The imperial doctress ending a relationship

Shipping on the minority boat in Imperial Doctress

the imperial doctress ending a relationship

Highlights from Episodes of Imperial Doctress, a Chinese period Xian's wedding and a major hurdle to their relationship comes in the. The Imperial Doctress, starring Cecilia Liu and Wallace Huo, is a Chinese than exhausting the plot lines on the marriage-that-everyone-is-against. Although the ending was open ended, it was the best last minutes of. Highlights from Episodes of Imperial Doctress, a Chinese period largely caused by the baddies, the means certainly do not justify the end. that he secretly rejoiced over Qi Yu and Yun Xian's relationship problems.

Imperial Doctress Episode 21-24 Highlights

No wonder Huang Xuan jokingly said that Zhu Qiyu is going to garner so much hate from fans that he doesn't want to check his microblog when the drama airs. Zhu Qiyu and Yunxian shippers, be prepared for some really hard angst and friction between our beloved characters.

Even though the direction of the love story is not going the way I wanted, at least I can find comfort in the fact that Qiyu doesn't waver his love for Yunxian and Yunxian still cares about him. He may be selfish, patriarchal, and failed to give Yunxian the necessary support she needs, his character is not without pity.

the imperial doctress ending a relationship

He is a product of his era's ideology and environment. If he wasn't put on the throne, didn't have such a selfish mother, and if his brother wasn't also in love with Yunxian, maybe his insecurities and his dark side would have never surfaced.

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Zhu Qiyu and Yunxian enjoy a brief moment of peace as they awaits the arrival of their unborn child. A very symbolic photo that shows Yunxian and Qiyu drifting apart. At this time, she has already become his concubine.

the imperial doctress ending a relationship

With success comes jealousy such that Yun Xian is framed for an offense that she did not commit. Not to worry because Emperor Qi Zhen Wallace Huo happens to be strolling around the area to save the damsel in distress.

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In a scene oddly reminiscent of another palace drama called Chronicle of Lifethe emperor takes the unconscious heroine away who wakes to find the man before her belatedly admitting, "I am the emperor. It's so cliche but I have been counting down to this very moment.

Imperial Doctress Episode 14-20 Summary

Unfortunately, Empress Qian Li Cheng Yuan is quick to bring along Qi Yu so that the rightful couple can reunite and I cry at the sight of a complicated love square.

The first course of business is Qi Yu and Yun Xian's wedding and a major hurdle to their relationship comes in the face of Consort Dowager Wu, Qi Yu's power-hungry mother.

It soon becomes apparent that Yun Xian chose the wrong man because Qi Yu is an all out mama's boy. From asking Yun Xian to change her name to pressuring her to give up her patients, Qi Yu's unreasonable demands pile up and his casual remarks unintentionally hurtful.

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He wasn't the best at times and had these dominant tendencies in which he would try to force her to do things such as marry him or be with him etc but as he developed more feelings for her, I truly saw his respect for her and admiration for her grow more and more. It got to a point where he put her on a pedestal and chose her happiness over everything else. He let her go and never went to disturb the life that she chose for herself.

The emperor was definitely an all-time favorite for me. During his reign and during his fall, he maintained a benevolent king hot-headed, yes Throughout the drama, he respected her feelings and did not force his or her emotions into doing anything that would make her unhappy.

the imperial doctress ending a relationship

He helped her rise socially so that she had more freedom to practice medicine as a woman. He supported her even when he suffered when he lost his power. He protected her the best he could in all scenarios and despite almost being killed, he comforted her first. His kindness and the freedom he gave her were absolutely amazing. He was also a great husband to the empress. He respected her and was extremely loyal considering he had an entire harem to his disposal yet he only maintained his relationship with the empress.

He also had similar thoughts as Yun Xian to not hurt the empress by getting together. It was very evident to a lot of viewers that they definitely had chemistry between one another Yun Xian and the emperor but they couldn't be together because of other people, their morals, the situations at hand, and so forth.

As for Prince Cheng I did not mind him in the beginning. I was pretty open-minded to her liking him more and wanting to marry him.