Survivor series 2014 ending a relationship

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survivor series 2014 ending a relationship

Vickie Lynn Benson is an American professional wrestling personality and medical At Survivor Series, Chavo kicked out of an attempted sharpshooter, causing . the Intercontinental title from John Morrison, Vickie ended their relationship. . On March 24, , episode of Raw, after hearing insulting comments from AJ. WWE Survivor Series – Review having to resort to bringing up Dean's troubled relationship with his Father was slightly distasteful. The match was given the best end possible, having Bray go over via disqualification. Survivor Series () was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event and WWE But, by the end of the night, Swagger dropped out of Team Cena after Rollins injured him, while Ryback attacked and left Team Authority after Kane.

However, Edge lost his title shortly afterwards to CM Punk.

survivor series 2014 ending a relationship

A few weeks later, as revenge, Edge attacked the members of La Familia and tipped Vickie from her wheelchair. She also stated that at Unforgivenshe would force him to apologize to her, but at Unforgiven when The Undertaker did not comply, the Big Show knocked him out and Vickie spat in his face, turning heel once again.

WWE Survivor Series – Review

After Undertaker attacked Chavo, Vickie pleaded with Undertaker for forgiveness for her actions. Undertaker, however, once again hit her with a Tombstone Piledriverforcing Vickie to rely on both a neckbrace and a wheelchair again. Over the following weeks, Vickie put the Undertaker in matches against the Big Show that seemed impossible for him to win. The feud ended after Big Show lost to Undertaker in a casket match.

Survivor Series (2014)

Edge's music was played and he came out to compete, making it a triple threat match. At the end, he won the championship, and as he went to the back, he greeted Vickie with a hug. On the December 5 SmackDown they shared a kiss, thus reinstating their on-screen relationship. On the March 9 Raw, John Cena showed footage of Vickie cheating on Edge with Big Show after Guerrero had added Cena to the World Heavyweight Title match through blackmail of revealing the secret affair, making it a triple threat in the process.

She then announced that she would move to Raw in order to become its new General Manager, subsequently resulting in her being separated from Edge. After her announcement, Edge came out and told Vickie that he was sorry for saying disrespectful things about her, only to reveal that he only married her so she could help him in World Championship matches, and now that she quit, she was useless to him in his endeavors to become the champion again.

He then told Vickie that he wanted a divorce, leading to her suffering from a nervous breakdown. In reality, Vickie had requested to leave WWE so that she could spend more time with her family.

WWE Survivor Series 2014 – Review

Managing LayCool — [ edit ] Main article: LayCool Guerrero returned to WWE on the SmackDown 10th Anniversary special episode on October 2, with a drastically changed new look, where she introduced her storyline boyfriend, then-heel, Eric Escobarwho she would be managing on the SmackDown brand. Escobar claimed that he could not take it any longer, saying he only went out with her for power, mirroring what Edge admitted as to why he had married Vickie on the June 8 episode of Raw.

Guerrero then put him in a handicap match with The Hart Dynasty the following week, and the week after put him in another handicap match against Chris Jericho and Big Show. After the match, McCool and Layla began to beat down Tiffany until Beth Phoenix made the save, in the process delivering a clothesline to Vickie. Guerrero mainly hid behind Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Team LayCool, letting her partners do the dirty work until Phoenix was weakened and Guerrero made the pin, winning the match.

survivor series 2014 ending a relationship

At WrestleMania XXVIGuerrero's team won a woman tag team match when she climbed the turnbuckle and gestured to the sky before connecting a frog splashas tribute to her late husband, Eddie. However, due to certain circumstances, Aloisia was sent to Florida Championship WrestlingWWE's developmental system and was later released. Vickie was assigned a new rookie on the show, Kaitlynwhom she began feuding with. On October 5, she was defeated by Kaitlyn in a rookie versus pro match.

Afterwards, Guerrero fired Kelly, and announced a championship match between Edge and Ziggler, with her serving as the special guest referee of the match. The following week, while officiating the match, she attempted to spear Edge but injured her ankle as part of the storyline.

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While she was down, Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers replaced her as referee, and Edge went on to win the match. On SmackDown's th episode the following week, she stripped Edge of the title and fired him in the storyline.

survivor series 2014 ending a relationship

Later that night, there was a coronation for Ziggler as World Heavyweight Champion. However, the returning Theodore Long revealed that he was once again in charge and that Vickie and Ziggler were the culprits behind his assault, thus making an impromptu match between Ziggler and a reinstated Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, in which Edge won.

After the match, Long fired Ziggler.

survivor series 2014 ending a relationship

Vickie lost the match, and was then fired kayfabe from her consultant role by Long. After Goldust was incapacitated by a Samoan Splash from an Uso, Mizdow stole the pin to win the titles for his team. Cameron was eliminated by Naomi after Naomi pinned her with a bridging rolling reverse cradle pin.

Layla was eliminated by Fox after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Summer Rae was eliminated after Emma forced her to submit to the Emma Lock.

survivor series 2014 ending a relationship

Paige was eliminated by Naomi after a handstand modified headscissors driver. After that, Dean Ambrose faced Bray Wyatt.

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Ambrose was disqualified after he hit Wyatt with a chair. After the match, Ambrose attacked Wyatt with Dirty Deeds on the chair, a diving elbow drop through a table and buried Wyatt underneath a table and chairs and climbed a ladder.

The Bunny executed a missile dropkick on Slater to win the match. Ryback was eliminated by Rusev after a Curb Stomp from Rollins and a jumping savate kick.

Rusev tried to put Ziggler through a broadcast table with a splash but missed, fell through the table and was counted out.

Rowan was eliminated by Harper after a discus clothesline. Big Show shook Triple H's hand and walked out on the match, eliminated himself by countout and turning heel.