely that they would be able to completely outmaneuver local law enforcement and the Feds. There are bound to be dirty cops in the world. This can account for Sheriff Wayne Unser, but having one friend on the local law enforcement team should not have allowed SAMCRO to slip past as many officers and federal agents as they did.

During his time on the show, Unser was seen as a dirty cop but also a cop who cared about Charming California.

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He helped the Sons because he felt as if their work could protect Charming more than the police department could. While he was a main character for most of the seasons, his role could have been cut a lot shorter if they would have gone with his storyline that was introduced after he retired.

When Unser retires from the police force, he moves into a trailer because his cancer treatment is too expensive for him to afford while living in comfort. Even though this part of his storyline was introduced, it was never touched upon again and most people just forgot that his character was supposed to have cancer. He called Nero his best friend and told Wendy he loved her.

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What he says, goes. Marks has had it coming. See what I did there. And everyone voted in favor of Jax meeting Mr. Mayhem, giving everyone watching heart palpitations. Because, really, that wasn't going to happen. Jax can't go out on a Mayhem vote. I haven't lost sleep every Tuesday night for a punkass Mayhem vote — Alex G. Not gonna lie when Jax said goodbye To his club samcro was really intense it got me. I always knew that'd happen! So then why did they have the vote? Um, why did they have the vote?

It's worth checking out below. Jax knew good and well there was an APB out on him and that'd he'd be spotted. Once he was, he led a Jax Teller Parade, complete with what looked like a thousand cop cars. I was rather fond of this little goose chase. It came to an end, though, when Jax drove his bike into a large truck driven by Michael Chiklis, who was on the show a few episodes ago as a man who Gemma met on the road. Yes, Jax Teller sacrificed himself.

And there were lots of mixed reactions. He was their savior.